What is Organic Coconut Oil?

Organic Coconut Oil earned its name due to organic extraction mechanism that is used to process it. The coconuts which are grown and packed organically are considered to be organic coconut. This means coconuts which are grown without using any chemical fertilizers or any kind of pesticides are organically grown coconut and the oil extracted from such coconuts are called organic coconut oil. Practically and naturally such coconuts take much longer time to grow compared to normal coconuts hence manufacturing of this oil is quite less compared to normal coconut oil.

Important Properties of Organic Coconut Oil

The primary properties of organic coconut oil include:

Chemical Properties : Organic coconut oil is mostly a composition of saturated fatty acids (94%) coupled with medium chain fatty acids (62%) available in it.

Nutritional Properties : Some important nutrients present in organic coconut oil are:

  • Medium Chain Fatty Acids : This is the ideal saturated fat that coconut oil offers. This saturated fat is equipped with Capric Acid, Caproic Acid, Caprylic Acid, & Lauric Acid which are good for health. They catapult the process of metabolism in our body and thus help in maintaining ideal weight, increase good cholesterol and cut down bad cholesterol.
  • Vitamin-E : This vitamin is beneficial for our skin and hair. It also maintains the right functioning of our organic system comfortably which is the major benefit of any vitamin.

Health Benefits of Organic Coconut oil

Organic coconut oil is benefecial in many health conditions. Some of its key benefits are listed below:

  • Lethargy : Organic coconut oil is packed with saturated fats, which is a great fountain of energy. It drains out tiredness coconut anto ageingand fatigue from the body and packs it with energy and enthusiasm.
  • Anti-ageing : The antioxidant properties of this oil are instrumental in countering the negative effects of ageing, graying of hair, skin sagging and macular degeneration.
  • Preventing Hair Loss : This oil is also popular for its potential to grow hair. It maintains great health of hair along with its black color and protects from whitening and breaking of hair.
  • Promotes Digestive System : This oil; if taken on regular basis in right quantity; can treat chronic and prolonged digestive disorders.
  • Cancer : The saturated fatty acids found in this oil can protect against several types of cancer. This fatty acid is rich in nutrition equal to those fatty acids which are integral part of mother’s milk.
  • Anti-infectious/Anti-bacterial and Anti-Fungal : The acids, mentioned above, changes to anti- microbial and anti-fungal components i.e. monolaurin and monocaprin when function with some enzymes. These acids protects us from external and internal specific medical conditions like rashes, ringworm, athlete’s foot, itches, dermatitis and host of other.
  • Clogging of Arteries : The medium chain triglycerides; found in this oil; cuts down the proportion of bad cholesterol and assists in clearing clogging in the arteries, thus reduces chances of heart trouble.
  • Cracking of Skin : Organic coconut oil is considered to be the ideal skin protection agent. Its anti microbial characteristics, moisture containing potential and capability to solidify under 24 degree Celsius and skin protection properties are due to it richness in vitamin E.
  • Obesity : This oil expedites the process of metabolic activities which results in faster burning of fats in our body, leading to weight loss.

Organic Coconut Oil Uses

There are myriads of organic coconut oil uses. Some of the most prominent and widely known uses include:

  • Domestic Uses : This oil is primarily popular and widely used as hair care oil. In addition, it is also used for cooking purpose and then applied on skin to retain its smoothness and radiance.
  • Medicinal Uses : It is packed with medicinal benefits hence it is prominently uses as beauty product for herbal items because of its great absorbent quality. It easily gets settled within the skin and due to this it is used in many lotions and ointments due to its soothing and anti-allergenic properties. This oil is also popular for its usages in the treatment of great span of fungal, bacterial and viral conditions. It is also considered as a great remedy to shed weight. It is helpful in digestion. It is a good stress buster, treats liver ailments; malnutrition; eczema, rashes, herpes, and several other skin disorders. It is considered as safe edible oil for diabetics also. It treats kidney along with gall bladder disorders and boosts immunity system. It consolidates bones and is helpful in the treatment of HIV patients.
  • Commercial Uses : Organic Coconut Oil is a part and parcel of diffident cosmetic products like soaps, creams, lotions and snacks also.

How to identify Organic Coconut Oil

It is difficult to identify organic coconut oil because the difference lies in growing the coconuts and handling them, thus they do not taste very different from normal coconuts. One of the best way to identify an organic coconut oil is using certification. For example, a genuine organic coconut oil will be certified by USDA in USA. If such a certification does not exists, then you can be almost sure the oil is not organic. If you do not have a certification agency in place, they try to purchase oil from a natural food co-operative or a regional organic farm (which you can actually visit to confirm, if required). You can consume coconut oil raw in the form of health supplement along with weight loss regime.

Tips to Buy Organic Coconut Oil

Your best bet to buy organic coconut oil is to go for certified oils and if such certification is not available, go for locally produced organic farms where you can actually visit and confirm its organic status. Identifying genuine organic coconut oil is difficult if there is no certification agency to guarantee it.

Don’t buy and store a huge quantity of organic coconut oil. Go for only that much which can be used and consumed in a short period of time as it may lose its freshness and nutritional properties.


Organic coconut oil is the purest form of coconut oil hence it is rich in nutrients, minerals and healthy elements. Just add it into your life and ensure that you are buying the right product. Do take care that you consume genuine organic coconut oil only.