Amla (Indian Gooseberry) for Hair

Amla or Indian gooseberry is scientifically recognized as ‘Phyllanthus emblica’ which is a deciduous fruit native to southern parts of India. The berries of this organic plant have been used since centuries in herbal therapy. It contains certain constituents which help at diagnosing many ailments; most being related to intestinal, skin or hair afflictions. Medical research has exhibited the various chemical compounds that amla plant encompasses and the many health benefits that come alongside. A major reason for its demand in the medical commerce is its successful treatment of hair inflictions, which have resulted in Amla becoming profound worldwide.

Benefits of Amla for Hair Problems

Amla for Hair Loss : When it comes to hair follicles losing their volume, shine and strength, using Amla in some form deems to be helpful. Antioxidants in this compound in the form of Vitamin C will increase the tenacity of your hair, and prevent hair fall. Collagen fibers become resilient to toxic pollutants in the hair upon the application of Amla in the form of a shampoo or paste. Hence this way you lessen the adversity of losing hair at a young age.

Amla for Greying of Hair : Here’s another factor about Amla, it reduces chances of your hair losing color at an early age. Thus by providing proteins, i.e. keratin to the follicles, the richness of the shine is maintained and also since Amla contains antioxidants it accelerates hair growth.

Amla for Nourishing Hair Scalp:  Presence of amino acids in the compound provides essential potency to the follicles hence increasing their length. It provides nutrients which seep into the pores of your undernourished scalp, the nutrients being some essential oils, proteins and vitamins. Amla therefore prevents a dry and itchy scalp from pervading hair quality.

Amla for Treating Dandruff: It develops due to dry scalp, undernourished roots hence Amla which is rich in nutrients can help reduce dandruff . The presence of amino acids increases the water holding capacity of the follicles hence keeping them healthy and nourished.

Amla for Treating Baldness: You might be able to prevent hair loss, however for individuals who’re suffering from severe hair fall which could result in premature baldness, can be prevented using Amla. Amla which is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, helps at regenerating hair cells, and provides proteins to the scalp hence improving not just the hair quality but also initiating hair growth.

How to Consume ‘Amla for Hair’ in Different Ways

Food: Right from pickles to salads, the best form of ingesting the constituents present in the fruit is to directly consume it. Often individuals to treat skin/hair ailments Amla is consumed by sprinkling sugar on a sliced portion, hence eaten raw . Traditionally, many times Amla is also used in making pickles, by drying it and later powdering the dried ends. Apart from this, the fruit has been used in certain recipes, even juice mixes contain Amla thus it is consumed as a primary food constituent.

Hair Products: Amla is a widely used component in shampoos and hair oils. A good example is the ‘Amla and Shikakai’ shampoo which sold under great demand in the market where the extracts, along with some other essential compound are mixed together, applied onto the hair. Even hair oil contains Amla as a chief constituent; thereby its application treats hair afflictions.

amla for hair

Amla Powder : Crushing the dried fractions of the fruit into a powder is another form of facilitating ourselves with its application. Amla powder when mixed into a paste alongside water or some alternate liquid and applied onto the hair for reducing the denomination of grey follicles, nurturing the roots with essential oils hence.

Medicine : Amla is famous for its Vitamin C extracts being used to produce tonics, simply because it so high in nutrition. Hence purchasing a medicine which contains Amla as one of the chief components can also help fight various hair inflictions, and eventually supply essential nutrients directly.

Home Recipes of Amla, for hair benefits

Preparing Amla Hair Oil:  Dry the Amla once you’ve cut it into pieces. Grind it into a powder after the parching process. Mix 1tbsp of Fenugreek powder along with the 2tbsp of powdered Amla, add in a cup of coconut oil which is the best neutralized oil and blend the constituents together in a heating pan. Once the fumes rise out, the content will become brown, stop the heating, let the paste cool and apply.

Preparing Amla Conditioner: Apply a mixture of powdered Amla and lemon extract on your grey ends, which works wonders as a blend and also help prevent hair loss . You may even use boiled Amla mixed with coconut extract as a form of a conditioner on your scalp.

Preparing Amla Juice:  Another home remedy is formulating Amla juice, which involves using cut out pieces of the fruit, toss into a mixer and store in the fridge to let it cool, after which you can consume a drink of Amla juice with the extract mixed with water. Apart from this simple method, you may also grind the fruit into a paste, add 2tbsp of honey and lime into the paste and mix with lukewarm water. Consume the drink each day and watch the difference.