Chia: For Weight Loss

Chia or the scientifically acclaimed plant ‘Salvia hispanica’ is a species of the mint family which originated back in the 16th century where it was native to the Mexican Central Valley. This food source which is marketed today mostly in the form of Chia Seeds has become prominent due to the many health benefits that it consists of because of high concentration of nutritional feed. It was regarded as one of the most essential food crops during the Aztec civilization, is popularly referred to as ‘Chia Sage’ and is highly beneficial for treating obesity.

Why Chia Seeds are good for Obese Patients?

Absorption Power:  Taking Chia Seeds with water is believed to be helpful in losing weight. When Chia Seeds are grounded, mixed with water and consumed, it efficiently forms a gel like substance which expands your abdominal cavity. This gives an individual a sensation of having a full stomach hence decreasing the urge to overeat. Some studies have also indicated the benefit as negligible.

High percentage of Fibers : It acts as a purifying agent since it has high fiber content which promotes excretion of toxins from the blood by increasing urinal discharge. Thus by removing the toxins  from the blood, increasing hydration and keeping digestion in excellent shape.

Blood-Sugar Levels are Regulated : Consuming starchy edibles and sweets, the sugar content in your bodies rises, such that the glycogen stored in your body starts to take up valuable space hence not just leading to cardiac strokes but major weight issues. Thus by ingesting Chia Seeds which contains high fibers, it’ll steady the carbohydrate conversions in your body by ensuring that the sugar is burnt to produce ATP.

Helps in Digestion : Food must be broken down completely, absorbed such that not only does it provide necessary chemicals to the organs but also does not accumulate inside your stomach which could lead to cramps and obesity. Hence by consuming these Chia Seeds whose gel like property and soluble fiber content facilitate easy digestion.

Addition of Essential Oils: Chia Seeds consists of the ‘Omega-3’ essential oil . Research has recently proved that this oil, helps in weight reduction hence should be included in the diet.

Substitute for Calcium Rich Goodies: Reduce the consumption of fat/cholesterol abundant edibles like dairy products and instead go for Chia Seeds which are rich in minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium etc.

chia for weight loss

It is for the above mentioned factors that Chia for weight loss is effective.

How can Chia be consumed to lose weight?

  • Chewable Chia Seeds: You can simply chew on such seeds, and hence make it a part of your daily diet. Hence once Chia Seeds become your dietary supplements instead of tablets/medications, this natural therapy will surely reduce a couple of ounces from your body.
  • As a Beverage:  If you’re a health freak about liquids, then you can ground in Chia seeds and consume the compound in the form of a beverage that can be part of your healthy diet. Imagine refreshing smoothies, shakes and fruit juices which not only taste amazing but contain this essential compound for your weight gain issues.
  • Healthy Foods: Mix Chia into some of your meals, hence make this compound a fractional ingredient of any particular cuisine for example salads, soups, granola etc. This will directly allow you to consume this necessary component.
  • Bakery : You can substitute chunks of butter/ calcium rich products with Chia which contains the same necessary proteins, minerals and fats. Hence consuming baked delights like say, a chocolate brownie, maybe a pudding which contains Chia seeds as a chief component will thus balance your diet.
  • Carbohydrates: Enjoy a hearty breakfast of porridge, icy yoghurt or an omelet which contains Chia Seeds ground into the base mixture. Rich in proteins, fats and minerals, this compound can be used as an external ingredient in plenty of your recipes.

Recipe- Chia for weight loss

  • Baked Delights: How about mixing in some of these Chia Seeds into your pudding and pie blend, or maybe hot scones containing ‘cinnamon and chia’ will be enough for the afternoon snack? Imagine cookie bases, granola mixes, cheesecake topping and simple bread cooked using Chia Seeds as one of the primary ingredients that replaces butter, are different forms of consuming this biologically affective compound.
  • Broth: Do you love the creamy, hot sensation of a soup flowing down your esophagus? You can ground Chia Seeds into the composition of steamy vegetable / meaty stock and soups.
  • Drinks: Smoothies, Shakes or simply Tea. You can consume Chia by mixing it with your favorite fruit extracts some cold ice and blend it into a mixer. Get instant results of weight loss in case your habitual Tea intakes contain Chia Seeds ground into them.
  • Meat: Blend grounded Chia Seeds into the meaty paste you’ve derived for your late dinner’s meal that consists of some protein rich meat. Even if its pork, chicken, lamb or beef, try making a meat mix which consists of Chia and hence consume this essential compound in any of your meaty recipes.