Shark Liver Oil

Shark liver oil is a fixed oil which is obtained from the livers of sharks, which are caught for food purpose, residing in deep oceans, sea, typically from cold areas. Hypoprion brevirostris and Galeorhinus zyopterus are the main species of shark used for this purpose.  Most of the European countries are the large scale manufacturer of Shark liver oil.

The livers are extracted by first cleaning and then it is minced. The mass is placed in pot at 800C. The oil is treated with dehydrating agent and further kept in vacuum for dehydration. Finally oil is centrifuged to remove the materials.

Why is Shark Liver Oil beneficial ?

Shark liver oil is a rich source of vitamin A. Additional life-improving compounds present are Alkyglycerol ( AKG i.e. alkoxy glycerol, Glycerol Ether Lipid),  Squalene, Squalamine, fatty acids like OMEGA 3 , DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid).  Besides shark liver oil these fatty acids are found in cow’s milk and human milk only. The pivotal role of Shark liver oil is to strengthen the immune system. It helps in generating the white blood cells (WBC) to normal level. It shows beneficial effects even in cancer patient. 

Health Benefits of Shark Liver Oil

Improves general health – If you have weak immunity and get infections like cold, flu every now and then Shark liver oil is one of the best drug for you. Shark liver oil contains squalene which helps in improving the immune system and generates antibodies which helps fighting against the infectious diseases. Hence, it is used to live a healthy life.  Protection against bacterial and fungal infection is being observed so the oil can be used if you are atopic dermatitis patient. The oil helps in relieving respiratory tract and the alimentary canal irritation and for lymph node swelling.

Benefits in cancer – Shark liver oil in animal studies has shown evidence to fight cancers of the breast, lung, brain, and skin by blocking the blood supply to tumor cells as the oil is rich in substance known as squalamine. The oil also contains alkyglycerol which have been proved through clinical trials to be an anti-cancer substance. This function of alkylglycerol is believed to be effective as it helps boosting the immune system. This is the basis for the evidence of rarity of cancer occurrence in sharks. Oil helps in induction of apoptosis (programmed cell death) of tumor cells. 

Benefits as dietary supplements (boosts energy) – Instead of other oils incorporated for frying food, shark liver oil can be used as a promising supplement. As shark liver oil is the richest source of squalene, a triterpene which has many health benefits like improving the immune system, fighting against infection, relieving arthritic pain and if you are a cancer patient then it is used as adjuvant with radio therapy.shark liver oil

Most common problem these days observed by most of the women is the arthritic pain or joint inflammation, if you are one of the sufferers of such serious problem then use shark liver oil for food purpose as it contains higher amount of squalene compared to other oils like olive oil, palm oil, rice bran oil or wheat germ oil. The oil helps in reducing the pain to a considerable level. 

Shark liver oil helps in lowering the blood pressure and in reducing the blood sugar level and hence can be employed as a dietary supplement for hypertension and diabetes patient respectively.

Shark liver oil as an anti-aging oil – Shark liver oil works as an antioxidant and retards aging thus keep the person young and youthful and hence the oil may be referred to as beauty supplement. It is used to attain long life while having energy just like a youth. It is extensively used in the treatment of a number of skin problems. The oil has a skin rejuvenating property.

Shark liver oil is often used in cosmetics as the squalene, vitamin A which is contains abundant amount of omega-3 fatty acids present in the oil helps reducing the free radical damage and hence improves the skin complexion. Research are done to obtain the benefits of the oil in treating acne which is the principle problem observed in the adolescence group these days and hence clinical trials are carried out for this purpose.

Benefits as a lip balm – Shark liver oil is used as lip balm which helps in preventing chapping of lips and has a promising use in moisturizing lips. You can get rid of Canker sores by use of this nature’s oil. 

Benefit of alkylglycerol present in the oil – Alkylglycerol is a rich bone marrow soup and is used to get rid of cold. It is beneficial even in cancer therapy. It is used as an immune-modulator for treating asthma, arthritis, and the skin inflammations of psoriasis.

Benefit during insomnia – Shark liver oil helps to sleep more and hence is an effective tool for living a healthier life. You need to take this oil to get rid of the difficulty in having a sound sleep.

Other uses of squalene, a substance present in shark liver oil– Crude drug is used as a lubricant in tanning and textile industries. The oil is used to coat the hulls of the wooden boats in order to prevent the marine fouling and hence acts as a preservative.

Precautions while using shark liver oil

No contraindications have yet been identified.  There is lack of information regarding safety and efficacy during pregnancy and lactation. There are reports of pneumonia induced by the oil in humans and pigs. Unpleasant taste and odor have been observed. People with sea food allergy should not use shark liver oil. Problems like nausea and diarrhea may be observed by using this oil.

Storage condition : Oil is stored in ambient condition but should be away from heat and light which degrades vitamin A present in the oil.


Shark liver oil may be regarded as the nature’s amazing healer drug as it helps fighting infections and keep the body healthy. Due to the phenomenal characteristics of shark liver oil in treating various diseases it may be considered as an ocean or sea gold.