Apricots Health Benefits

Apricots are orange colored fruits packed with fiber and beta-carotene and these are believed to be one of the early signals of summer. Albeit, canned and dried apricots are found in the market throughout the year, fresh apricots coupled with abundance of vitamin C are found in season from May through August in North America.

These are relatives to peaches and it has golden orange in color with velvety skin and flesh. This fruit is not too juicy but surely sweet and smooth. For some the flavor of apricot is musky, coupled with a faint tartness like plum and peach.

Apricot Health Benefits

There are several health benefits of apricot. The most popular and widely know apricot health benefits include:

Maintains Eyesight : Data assembled in a study manifested that eating 3 or more fruits servings every day can lower the risk of age-based degeneration of muscles, which is the major cause of eye sight loss in elderly people, by 36%, in comparison with people who eat only 1.5 serving of fruit in regular basis.

Combats Constipation : Apricots are great source of fiber and because of this these are instrumental in smooth movement of bowel thus wards off any condition of constipation. It is generally suggested to patients who are suffering from constipation because of its laxative properties. It can also helpful in proper digestion of food.

Rich in Vitamin A (Retinol) : These apricots are packed with vitamin A, which is also termed as retinol. It is a fat soluble vitamin which helps in vision, cellular differentiation and fetal development. This vitamin is also helpful in right function of immune-system and maintains the mucous membranes and healthy skin. It is also instrumental in treating skin disorder, acne condition and maintains bone strength. This vitamin is also good for promoting neurological functioning.

Great Source of Iron : Apricots are having height content of iron. As per the National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements, iron is good for oxygen transportation, assists in regulating cell growth and stimulates the immune system. Right quantity of iron can ward off anemia, which may result in fatigue, impaired immunity, weakness, and changes in body temperature. Athletes are expected to get the best apricots health benefits by proper iron intake due to rapid turnover of red blood cells. apricots

Packed with Vitamin C : Ascorbic acid, another name of vitamin C, is also found in apricots. It is considered to be an antioxidant and protects cells from getting damage due to free radicals. It can possibly also cut down the probability of developing cancer and some other disorders like reducing the risk of heart disease, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, and the common cold.

Abundance of Potassium : Each cell and tissue of our body requires potassium to function properly. Potassium is rich in apricot. This is also important for proper functioning of heart and muscle contraction. It is said to play a role in bone development, reducing blood pressure and cutting down the risk of stroke.

Combats Fevers : Apricot juice is most recommended to patients who are suffering from fever. This fruit is packed with important vitamins, calories, minerals and water which are required by the body. It is also helpful in detoxifying the body system. Some people are also recommended to eat steamed apricot during fever condition.

Fights Skin Disorders : Apricot oil is said to be great for healthy and smooth skin. Apricot gets rapidly absorbed by the skin and does not leave the skin with traces of oil when applied on skin. It is not only good for retaining the smoothness and shine of skin but also helps in getting rid of any type of skin disorders like itching, scabies, eczema etc.

Protects from Anemia : Apricot is packed with several mineral and proteins, which include copper and iron also. These two components are necessary for hemoglobin formation and hence when apricot is eaten there are no chances of developing any anemia condition.

Some other Apricots Health Benefits
Apricots are good for digestion and it also eliminates intestinal worms. The rich source of beta carotene, found in apricots, leads to healthy eyes and it also protects from several other health conditions like Alzheimer's disease. Apricots health benefits include its potential to relieve signs of diseases like tuberculosis, asthma, and bronchitis. It is also good for skin and helps in getting shiny and smooth skin. It is used for scabies and eczema treatment. Apricot oil is often facilitated for getting rid of ear pain.

How to Select and Store

You should look for those apricots which manifest rich orange color and don’t buy those which are pale and yellow. These fruits should be slightly soft when pressure is applied. It should not be too firm or too soft. Fully ripened fruit are more beneficial for health. Apricots can be refrigerated for few days and should be consumed in a day or two if kept in room temperature.

Warnings Using Apricot 
Apricot fruit is considered to be safe if consumed in the form of food. There is no sufficient evidence or records available to know its impact if used for medical conditions. It is not known if it is safe for pregnant or nursing woman hence it is advisable to keep the consumption of apricot limited to be in the safe side for nursing and pregnant women.

Safe Apricot Dosage Per Day 
The right dose of apricot can be based on many factors like health condition of the user, medical history, age, and other factors. Presently, there is no scientific information available to ascertain the right quantity of apricot consumption. Make sure to follow the instructions of the product or take advice of your physician if you are going to use apricot in large quantity.


Apricot is a delicious and sweet fruit that should be added in your regular diet. You can avail the maximum benefit of this protein rich fruit if you eat it with your regular meal and do not eat excess of it. Consume it in limited quantity to get optimum apricots health benefits.