Saffron Health Benefits

Saffron is primarily a plant with flowers, which is widely used for culinary purposes in the form of spice for flavor. Saffron is also facilitated in herbal products because of its various health benefits. It can be used for treating menstrual cycle disorders, asthma, depression, atherosclerosis, maintain bad cholesterol levels and even cancer. It is an expensive spice extracted from the saffron crocus flower. Reddish golden color saffron is basically used as coloring agent.

Saffron Health Benefits

Several studies conducted for years have proved that saffron is packed with a compound name “crocin” which promotes learning and many other benefits. Some of the most promising and widely known saffron health benefits include:

Relieves from Inflammation of Mouth and Tongue : Saffron is known to have some active elements which impacts positively on the patients who are suffering from neuro degenerative ailments.  It is helpful in soreness or burning of mouth if it is massaged onto gums. Immediate relief has been reported.

Maintains Bad Cholesterol : Medical studies have indicated that this golden herb can also be used to stimulate oxygen diffusivity in plasma. It is also instrumental in improving pulmonary oxygenation. High cholesterol levels and triglycerides can be kept under control with consumption of saffron if it is consumed as a dietary intake.

Combats Depression : As per a study, consuming 30 mg of saffron every day can treat depression. As per this study, saffron has the potential to act as fluoxetine to treat depression, but there is lot more to be studied to come to a firm conclusion. This miracle herb can be beneficial if it is used for long-term treatments for reducing depression as there is no known side effect witnessed with it.

Maintains Eyesight : As per a study in Italy, it is discovered that saffron can reduce the process of age related vision impairment and macular degeneration. It is an antioxidant and it is also packed with some added values that effects vision trouble. It has been found that saffron health benefits can also change genes responsible for vision cell membranes that influence the proper functioning and flexibility of eye tissue.

Catapults Memory : Saffron is good source of crocetin and crocin, which is known for catapulting memory and cognitive awareness, as per a medical center. These characteristics can be beneficial for getting rid of degenerative brain disorders, like Alzheimer's disorder. Memory loss and cognitive decline are some of the most common disorders found in old age and saffron can be a mild saffron health benefitstreatment quite effective and without any severe side effects.

Treats Cancer : Saffron can also combat cancerous tumor development as per a study. Saffron health benefits can ward off the development of tumors without effecting healthy cells. It can be successfully used concurrently with some traditional cancer treatments.

Combats Weakness and Promotes Strength : Saffron is quite beneficial for athletes as it reduces tiredness and muscle inflammation by enabling tissues to destroy actic acid, which is accumulated in joints post long stressed exercise and vigorous physical activities. Its mild sedative effect can be used to offer sufficient rest during fever and influenza and it is good for treating insomnia.

Other Saffron Health Benefits : Saffron is often used in the condition of enlarged liver and urinary bladder and kidney infection. It is used to treat disorder in menstrual cycle as well. It is also facilitated for consolidating heart and as also acts as a refrigerant for the brain.

Helps Reducing Salt Consumption : Eating excess of salt is not recommended but you often in your regular diet eat more salt than recommended, which may lead to high blood pressure or even heart disease. Cutting down the total consumption of salt can catapult your health. The stringent taste and aroma of saffron can add flavor to your dishes by reducing some of the salt you regularly add. It has been proved that using aromatic spices and herbs, like saffron, is one of the great way to continue enjoying your favorite dishes without eating excess of salt.

Fights Respiratory Illness : Several herbs are used to treat and prevent some of the diseases and illnesses. Saffron is such herb that can help treat respiratory conditions by working as a decongestant, which assist in loosening mucus congestion found in the chest that leads to respiratory illness. It also works as an expectorant, which allows you to expel the mucus, the leading cause of respiratory problems.

How to Select and Store Saffron

To start with, you should check the color of the saffron first. Quality saffron threads should have dark red color, the darker the red color the better quality. It should not display any color variation.

In powdered saffron it is difficult to identify the quality of saffron. It would a little lighter in color compared to threads. It should smell sweet and floral type aroma. You can store the saffron into a glass jar and place it in dark dry and cool place.

Warnings Using Saffron
Saffron is safe when used in the form of medicine for nearly six weeks. Some of the mild side effects could be dry mouth, dizziness, anxiety, nausea, drowsiness, appetite change, and mild headache. Some people may witness some kind of allergic reactions as well. Consuming large quantity of saffron can be unsafe.

Safe Saffron Dosage Per Day
The safe dosage of saffron may vary from 15 mg/day 30 mg depending on the medical advice and physical condition of the person.


Saffron is an aromatic and highly expensive herb often used for flavoring and culinary reasons. Using saffron in food on regular basis is mostly recommended under medical supervision as excess of it is not suggested. Just add a pinch of it in your sweet and favorite food and enjoy its taste and flavor without any side effects. So consume this magical herb in limited quantity and get optimum saffron health benefits.