Benefits of Maca for Women

Maca, scientifically termed as lepidium meyenii, is a type of herb naturally found in Peru. It is cruciferous, root vegetable in the shape of a turnip. It is native to the high Andes of Peru along with Ecuador and is cultivated nearly 12,000 feet above the sea level. It has been used for dietary purposes and medicinally also for millions of years. It is said to be useful in promoting fertility, strength and sexual endurance as per a study conducted by the University of Michigan Health System.

Health benefits of Maca for Women

Maca is rich in several nutritional properties that are important for man and woman to stay healthy and some of the most prominent benefits of maca for woman include:

Enhances Female Fertility : Maca for women can enhance their fertility. As per "Good Medicine Magazine" of Australia, women in Peru, who start consuming maca at an early age of 3 are considered to be more fertile in their life and are believed to be capable of developing more egg follicle compared to those women who do not eat maca root. A study has been conducted on mice for maca influence which was published in 2005 of "Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology," in which female mice were administered maca. This study exhibited that those mice fed with maca enhanced their litter size and also catapulted uterine weight.

Helps in Menopause : As per an education site based in New Zealand, maca is beneficial in easing the signs of menopause in women. These signs could be hot flashes, decrease in energy level and mood swings. On prescribing Maca-GO to the per-menopausal along with postmenopausal women, a drastic improvement in the symptoms of menopause was recorded. The condition of mood swing, depression and low energy levels have been found to be improved.

Maca for Women Improves Osteoporosis Condition : Osteoporosis is medical conditions during which the bones get brittle and loses its strength. They become prone to breaking even on slight pressure like lifting, light exercise and coughing.  Insufficient quantity of essential minerals and calcium phosphorus may lead to osteoporosis. Proper dietary supplements, healthy diet and right exercise can help and prevent osteoporosis and bone enfeebling. Powder of maca is rich source of fiber, proteins, iron, calcium and fatty acids and thus can be considered an ideal supplement for osteoporosis.

Boosts Energy : Although maca does not have any caffeine content, it may increase energy level and stimulate wakefulness in women. This herb is great source of several minerals, like calcium and potassium, B and B-12 vitamin – a vitamin that is instrumental in offering the body required fuel especially for women. Maca is also considered as a great antioxidant, which eliminate free radicals harmful for cellular DNA. The healthy fusion of nutrients may boost the natural energy level of the body.

Promotes Libido and Fertility in Women : Maca is coupled with many biologically active elements i.e. glucosinolates, which are packed with medicinal properties. Maca has been used since thousands of years to stimulate the libido and fertility of women. It is known to improve the sexual performance in women and men both. A clinical trial on maca has been conducted on women who were experiencing sexual dysfunction due to drugs. As per this trial, women fed with maca started displaying prominent improvement in their libido.

Adaptogenic Properties : Maca for women is defined as natural ingredient that is non-toxic, catapults homeostasis in body and generates an adaptive reaction to stress. It is equipped with multiple compounds which turns it into a root packed with adaptogenic properties like alkaloids along with great density of vitamins and minerals.

maca for women

Some other Health Benefits of Maca for Women

Maca is a great stress buster and mood lifter for women as well because it is a consolidated package of all necessary nutrients which are required to retain a great healthy life especially for women as they require a different combination of nutrient given their biological structure and lifestyle. It improves memory and regulates hormones of women.

How to Select and Store Maca

To store maca power you should use a zip-top pouch to keep it safe. It is recommended to seal the pouch/bag and keep it in an opaque and airtight container to ward off any kind of light and moisture which may damage the power. In this way you can store maca powder for nearly 24 months.

Warnings Using Maca for women

As per an experiment explained in the "Food and Chemical Toxicology" published in 2008 the some patients who were diabetic were administered maca power and it led to increase in diastolic blood pressure. It was also stated that it enhanced the aspartate transaminase, which is a symptom for tissue damage. Hence it is advised to take advice of some qualified physician or keep its dosage minimum and don’t administer it for long time to ward off any such side effects.

Safe Maca Dosage Per Day

As per a study conducted to realize the dosage of maca for women to trigger libido, a dose of 1500 mg to 3000 mg of maca was administered on regular basis which can also be divided in three small dosages in a day. These doses can be considered to be appropriate and safe for a short term application of maca. As different maca supplements are equipped with different quantity of active elements, it is advisable to follow the dosing instructions offered on the label of your specific product.