Health Benefits of Noni

The noni plant, a tiny green shrub, can be three to six meters tall. The noni fruit, in its mature stage, manifests a pleasant odor and taste. Noni juice is made after fermenting its fruit for nearly 30-50 days then separating the accumulated juice. This juice has many healing properties and has been widely used across the globe for centuries.

Health Benefits of Noni

Anecdotal proofs indicate that juice of noni can be used in treating arthritis, bad breath, atherosclerosis, fungal and bacterial infections, depression, diabetes, detoxification, heart disorder and many more. Let us have a look on the benefits which are widely known.

Noni for Diabetes : Preliminary studies have indicated that this juice can be a great supplement for treating diabetes. As per the study conducted in “Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine," there was least liver damage and fatty deposits were witnessed in the animals which were fed with this juice.  It is considered that noni can either promote insulin secretion or increase sensitivity for insulin in the body.

Noni for Cancer : Noni has also been researched and studied for its therapeutic effects on cancer patients. It has been discovered that it can trigger the immunity, due to polysaccharides reaction, which are antioxidant elements available in this juice. This juice combats development of colon and breast cancer cells. Yet another beneficial element that noni is packed with is glycoside, which fights against cancer cells from harming DNA and its replication. The research is in its initial stage but the results are positive and noni appears to be a promising therapeutic adjunct for people suffering from cancer.

Abdominal Disorder : The noni is rich in antibacterial elements which are in abundance in the fruits (acubin, alizarin and L-asperuloside) along with its roots (anthrauinones). Noni is also equipped with scopoletin which is instrumental in eliminating the development of Escherichia coli, liable for infection and disorder in intestine. In addition it also inhibits Heliobacter pylori, which is instrumental in developing stomach ulcers. Damnacanthal is also a prominent substance found in noni roots, which inhibits the tyrosine kinase that plays a significant role in developing tumor.

Stimulates the Immune System : In traditional medicine, it is considered to be a great treatment for number of disorders, including the stimulation of the immune system. As per a study conducted in July 2010, it was discovered that extract of noni is instrumental in boosting both humoral and cellular immunity.

Analgesic Properties : Noni has also been known for its pain killing properties. It has been discovered that it alleviates the pain more effectively compared to the drugs like tramadol and hydrocortisone. It can be a great healing substance quite effective for join pains and for arthritic as well.

Great Antidepressant : This fruit triggers melatonin and seratonin, which are important hormones. Melatonin normalizes and monitors the rhythm of circadian, which plays an important role in bringing sleep. Sufficient quantity of melatonin can enable you offer sound and comfortable sleep thus improve your mood. Seratonin influences emotions and mood. Any kind of imbalance in the level of serotonin may lead to mood swing and depression.

Good for Skin/Hair Care : Properties of noni are beneficial for scalp and skin conditions also. It can ward off eczema and ringworm. It can be applied on scalp for dense and quality hair. It also maintains the youthfulness of skin along with the great health of your nails.

Combats Hypertension : It is rich in selenium, phytonutrients, and vitamin C, which combats free radicals from damaging your blood vessel walls. Scopoletin is an alkaline that reduces blood pressure and protects bodily fluids from becoming acidic. Noni is also coupled with proxeronine, which is important in producing xeronine. This xeronine coordinates with the cells to function properly and lowers stress and blood pressure. Noni is also pregnant with amino acid – tryptophan. This amino acid helps in producing some other substances like seratonin, which are necessary to maintain the blood pressure.

Maintains Cholesterol Level : It plays a prominent role in preventing the absorption of good cholesterol, which in turn stops plaque in arteries. This condition keeps you healthy and liver longer.

Boosts Memory  : This fruit is also good for memory power. It inhibits the absorption of cholesterol due to its richness of phytosterols. This property of noni assists in triggering the functioning of brain and prevents building of any plaque in arteries. In this way it feeds the brain, keeping it oxygenated.

Some Other Benefits of Noni  

It also helps in heart trouble, indigestion, inflammation, gastric, fever, gingivitis, menstrual cramps, nervous system disorder, senility, sore gums, toothache, sore throat, and tuberculosis.

How To Select and Store Noni

Make sure that noni juice displays the label with 100% pure Noni without any additives and added water. Ensure that no preservative and chemicals are used.  The juice should have mild and smooth acidic flavor. The color of the juice should be light yellowish.  You should store it in your fridge or any dark and cool place.

Warning Using Noni

It is mostly safe when taken in limited quantity with food. Taking it for medicinal purpose may harm liver for some people. Prolong ingestion of noni juice may damage liver. It is advisable not to consume it in any form during pregnancy and while nursing the infant. 

It is packed with large quantity of potassium, hence it can cause harm to those people suffering from kidney problems. It is not advisable to use it if you have any kidney trouble.

Safe Noni Dosage Per Day

The right dosage of noni can be decided keeping in view many factors like the user's age, medical condition, health, and some other conditions. Presently there is no scientific detail available to determine appropriate doses for noni. Ensure you follow the directions provided in the label of the product.


Noni fruit and its extract are packed with many nutrients and are widely used to treat different medical conditions for centuries. It is advisable to add this beneficial fruit in right quantity and enjoy its healing touch.