Health Benefits of Camu Camu

Camu camu is a cherry like fruit which is found in the Amazonian regions of South America. The fruit is grown extensively in Peru. It has been used by the indigenous people of these regions for ages. The fruit grows in a shrub. The fruit is known to have a wide range of medicinal properties and contains the highest quantity of vitamin C when compared to any other natural fruit.

Why is camu camu unique?

Health benefits of Camu camu comes from the fact that the fruit has rich nutritional content. The fruit contains vitamin C, amino acids, beta carotene, iron, calcium, niacin, proteins, phosphorous, thiamin, potassium, riboflavin, valine, serine and leucine. Owing to the presence of all these nutrients, the fruit offers anti-inflammatory, astringent, antioxidant, analgesic, anti-viral and emollient properties.

Health benefits of Camu Camu

This fruit found in the Amazonian regions is excellent for the wholesome rejuvenation of the body owing to the many rich nutrients present in it. Below given are the numerous health benefits of Camu Camu.

Benefits for the immune system : Being rich in vitamin C, Camu Camu provides excellent boost to the immune system of the body. It is known to provide protection against a wide range of viruses and bacteria. Infections can be prevented by regular consumption of this fruit.  The activity of specific viruses such as Herpes, Eppstein Barr and Varicella virus can be curbed by the use of this fruit.

Benefits for the brain and nervous system : Camu camu is known to maintain brain chemistry and balance moods. The fruit provides excellent nourishment for the brain. The nervous system remains healthy due to the presence of vitamins B, C and many bioflavonoids. It has also been found that the fruit strengthens memory power and helps a person remain alert.

Benefits for the mind : Camu camu can effectively help a person fight against depression and anxiety. It helps in rejuvenating moods and hence, is a natural shield against several emotional and mental troubles. It is also a good stress buster. Experiments in different parts of the world have shown that regular consumption of the fruit for long periods reduces dependency on anti-depressant drugs.  The fruit maintains optimum levels of serotonin, which is a hormone responsible balancing moods and promoting sleep.

Benefits for the musculoskeletal system  : The powerful anti-inflammatory properties of Camu Camu help in healing musculoskeletal problems such as torn ligaments, damaged tendons and fractured cartilages. The fruit boosts production of collagen and hence, helps in speedy recovery from all such problems .

Benefits for the gums : The high quantity of vitamin C and other vitamins present in the fruit enhance oral health by strengthening the gums. Common dental and gum problems such as bleeding, gingivitis, several periodontal diseases and pain can be solved with the help of this fruit.

camu camu benefits

Benefits for the skin and hair : The presence of vitamin C in the fruit makes it excellent for the skin and hair health. Regular consumption of the fruit brings luster to the skin and hair.  The fruit is also great on the skin because of its astringent properties. It prevents excessive oiliness and lends a healthy shine.  the natives of the regions where the fruit grows make a concoction using the fruit for revitalizing hair and repairing split ends. The ability of the fruit to boost collagen production in the body helps in fighting the signs of aging on the skin which are caused due to loss of elasticity. 

Benefits for the eyes : Camu camu helps in maintaining clear vision . It has also been known that the fruit can help in prevention of cataract .  Deterioration of the eyesight can be prevented by use of camu camu.

Benefits against cancer : Camu camu is rich in antioxidants. It fights the free radicals in the body and hence, helps in fighting cancer.

Benefits for the heart : Camu camu helps in keeping the heart healthy owing to the numerous nutrients present in this berry like fruit. The high level of vitamin C helps in preventing heart attacks by helping the arteries expand and contract elastically.  In other words, it helps in preventing hardening of arteries and hence, keeps the heart healthy. The astringent properties of the fruit also help in this regard .

Benefits for weight loss : Certain nutrients, such as limonene which is present in camu camu helps in controlling appetite and hence, the fruit helps people who are trying to lose weight. The high nutritional content in the fruit prevents the body from feeling perpetually hungry because it satisfies nutritional requirements.

Benefits against colds and flues : The vitamin C content in camu camu helps in reducing cold and flues. The fruit is one of the best natural treatments against cold and is ranked at the top of the list of foods that help fight these infections.

Other health benefits of camu camu

Besides the above mentioned benefits of camu camu, the fruit offers a lot of other benefits. The fruit offers natural analgesic benefits and is very effective against osteoarthritis, edema or fluid retention, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome and glaucoma. It is also known to help people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. The fruit is highly ranked among foods that helps fight migraine headaches. Lungs, liver and the lymphatic system are kept healthy by the consumption of the fruit. The therapeutic properties of the fruit have also been well recorded. It helps in soothing irritation in the stomach and bladder. One of the other major benefits of the fruit is against infertility.

Precautions while using camu camu

The fruit is found safe for consumption in all circumstances. However, pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding need to take the doctor’s advice before consuming the fruit. Also, since the fruit is very high in vitamin C content, excessive consumption could lead to diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems. There are no known interactions of camu camu with any drug.

With so many health benefits and the presence of a horde of nutrients, camu camu is a very effective health booster. It revitalizes all systems of the body and lends wholesome benefits. The health benefits of camu camu speak volumes about the effectiveness of the fruit.