Aloe Vera for Hair Care

Most of you would be aware of great benefits of aloe vera for skin and face. But this miraculous plant is also great for hair care. Since ages aloe vera has been used to treat various hair related problems such as seborrhoea, hair loss, dandruff, baldness, hair conditioning and much more.  Some of these benefits are discussed below:

Aloe Vera for Hair Care

Aloe vera for Seborrhoea : Seborrhoea  is caused when sebum gets accumulated on the scalp. Sebum is secreted by Sebaceous glands, it is an oily, waxy which is primarily made of fat (lipids), wax, and the debris of dead fat-producing cells.  Sebum when combines with dust / dirt develops a layer on the scalp which hinders hair nutrition. This can lead to hair loss and baldness.
Aloe vera has been found great for treating Seborrhoea and reducing related hair loss but also helps in renewal of follicular cycle and ensure that the scalp is clean and its nutrition balance is maintained. It also helps in rejuvenating the existing hair in Seborrhoea  condition.

Aloe vera for hair re-growth : Aloe vera plant matches very closely with human body's bio-composition, in fact it is one of the closest match.  Aloe vera gel when applied on scalp helps in re-growth of hair. Due to the presence of enzymes and collagen present in the plant.  As it has no side effects it can be used without hesitation.

Aloe vera for Cleaning and massaging scalp : A dirty unclean scalp is one the main reasons for hair problems such has hair loss, dryness, itching etc. Aloe vera gel adds much needed proteins to the scalp. It also treats in case of dandruff problems. Using aloe vera with warm water and applying to air helps in treating scalp problems. It is no wonder that today so many hair care product boast of having aloe vera extract in them.

Aloe vera – your shampoo and hair conditioner : Aloe vera can be used as a shampoo. Aloe vera shampoo is easy to make at home using coconut milk and wheat germ oil. As this is all herbal shampoo, it does not cause any issues whatsoever caused by chemical based shampoos. This shampoo is rich in Vitamin E and keratin and moisturizes scalp, remove scalp dryness and promote hair growth.  Aloe vera also works so well because it helps in restoring pH level of the scalp with is very important for healthy hair growth.

Aloe vera gel can also be used an conditioner. This natural conditioner can even be used when you are experiencing hair loss. Unique composition of Vitamin E and panthenol helps in split hair related problems and makes hair smooth, silky, shiny and even bouncy. It is advisable to not to use chemical based shampoo / conditioners in case of hair loss.

Aloe vera for dandruff and dry hair : Using aloe vera gel along with essential oils have been found beneficial for dandruff problems.  It nourishes the scalp and treats dandruff naturally.  Using aloe vera gel in case of dry scalp is also found useful as it soothes the scalp.

Precautions while using aloe vera for hair care

Aloe vera as such do not have any side effects when used for hair care. But using it in certain ways can be more beneficial than others. Some tips include:

  • Try to use 100% stable aloe vera gel if available rather than using directly from plant
  • You can always mix aloe gel with other gels (for example mixing with conditioner) in 50-50 percent proportion if needed be.
  • Be careful while buying aloe vera products, many of them have been known to be spurious. Best is to grow aloe vera plant at home and make your own herbal products

Contrary to what many people claim, effects of aloe vera only start showing up after 3-4 months of use, which is typically the span of hair cycle. Thus if someone sells a aloe vera product with instantaneous benefits you should be alarmed as it is impossible.


Aloe vera is great for hair care. This natural product with no side effects is must if you are looking for smooth, shining and health hair without using harmful chemicals on your hair.