Tuna Health Benefits

Tuna is one of the widely used and popular fish that is considered as one of the staple foods for most of Americans. This fish is mostly sold in frozen, fresh or in the form of pre-cooked fish in cans and from it many recipes are prepared including casseroles, sandwiches and salads. Tuna health benefits are myriad for which it has been widely used and incorporated in the staple food of several continents.

Tuna Health Benefits

Tuna is packed with various health benefits that can play a vital in the overall health of human body. Some of the most accomplished and well known tuna health benefits are discussed as under.

Great Source of Protein : One of the best tuna health benefits is its richness in protein content. Protein offers structural support to the tissues and it is instrumental in performing chemical reactions based on which the functioning of tissues are decided. Each day the body use protein components and there is a constant need for the same.

Rich Source of Fatty Acid : Tuna is packed with fish oil, which includes fatty acids. It is an important requirement of healthy living. This fatty acid is great and necessary as it maintains tissues of nervous system and also wards off heart related disorders. Eating tuna twice a week can be of benefit for your cardiovascular health.

Inhibits Heart Arrhythmia : Eating omega 3 rich fish like tuna can stimulate the electrical components of heart cells, thus combating with abnormal heart rhythms, which may often become fatal as suggested in a study from Greece.

Reduces Triglycerides : In this process of triglycerides, fat travels in the bloodstream. If the triglycerides are in limited quantity, it improves health as it serves as prominent source of energy. High quantity of triglycerides are linked with greater level of cholesterol, high LDL (bad) cholesterol and reduced HDL (good cholesterol), which increases the risk of cardiovascular disorder.

Helpful for Diabetic Postmenopausal Women : Consumption of omega-3 rich fish, like tuna twice a week can reduce the development of atherosclerosis in those women who are in their postmenopausal stage and also suffering from diabetes, as per a study.

Prevents Obesity and Catapults Insulin Reactions : Salmon is beneficial not only for female with diabetes, but it is also good for men suffering from the same condition. As per a research presented in December 2004 on the study of Fatty Acids and Lipids, it was indicated that the omega 3 fats, available in cold water fish like tuna, cuts down the possibility of putting on weight and triggers the ability of body to respond to insulin.

Protects Against Asthma in Children : As per the American Lung Association, eating more whole grains along with fish can inhibit the probability of childhood asthma by nearly 50%.tuna benefits

Combats Sunburn : Yet another tunahealth benefit is its potential to work as anti-inflammatory component and thus protect skin from sunburn, and can also protect against skin cancer.

Promotes Detoxification : Tuna is also having selenium which is an important component which plays a great role in promoting healthy liver, which functions to detoxifying and drain out harmful compounds like pesticides, heavy metals and drugs from the body. Selenium is also helpful in combating heart disorder and cancer.

Protects Against Cancer : It has been studied and found that consuming small quantity of fish can inhibit ovarian along with digestive tract cancers. Eating omega-3 fatty acids found in tuna fish, also protect against cancer of breast as per a study in the International Journal of Cancer in the year 2005.

Protects Against Deep Vein Thrombosis : Tunas are also promising in working against Deep Vein Thrombosis, which is a very severe medical condition in which blood clots are formed in deep veins of thigh, pelvis and legs. This condition results in swelling and severe pain.

Combats Leukemia, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and Multiple Myeloma : Tuna fish eaters like fishermen have been found to have lower probability of leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma and multiple myeloma. As per a survey conducted on the fish eating habits of nearly 6,800 people in Canada, it was discovered that those who consume good quantity of fatty fish lowers the risk of leukemia by almost 28%, multiple myeloma by nearly 36%, and  non-Hodgkin lymphoma almost by 29%.

Some other Tuna Health Benefits
In addition there are some other tuna health benefits. Tuna fish also protects against kidney cancer, colon cancer, inhibits macular degeneration, reduces AMD risk by 75%, combats dry eye syndrome, wards off mental decline, reduces possibility of Alzheimer’s  disease, inhibits Alzheimer’s plagues, and also improves mood.

How to Select and Store Tuna

Tuna is found in different forms like steaks, pieces or even fillets. The best known tuna is in its canned form.

You should buy fresh tuna from a reputable store having known for offering frequent supply of fresh fish. Whole fresh tuna can be displayed buried in ice, whereas fillets and steaks must be put on the top of the ice.  Smell is also a great signal to analyze its freshness. Go for displayed fish instead of prepackaged ones. Tuna should be stored in refrigerator immediately. It can stay fresh for about four days.

Precautions while Eating Tuna Fish

This fish is coupled with naturally found substance purines. Extra accumulation of this substance may result in a health condition termed as gout. This may lead to stone formation in kidney.
Some people may also witness allergic reactions from tuna fish. Such reactions could be immediate or very common and delayed like lethargy, diarrhea, and depression.

Safe Tuna Dosage Per Day
Tuna fish usually contain some quantity of mercury so it is advisable not to exceed the limit of eating tuna streak up to 6 ounces each week.  Or you can get tuna health benefit by eating three or four servings a week.


Tuna health benefits are several as it is rich in many nutrients which are required for human body to function properly. Just ensure that you limit its servings and should not exceed the limit of eating tuna fish.