Cashews Health Benefits

Cashews are in fact seeds, popular for its health benefits and used in several types of cuisine. It is primarily found in northeastern Brazil. It is produced by the cashew tree. These trees are not cultivated in the US but are mostly natives of India, Vietnam, and Nigeria. There are several cashew health benefits.

Cashews Health Benefits

Health benefits of cashews are multiple of which the most popular and known benefits include:

Protects Heart by Monounsaturated Fats : One of the known cashew health benefits includes its potential to encourage healthy heart. It is low in fat compared to other nuts.  Cashew is equipped with almost 75% of unsaturated fatty acids and 75% of it is oleic acid. It has been discovered by studies that oleic acid is healthy for heart.

Rich in Copper : One of the most necessary enzymes is copper, which is helpful in physiological procedures like combating radicals, iron utilization, bone development and related tissue, production of hair and skin pigments – melanin. It is also instrumental in producing hemoglobin. Several health disorders can be witnessed due to deficiency of copper content in the body which may include anemia, osteoporosis, ruptured blood vessels, joint troubles like brain disorder, rheumatoid arthritis, enhanced LDL (bad) cholesterol and decreased HDL (good) cholesterol levels and host of others. Cashew is rich in copper to combat all the said disordes.

Stimulate Bone Health : Cashews are great source of magnesium which is also vital for many important functions of body. It is necessary for bone health. Magnesium, with the help of calcium, helps toning of muscle and regulates the nerves. Lack of magnesium may result increase in blood pressure, migraine, muscle spasms, fatigue and tension. Studies have indicated that magnesium assists in reducing the episode of migraine attacks, maintains blood pressure, wards of heart attacks, stimulates sleeping patterns in women who are sufferers of menopausal sleep disorders, and also cuts down the frequency of asthma.

Prevents Gallstones : The dietary chart of nearly 80,000 women have been studies for twenty years by the Nurses' Health Study, and it was found that those women fed with 1 ounce of nuts every week manifested a reduces risk of having gallstones by 25%. So make sure you eat a handful of cashew nuts in any form in lunch and be healthy.

Maintains Right Weight : Nuts are popular for its cardio-protective advantages but many people avoid them thinking it may add to their weight. As per a study it has been indicated that people who consume nuts minimum two times a week are less prone to gain healthy heartweight than those people who do not eat nuts at all.

Prevention of heart disease and cancer : Cashew nuts are packed with proanthocyanidins. It is a type of flavanols that are instrumental in inhibiting and neutralizing tumors and eliminates cancer cells from dividing and growing. It has been discovered in studies that cashews health benefits can cut down the risk of developing colon cancer. The high content of copper, found in cashews, also packs these seeds with the potential to inhibit free radicals. It is a rich source of antioxidants and photochemical that saves you from cancer and heart disorders.

Pack of Necessary Minerals  : Potassium is necessary for good health and phosphorus is important for developing bones, balancing hormone, repairing cells and enabling your body to use nutrients. Calcium stimulates bone health and magnesium plays a great role in maintaining the right health of your body. Iron is instrumental in inhibiting anemia and necessary for energy conversion. All this components are packed in cashews and enhances cashews health benefits.

Having a high content of copper, cashew nuts helps the body to use the iron content, fights free radicals, and helps in developing bones and other tissues. Copper is a necessary element of enzyme that plays a great role in energy production, generation of defense power found in antioxidant, development of better flexibility in blood vessels, joints and bones.

Good for Diabetics : Latest clinical experiments have discovered that cashews nut is friendly with a person’s lipid profile and provides a beneficial impact on diabetics or the people who is at risk for diabetes. Incorporating frequent cashew consumption with your diet can reduce the probability of developing type 2 diabetes, which is the most common type of diabetes found in America these days.

Good for Dental Health : It has also been revealed in researches that chemicals found in cashew nuts can eliminate gram positive bacteria. It is an intriguing mouth affliction that leads to acne, tooth decay, leprosy, and tuberculosis. It has been proven and established by formal clinical trials that consuming cashew nuts in a limited quantity can inhibit abscessed teeth.

How to Select and Store Casher

While selecting cashew nuts don’t forget to check for its freshness before you buy them. Cashews are having large amount of stabilizing oleic acid, which is a monounsaturated fatty acid, it should be kept in a dark, dry and airtight sealed container.

Precautions while Using Cashews 

Cashew nuts are quite safe when consumed in the form of food. There is not sufficient evidence available to ascertain if it’s safe for large consumption to be used as medicines.

It is advisable for pregnant and nursing women to restrict to limited quantity to be in the safe side. Over eating of cashews may lead to unwanted weight addition. The oxalates found in cashews nuts may also get accumulated in body fluids and crystallize. It may result in some health problems in individuals suffering from gallbladder problems or preexisting kidney.

Safe Cashews Dosage Per Day

The right dose of cashew nuts to be used for treatment can be driven by multiple factors like the individual’s age, health, and many other factors. Presently there are no not sufficient scientific details and facts are available to ascertain the appropriate quantity of doses. Just be informed that natural products can also be harmful if eaten in excess.  Consuming it in limited quantity is safe for everyone.


Cashew nuts are great to be consumed on regular basis. Cashews health benefits are many if consumed at least two times in a week but make sure you eat it for better health not for filling your stomach because excess consumption may lead to some side effect, which may not be appreciable.