Coconut Oil Benefits

Donning the scientific name as Cocos nucifera, coconut oil is packed with myriads of benefits as it is rich in fiber, nutritional properties, pulp, milk and oil.  Its oil is immensely popular, especially in Asian countries for its multiple usages. The fat found in coconut oil is entirely distinct from other fat content found in different other oils and it is equipped with lot of healthy components.  Due to coconut oil benefits it has been proclaimed as "the healthiest oil on earth."  What else you can expect to establish its uniqueness and health benefits?

In several coastal areas and islands, coconut is consumed and considered as staple food. Most importantly, almost one third of global population relies on coconut to an extent for their food and economic growth. This illuminates its long cherished history among these people.

Coconut Oil Benefits

Coconut oil benefits are immense including hair care, stress buster, weight loss, digestion etc. These coconut oil benefits are coconut oil benefitsmajorly due to capric acid, caprylic acid and lauric acid which are rich in antimicrobial, antifungal, antioxidant, and antibacterial contents.

Hair Care : Coconut oil benefits are considered to be an ideal natural care for hair. It is instrumental in natural growth of hair manifesting a glowing complexion. Daily massage of head using coconut oil will keep your hair away from dandruff, lice etc. Coconut oil benefits are amply utilized in Asian countries in the form of hair care. Majority of people use coconut oil to nourish their hair and yield optimum coconut oil benefits. It is also embraced as an excellent conditioner and improves the rejuvenation of damaged hair. It is a great source of proteins for hair and thus nourishes hair roots. Due to coconut oil benefits, it is used in manufacturing conditioners, and lotions that claims relief from dandruff.|

Skin Care : Coconut oil is beneficial for our skin as well.  It is used as a great moisturizer also for any type of skin. Coconut oil benefits are often compared with mineral oil. Most of time there is no side effect recorded using coconut oil. It is an ideal solution for all type of skin dryness, flaked skin and also sagging skin which is often witnessed with aging. Coconut oil can also be helpful in treating different other skin ailments like psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and any other skin disorder.

Heart Diseases : Due to high content of saturated fats, coconut oil is often misconstrued that coconut oil is not safe for heart. Whereas the fact is that coconut oil works in favor of heart. Coconut oil is equipped with 50% lauric acid and it combats various heart troubles and maintains right cholesterol level and also blood pressure.

Weight Loss : Coconut oil benefits are instrumental in shedding excess weight. It’s rich in chain fatty acids which plays role in absorbing excessive fat. It is easily digestible and allows healthy functioning of the enzymes and thyroid systems. It also helps in right functioning of metabolism by cutting down pressure on pancreases and burning more calories and thus shedding weight for those people who are overweight. Therefore, those people who live in coastal area are generally not obese and are healthy.

Coconut Oil Benefits Improves Digestion : Coconut oil is usually facilitated as cooking oil in addition to hair oil. It accelerates digestive system and inhibit many abdomen based troubles including disturbed bowel syndrome. The presence of saturated fats in this oil exhibits anti microbial component and assists in combating fungi, bacteria, and parasites, which are cause of indigestion. It also helps in ingestion of several other nutrients like minerals, vitamins along with amino acids.

Improves Immunity System : Coconut oil benefits are also known for its potential to enhance immunity power of our body. It consolidates and solidifies our immune system because of its richness in antimicrobial lipids, capric acid, lauric acid, and caprylic acid. These acids are popular for its antifungal, antiviral along with antibacterial properties. The body system changes lauric acid into monolaurin and it combats bacteria and viruses leading to various diseases like influenza, cytomegalovirus, herpes, and also HIV.

Heals Faster and Fights Infections : When coconut oil is administered on any kind of infections, it creates a chemical shield that inhibits the infected parts from air, bacteria, fungi and virus. Coconut oil benefits are highly effective if used on bruises because it expedites the recuperation process by healing damaged tissues.

Strengthens Bones : As already mentioned above, coconut oil benefits catapults the function of our body to ingest necessary minerals. Those minerals may include magnesium and calcium which are important for the right growth and consolidation of bones. Hence coconut oil has been considered as quite important to those women who are susceptible to osteoporosis after crossing half of their age.

Dental Care : Calcium is quite a necessity for good health of our teeth. As coconut oil enhances the activity of ingestion of calcium in our body, it also assists in making the teeth stronger. It has also been observed that coconut oil is beneficial in protecting against tooth decay.

Ways to Use Coconut Oil

If the coconut oil is to be used for topical reasons like administration of coconut oil on hair, you can melt it and apply it on your scalp. If the coconut oil is solid you can put it in warm water in a container or under the sun to melt it. Other ways to melt coconut oil is take some quantity of coconut oil in a small container (bowl) and keep the container over the gas or flame to melt it. When it is melt, drop some quantity of oil on your palm and now rub it on your scalp and hair. If you are going to use coconut oil for consumption, just in place of vegetable oil you can use coconut oil to prepare recipes. Just remember, you should not switch over to coconut oil entirely, as you may lack some important benefits of different other regular vegetable oil.

Why coconut oil is great for cooking?
Apart from all the great benefits to health, there is very important aspect of coconut oil which makes it ideal for cooking – it's very high stability and resistance to oxidation. Most of the oils we use for cooking are oxidized and become rancid. Such oils are very harmful for health. Coconut oil on the other hand remains stable and safe. Thus coconut oil can be heated multiple times without fear of it generating harmful free radicals. Another point is their long shelf life. All good coconut oils can survive 2-3 years easily without going rancid.


Coconut oil is a great cooking oil as well as healthy topical oil for different usages. There is no apparent side effect of this oil also. Don’t hesitate to include coconut oil into your regular life to get optimum coconut oil benefits.  

Coconut Oil Stories by our Readers:

– I frequently go for treks. This time, it rained and because of that by the time I was back I developed a bad rash at inner parts of my right thigh. It was difficult to even walk and the skin had a large red patch. While I was not sure, I took 2-3 drops of coconut pure oil and see if it could help and woha! it worked. in 2-3 hours I felt better, in a day i was able to walk properly. The rash also disappeared in 3-4 days. I just applied coconut oil 3-4 times a day.  — Salmon kurtz P

– I developed dandruff and it would not go whatever I tried – normal shampos, medical shampos, etc. Then I came across the article and applied coconut oil before sleeping and washed it next morning. I did for 3 days and my dandruff was almost gone! and its also natural and cheap. Thanks coconut oil .. – Pari Vashney

– Using coconut oil for last 32 years for hair and skin, its just amazing — Shraddha Gulati 

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