Aloe Vera for Constipation

Constipation is a common problem in today's fast track life. Constipation leads to irregular bowel habits and dry / hard stools. Constipation when continues for long duration can lead to other serious stomach and intestine problems. Using aloe vera is a great way to maintain healthy bowel actions and check constipation. The primary reason why Aloe Vera is useful is presence of latex, which has a laxative impact. Its purgative and laxative action is beneficial in contraction of muscles.

One should be sure to take pure Aloe Vera products while dealing with constipation problems. Various Aloe Vera products which can help in constipation issue include aloe vera gel, aloe vera juice, aloe ice and aloe vera drink. Today, aloe vera capsules are also available which can be taken when other options are not easily available.

Ways of taking aloe vera for constipation

  • Aloe vera juice : Taking pure aloe era juice helps in constipation. Pure aloe vera juice is rich in latex and helps in normalizing bowel movements.  because of its anti fungal properties, aloe vera juice also helps in candida fungal infection of the digestive tract.
  • Aloe vera gel : Aloe vera gel is equally effective way in constipation. Aloe vera gel (which should be pure) can be taken along with any fruit juice. Typical dosage is 2 spoons.
  • Aloe vera drink : Like aloe vera juice, aloe vera drink also helps in constipation. One can take aloe vera drink in aloe vera for constipationmorning and at night.

Important points while taking aloe vera for constipation

  • Aloe vera is very beneficial but should be taken with some care. Aloe vera should not be taken if you are taking other medications as it interacts with certain medicines and can have adverse effects. 
  • Another thing to be taken care is pure aloe vera should be used and not processed one. As in most processed aloe vera latex is removed.
  • Aloe vera should not be taken from extended periods. Typical usage should be 5 days and then refrain from 2-3 days and again start.
  • Menstruating and pregnant women should avoid aloe vera and it can have negative impact on health

Thus, while aloe vera is amazing for a health stomach, make sure you take the precautions stated above while using it.