What is Pure Coconut Oil?

Pure coconut oil has earned a name as a great health remedy for host of diseases and it is popular for its sweet fragrance, taste, medium chain fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins. The usages of pure coconut oil are diverse and the oil is found in almost all continents. Pure coconut oil is facilitated as edible oil along with other industrial and external applications. Majority of people are well aware of the uses, benefits and sources of pure coconut oil also. Let’s have a closer look on the characteristics of pure coconut oil, its impure forms and the ways to find out pure coconut oil along with its usages and benefits!

Characteristics of Pure Coconut Oil

Ideally pure coconut oil means "unadulterated and fresh", without any extracts, synthetic flavor and any chemical additives. It could be either refined or not, but it should not have undergone extensive bleaching or deodorizing processes because these processes are performed using some chemicals, which dilutes the freshness and purity of coconut.

Finding Pure Coconut Oil

It is a bit tough to find out the difference between adulterated and pure coconut oil, simply by looking at it. Both look identical, but to find out the difference and freshness of the oil you should look for four things in any coconut oil.

The first thing you should find out if the oil has undergone any refinement process because the less processed the oil would be the more freshness and purity it will retain. Processing of any food extracts and destroys the nutrients found in the food. In most cases the labels on the oil pack will provide information on weather its refined, bleached and deodorized (RBD).

The second thing that has to be taken care of when searching for a pure coconut oil is its purity. The purity can be realized by its appearance. Pure coconut oil is snow white in color in its solid state and transparent when it is in liquid form. If any shade of grey or yellow is visible, it shows that the oil is of inferior quality. Any type of discoloration speaks of its contamination, which could be due to smoke residue or smoke.

The next important aspect to consider while searching for pure coconut oil is its flavor and aroma. The oil should retain a sweet aroma and taste. If it does not display this specialty, the oil has undergone a refinement process.
Make sure that the pure coconut oil should not have a strong smoky or roasted taste or aroma. It should be coupled with a very sweet and mild aroma. The aroma must not be very dominating and just a slight aroma that cannot change the taste and feel of the food it is used with.

The ultimate and last criterion to look for pure coconut oil is its price. You should assess and get what you are looking and paying for. Naturally, inexpensive oil cannot give you that purity and freshness which you can get on spending more. Cheap oils manifest disagreeable tasting, and generally adulterated with residual contaminants.pure coconut oil

Hence, from the above points and aspects it is quite obvious that testing and selection process of pure coconut oil can be three stages long – source, appearance, taste and flavor, and price tag.

Types of Adulterants Used in Coconut Oil

Common adulterants that can be facilitated to diminish the purity and freshness of the coconut oil are cheap vegetable oils and other synthetic flavoring substances.  It has been reported that  palm kernel oil along with paraffin fluid were imported in large bulk just to mix it with coconut oil and increase its volume to earn extra bucks and supply adulterate coconut oil.

Possible Uses of Pure Coconut Oil

Uses of pure coconut oil are myriads. This oil is naturally gifted with and considered to be the most promising and healthy eating oil across the globe, is packed with host of benefits that has catapulted its usages also in our daily lives. Some of the widely uses may include:

  • Edible Oil: This oil has been facilitates in the form of edible oil for centuries now and it is majorly found in coastal regions where it is grown and found in abundance. This is considered as extremely stable oil and it is difficult to be broken down. It adds to the taste and flavor of food.
  • In Medicines: It is used in externally applied medicines like lotions, ointments and often in some internal medicines as well.
  • Hair Oil: It is said that there cannot be finer oil than pure coconut oil for hair massage purpose. It is considered as hair oil amongst majority of the population. For ages people have been using coconut oil as hair oil and yielding the benefits of this fabulous and light oil.
  • Massaging Oil: It is also instrumental in working as great massaging oil as it is easily and rapidly absorbed within the skin.
  • In Cosmetics: This oil is also a part and parcel of several shampoo, lotions and beauty products because of its medicinal and healthy ingredients.
  • Industrial Usages: Pure coconut oil is also used as lubricant in a few of the machines with high precision.

Benefits of Pure Coconut Oil

There has been plethora of claims and studies claiming about the health benefits of this oil.  Let’s have a quick look on it: Pure coconut oil reduces bad cholesterol level and increased good cholesterol level. It is great for heart, combats infections, great skin care oil and is equally beneficial for hair.

Some Other Benefits: Due to its stability it cannot be diluted and broken down using heat and microbial stimulation. Because of this property it does not become rancid easily and used less for cooking and thus appears to be inexpensive.


Coconut oil is a natural gift bestowed to human kind and we should understand and value its worth. The only thing that we should be aware of is the quantity and regularity for using this beneficial oil. Limited quantity and regular ingestion can bring wonderful improvements in your regular life! Give it a try and experience its benefits!