Aloe Vera for Constipation

Constipation is a common problem in today's fast track life. Constipation leads to irregular bowel habits and dry / hard stools. Constipation when continues for long duration can lead to other serious stomach and intestine problems. Using aloe vera is a great way to maintain healthy bowel actions and check constipation. The primary reason why Aloe Vera is useful is presence of latex, which has a laxative impact. Its purgative and laxative action is beneficial in contraction of muscles.

One should be sure to take pure Aloe Vera products while dealing with constipation problems. Various Aloe Vera products which can help in constipation issue include aloe vera gel, aloe vera juice, aloe ice and aloe vera drink. Today, aloe vera capsules are also available which can be taken when other options are not easily available.

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Homemade Skin Care Products with Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has amazing benefits for skin. Aloe vera hydrates skin and helps regenerate skin cells. Aloe vera is great for dry skin too, as it moisturizes it. Other benefits of aloe vera for skin care include improving skin elasticity, removes dead cells, helps fighting acne, remove dark spots,  heal wounds, benefits in psoriasis, etc.

The best part of aloe vera is you do not need to spend lot of money for it. You can grow your own aloe vera plant at home and then use it to make these cost effective and amazing aloe vera skin products at almost no cost! What's more this is all natural with no side effects.

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Aloe Vera for Acne Treatment

Herbs and plants have long been used for medicinal purposes. Many of them possess fantastic healing properties that can cure a wide range of illnesses. Some of the popular herbs and plants used as home remedies for acne are aloe vera, garlic, sweet fennel, tea, witch hazel and fenugreek leaves etc. Aloe vera possesses many skin healing properties. 

Aloe vera is a plant that originated in Africa. These days, it is part of most home kitchen gardens and can be found in garden stores too. This succulent herb has spiny green leaves and yellow flowers from which a thin clear gel is extracted and used both externally and internally to heal skin disorders. There are 2 products derived from aloe vera that possess medicinal properties. One is aloe juice that is a laxative and the other is aloe vera mucilage (gel) that has anti-inflammatory properties, which can benefit skin problems.   It also acts as an astringent to heal inflammatory conditions of the skin such as acne.

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Amazing Range of Aloe Vera Products

Aloe vera has numerous health benefits. Aloe vera is great for skin, digestion, skin, wounds, infections and so on. To use aloe vera effectively for these problems various products are developed using aloe vera extracts. As more and more people are getting aware of this product, the popularity and demand of aloe vera products are increasing. Some of the most popular ones are discussed below:

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Side Effects of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera, the miracle plant have been used by us since ages. It is known to be excellent for skin, hair, digestion and general wellness of the body. While this aloe vera plant is full of health benefits but there are possibilities and situations when it has some side effects. These side effects are very rare and in most cases not experienced at all.

Most of the side effects of aloe vera are because of presence of aloin and latex (found just below its skin). Consuming latex can cause irritation in intestine, while aloin is a banned product in many countries because of its side effects. Another important fact is aloe vera when used externally has almost no side effects and almost all side effects are when consumed internally (as juice / powder, etc.).

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Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Since ancient times, aloe vera is considered to be a miracle plant and natural healer. Amazing properties of this plant have been known as far as 4th century BC. It was considered to be a great healing medicine especially for wounds, cuts, ulcers and stomach related problems.

Aloe vera is a perennial, succulent plant, i.e. its leaves hold large amount of water in themselves.  The plant is known to have more than 200 species but Aloe barbadensis is considered to be the one most beneficial. Modern world had somehow forgotten health benefits of aloe vera but with rising inclination towards herbal medicine and scientific research actually proving its benefits, Aloe Vera usage is again gaining popularity.

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Tips to Grow Aloe Vera at Home

Aloe vera is basically a tropical plant and like most tropical plants, sun is one of the important requirements of Aloe vera plant. Growing aloe vera at home is easy as it does not require very specialized conditions nor extensive care. One can get small aloe vera plant from a nursery or can plant the rhizomes (root suckers) of existing plant. In case you are planting a rhizome, just make sure it should have atleast a few nodes. If this is your first aloe vera plant, its advisable you get a plant directly as cultivating through a rhizome is slightly difficult.

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Aloe Vera for Skin Care

Skin is the largest organ of our body, it is also most exposed one to external environment, be it sun, rain, snow, pollution, harmful chemicals, rays etc. Not only this, we use various chemical based and artificial lotions, creams, gels, soaps, etc. on skin which can also cause harm. Many of these contain antibiotics and steroids to treat skin conditions which when used for long duration cause great harm. Thus on one hand our skin is prone to attacks from environment and to aggravate the situation we use chemical based harmful products. So what is best skin care treatment then? Aloe Vera.

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Aloe Vera for Hair Care

Most of you would be aware of great benefits of aloe vera for skin and face. But this miraculous plant is also great for hair care. Since ages aloe vera has been used to treat various hair related problems such as seborrhoea, hair loss, dandruff, baldness, hair conditioning and much more.  Some of these benefits are discussed below:

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