Where to get Coconut Oil?

For ages coconut oil has been serving the populace of different continents as moisturizer, medicine, cooking oil, and hair treatment. It has gained momentum of late in North America, as many health professionals and subject experts stood in support of its great and myriads of health benefits.

Now the most important thing is where to get coconut oil? Some of you may be quite unaware where to get coconut oil from! Let’s have a quick overview on those places from where pure coconut oil can be fetched.

Where to Get Coconut Oil

Direct from organic coconut farms

If you love organic coconut oil this can be your best bet. You can get in touch with organic coconut farms and source the oil directly from them. This is great way to ensure quality as in most countries "organic" certifications are not available and thus any company may sell an "organic" marked coconut oil without strictly complying with general standards.

Niche coconut stores

Some popular and acclaimed niche coconut stores are:

  • www.coconut-connections.com
  • www.coconutoil-online.com
  • www.simplycoconut.com

Beauty Supply Store

You can contact the ethnic hair care or beauty supply store in your vicinity. Due to the facilitation of coconut oil in many moisturizer and hair conditioners, there is possibility of having the coconut oil pack with the stores.

Health Food Store

You can also approach your local food co-operation or food store. These food stores could be the places where to get coconut oil. These are great places if you are looking for organic coconut oil and wandering where to get coconut oil from.

Online Shops

Just conduct a good research for online providers to search for the best prices offered online. BuyCoconutOil.org, CocoVida.co.uk, Store.nutiva.com and Mercola.com can be a few of the sites out there online that are shipping coconut oil globally. There are good sites you can rely upon for where to get coconut oil from. These retailers carry varieties of coconut oil which may include virgin, organic, unrefined and cold-pressed. All major coconut oil brands are also available on Amazon.

Buying Clubs

There are several foods buying clubs, which can provide you coconut oil as well. From here, you can purchase the coconut oil at an inexpensive and competitive rate. Such oils are quality oils for cooking purposes as they are more often than not, unrefined.

Tips & Suggestions for Buying

Quality coconut oil would be highly expensive which may cost you nearly $20 per quart. Hence it is suggested to approach wholesalers, as they may offer you better deal and you can fetch coconut oil in bulk. It will cost you less. You need to check the label of the oil as well before buying and using it.

Popular Coconut Oil Brands / stores / portals

  • Nutiva is a good brand if you are not aware where to get coconut oil. It is smooth and creamy, manifesting a mild caramel taste. Apart from Nutiva you can also rely upon, but a bit more expensive, Vitacost and Netrition.
  • Wildernessfamilynaturals is also a selling point that sells a great range of coconut products, which may include virgin coconut oil from different regions. These centrifuged coconut oils are delicious and creamy with a great and mild aroma of fresh coconut.
  • Tropical Traditions based in Philippines is also one of the finest places to get the answer where to get coconut oil. The product in this place is rich in its quality and freshness.
  • Radiant Life is also a great destination for a good virgin coconut oil exhibiting a little stronger and fresh coconut flavor.
  • Edible Haven is yet another fine place to fetch tasty and creamy organic virgin coconut oil – great and healthy edible oil.
  • Omega Nutrition also carries 100% unrefined and organic oil along with virgin oil.
  • Coconutoil-online is a store equipped with virgin coconut oil, extracted by centrifuge separation, process which is processed from fresh coconut milk.
  • In Australia, ”kokonut pacific” is considered to be one of the great products store online if you are unaware where to get coconut oil.
  • UK Importer is widely known as Fairs Trade Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil traders, selling ideal quality coconut oil in retail and wholesale in the name of virgincoconutoil.co.uk.
  • Yet another good substitute in the United Kingdom is “coconut island”, which offers great and fresh organic and virgin coconut oil.
  • Lubilife’ is also a good source of acquitting fresh coconut oil from Philippines if you are not aware where to get coconut oil.

How much to store and how to store?

You should buy coconut oil in limited quantity. Storing too much of coconut oil is not advisable as it may get rancid due to long storage. It is better to buy each time you want to use coconut oil. But avoid storing it. Better get fresh each time you wish to enjoy it.

When your query where to get coconut oil is answered, the next query that will hit your mind is the way of storing it. If you have started using the coconut oil and opened the pack, just transfer it into some tight lid container having broader opening, as it solidifies in the winter time and it will become difficult to get it from small bottles, you will have to use spoon to scoop it. If you wish you can also use fridge to store it as coconut butter. Just avoid plastic packets or containers.


Did you see, what are the precautions to be taken in storing coconut oil and the places where to get coconut oil from? We also elucidated the most prominent brand names, which are widely popular and have earned a good rapport as online store in selling fresh and unrefined coconut oil. It can be said coconut oil is a great source of nutrition and is widely recommended by experts to incorporate this wonderful edible oil into our regular diet. Most of the continents are usually aware of the health benefits of coconut oil as well. So be a bit more aware about this fabulous and gift of nature to get the optimum benefit and live a healthy life. Just keep a watch you follow the directions of label and add it into your life slowly.