Health Benefits of Kelp

Kelp or seaweed as it is generally referred to as is a rootless aquatic algae which cultivates at lowermost levels of deep-sea. 3 types of kelp are known—green, red and brown. The seaweed acquires its source of vitamins and minerals by absorbing nutrients in its leaves from seawater.

Why is it unique?

Health benefits of kelp is owing to its unique mix of constituents. It contains 25 vitamins, is  one of the richest sources of iodine, minerals and vegetable protein and is particularly high in chromium.

Health benefits of kelp

Health Benefits of Kelp for Skin Afflictions:

Skin Diseases:  Major disorders like Acne, Psoriasis and Eczema are treated using Kelp since it is rich in antimicrobial properties. Zinc which is used to build the immune system also participates at skin cell regeneration/repair is one of the main minerals provided by Kelp. Also the high quantity of Iodine  and Germanium in Kelp generates the synthesis of connective tissues hence facilitating damaged skin cells. The presence of Vitamin A, E and C that Kelp maintains is necessary for treating such inflictions especially since such antioxidants neutralize the effect of free radicals in the skin .

Antiseptic Properties : Its ability to treat open wounds, like abrasions, cuts, burns etc owing to the antiseptic constituents which also help prevent tetanus. It maintains certain vitamins, the most important being Vitamin A, which is known for cellular repair.

Antifungal Properties : Antifungal agent called Iodine, is known to treat infections that can be caused due to fungal/yeast inflictions. Iodine therefore is popularly found in Kelp, hence making it a direct source for diagnosing ailments like Candidiasis, Ringworm etc.

Anti Aging Properties: Kelp helps in decreasing fine lines, trigger metabolism and initiate cell regeneration. Due to the presence of antioxidants like Vitamin B12, A, C and E, as well as beta carotenoids, the plant maintains compounds which neutralize free radicals and regulate skin tissue growth/repair. It also induces strengthening of collagen fibers, hence reducing wrinkles .

Rebuilds Texture : Presence of lipids, proteins, vitamins etc that absorb water help to moisturize the skin whereas the fluorine, magnesium and calcium extracted from kelp are beneficial to re-mineralize the skin’s dehydrated surface and retain the nourished consistency of your complexion.

Benefits of Kelp for Hair:

It abounds in hair growth enhancers like B Vitamins, iron, magnesium and other such minerals , some of which facilitate scalp treatment. By not only providing essential oils to the follicles and reducing dandruff, Kelp is also beneficial for maintaining keratin(protein) content since it contains 21 amino acids. Thus one of the major advantages is its ability to prevent hair fall , increase tenacity of the strands and provide nutrition to the scalp.

Benefits of Kelp for Circulatory System:
Hydration of Blood: Kelp is known for its purification abilities , which facilitate the process of filtering the blood from toxins. It contains mucilaginous compounds like ‘Algin’ which allows it to bind the toxins with fecal matter, regulate the stool across the bowel  health benefits of kelpmovements and hence eliminate the harmful chemicals from the blood. It also increases the rate of urinal discharge, from where sugars are eliminated and blood pressure is lowered.

Benefits of Kelp for Cancer :
Phytonutrients found in Kelp are generally considered the anti-carcinogenic agents essential for the purpose of treating cancerous organs. Tumors are prevented , i.e. malignant growth of somatic cells is regulated by the presence of minerals and anti-inflammatory constituents which facilitate the suppression movement. Also in women, it has been found that ‘Breast Cancer’ is of a lower risk if Kelp is consumed which stabilizes the ‘estrogen secretions’ hence hormonal control during the menstrual period prevents abnormal cell growth.

Benefits of Kelp for Radiation :
Sodium Alginate present in Kelp is has been discovered to control the effects of radiations in individuals who fall a victim to its exposure. Hence heavy metals which can contaminate blood circulation, for examples like Strontium can be inhibited by consuming kelp which reduces the absorption powers of radioactive compounds.

Benefits of Kelp for Thyroid Gland :
It is highly essential for the body to regulate the hormones which are secreted by the thyroid gland simply because it maintains key functions like ATP formation, controlling the chemical compositions (hence automatically controlling neuromuscular activities) and indirectly controlling weight of the body. Hence it becomes necessary to maintain the salt/Iodine content in the blood and the easiest source is Kelp. Hence one of the chief assistance of Kelp is the extensive amount of Iodine stored in it which controls cardiac disorders, goiters and hyper/hypothyroidism.

Benefits of Kelp for Bone/Muscles/Joints:
Anti-inflammatory/ Analgesic Properties: Instant relief can be restored in your muscles/joints if you consume Kelp. It contains anti-inflammatory constituents like ‘Fucans’ which reduce the swellings observed over a sprain/strain and stiff joints in Arthritis. It also contains analgesic properties which maintain the body temperature and hence not only reduce the pain, but also prevents fever which is a customary reaction of the body. Note that Kelp contains antibiotic properties which are highly essential for treating many bacterial inflictions .

Regulating Metabolic Growth : The bones are tenacious due to the rich amount of calcium and phosphorus which is found in Kelp. Hence the primary health benefits of Kelp are in its ability to boost metabolic rates, which initiate cell generation, repair and differentiation.

Benefits to brain and cognitive development : Iodine is one of the essential minerals for development of brain. Iodine deficiency has been known to cause reduced mental function and intellectual capacity. Iodine is of great importance during pregnancy. Lack of iodine supply during pregnancy can lead to several brain related disorders including mental retardation. Kelp which is one of the richest natural sources of iodine is great to eliminate iodine deficiency and promote cognitive development.

Benefits of Kelp for Body Disorders:
Herpes: Kelp is also believed to be beneficial in case of herpes. 
Other kelp benefits : Kelp has been found useful in many other health issues such as mouth sores caused due to chemotherapy (used for cancer treatment), foot ulcers due to diabetes, etc. Kelp is also found to help in insomnia and promote good sleep.


If you are planning to conceive or are pregnant avoid intake of kelp in any form. According to research, some Kelp supplements contain excessive iodine levels, which can make thyroid problems worse. Another possible problem can be because of the presence of contaminants such as Arsenic in Kelp.