Acai for Weight Loss

The acai berry, also known as cabbage palm, is considered to be a kind of palm tree producing tiny purple black drupes, just as blueberry. These berries are found in clusters within the floodplains of South and Central America. These berries have been known and facilitated for many years for treating skin problems and digestive disorders. The western retail industry, has also been marketing the acai as a product for weight loss.

Studies On Fatty Acids found in the Acai Berry

The seed of the berry is rich in lanolic acid, just like the fats found in flaxseed and also in the fish oil. Instead of getting accumulated in the form of fat, this lanolic acid is utilized by the liver to strengthen metabolism, hence it can be considered as a metabolism booster. The fruit is heavily rich in amino acids and minerals which enhance the overall function of the body.

Is it helpful in losing Weight?

There is much more to be discovered about this miracle berry, and studies are on. There are certain nutrition found in this berry like fiber, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals that improves the body function and in turn helps in shedding excess weight, specifically when it is recommended to consume combined with a healthy meal and right proportion of exercise.

Acai for Weight Loss

Promotes Right Nutrition : Acai berry is pregnant with overall healthy nutrition. It offers a healthier food with better nutrition. As shedding pounds need less consumption of calories and balanced nutritious diet, which can be found in acai berry. It is supplemented for any nutrition, which might be lacking in your diet.

Curbs the Appetite : Acai berry consists of almost 42% fiber and quit high in Omega fats (3, 6, and 9). All this fats are necessary in inhibiting the appetite and at the same time it suppresses the feeling of having snacks between meals. Apart from this, fatty acids and fiber improves the efficiency of digestive tract.

Increases Metabolism and Provides More Energy : The nutrients like amino acids, vitamins and omega fatty acids found in acai can be helpful in boosting metabolism. This, in turn, can burn calories faster also. Increased metabolism enhances energy level and enables you do exercise for a longer time and also fast recovery.

Antioxidants Help Lose Fat : In addition to adding multiple health benefits, antioxidants are also known for speedy burning of fat in our body. It is believed to neutralize the free radicals and thus expediting the fat burning process.

These free radicals are elements that negatively affect our body, like it reduces the process of metabolism and disturbs the appetite.

Rich in Protein : Diets rich in protein and coupled with right level of healthy exercise regime can burn fat and maintain feeble muscles. Using this healthy berry for weight loss can also offer important protein, fiber, vitamins and several other nutritional compounds that are necessary for a healthy body. Don’t forget acai berry is a nutritious berry not magic pill. It should be coupled with right diet and exercise to yield optimum results. Using it alone may not provide the desired results if you are out to begin using acai weight loss therapy.  

acai for weight loss

Controls Blood Sugar Level : These berries are also considered to be instrumental in reducing weight by controlling blood sugar level, which avoids type 2 diabetes and thus weight gain too. Overeating of carbohydrates and sugar leads of insulin resistance and promotes obesity. Albeit acai contains natural fruit sugars, it is also equipped with high level of fiber and amino acids. All these elements maintain the blood sugar, inhibiting the increase in insulin hormone level, which may lead to fat accumulation, mood swings and food cravings.

Cleanses and Detoxifies : The fiber found in acai berries help in cleansing digestive system. This fiber works as a cleaning tool that sweeps toxins and other waste products from the colon and intestines, throwing away the unwanted waste out of the body. This acai is rich in potent polyphenol antioxidants called anthocyanins, which plays a prominent role in destroying free radicals found in our body cells.

These free radicals are molecules, produced due to cellular respiration or by environmental toxins, and take away electrons from our cells and damage our DNA. The antioxidants, found in acai, diminish free radicals. Thus the entire process leaves our cells healthy and enable them perform the fat burning process more efficiently.


Scientists are in the process of understanding and discovering more facts about the functional strength of acai berry, which is also termed as super food. There are several researches that support the fact of consuming a diet packed with antioxidants. It is true that berries and several other fruits are a major part of diet for better health and all these also promote weight loss.

Add this magical berry into your diet and experience the difference but not without exercising and leading a stress free life. Without a complete package of balanced diet, exercise and healthy food, magical acai berry could not be so effective!