Amazing Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon Combo

The combination of cinnamon and honey tastes very good and also gives pleasant aroma to the foods in which it is used. In fact, the combo is found even in some of the award winning recipes. It is not just the taste and aroma the combination also has exceptional medicinal values. It is a very inexpensive and simple home remedy to a number of major ailments. Ayurvedic medicine uses this combination to treat a variety of ailments.

In fact, they are safe to use than those expensive chemical filled pills. Here is an overview of benefits of honey and cinnamon combo and their properties that are making them very beneficial.

Why are honey and cinnamon beneficial?

The essential oils present in cinnamon and the enzymes such as hydrogen peroxide that form in honey serve as antimicrobial agents. It is because of this ant-microbial action they are being used together in treatment of certain diseases. They are also being used as preservative in certain foods.

Health Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon

Most well known and important benefits of honey and cinnamon are discussed below:

Prevents heart diseases : Regular consumption of honey and cinnamon paste keeps heart attacks at bay. Even those who had an attack can escape from future attacks. Daily intake of this mixture revitalizes the veins and arteries that generally become less flexible and clogged after certain age. It even strengthens the heart beat and also offers relief from symptoms such as loss of breath.

Arthritis: Daily intake of two teaspoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder helps to relieve symptoms of even chronic arthritis. It even helps you to move around without pain. Mix one part of honey with two parts of lukewarm water and one teaspoon of cinnamon powder thoroughly. Now, massage the painful area with the mixture to obtain relief within minutes.

Fights bladder infections: The antibacterial properties of both cinnamon and honey help in eliminating the bacteria responsible for bladder infections. Mix two tablespoons of cinnamon powder with one teaspoon of honey in lukewarm water and drink the solution to obtain relief.

Reduces cholesterol levels: Take 16 ounces of water mix with two tablespoons of honey and three teaspoons of cinnamon powder and have it daily. This solution is found to reduce cholesterol levels by about ten percent in just two hours. Regular intake of this liquid thrice a day treats even worst cholesterol problems. This is better than cholesterol medications containing Statin (or HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors ) that weakens the muscles.

Cures common cold: If you are suffering with common cold then take cinnamon honey mixture for three days continuously to obtain relief. Mix one tablespoon of lukewarm honey with ¼ spoon of cinnamon powder and have it to obtain relief from cold, cough and to even treat worst sinusitis by clearing sinuses.honey weight loss

Treats ulcers: Intake of honey with cinnamon treats stomach ulcers completely. Few people find this mixture useful to obtain relief from stomach gas. It promotes digestion and relieves acidity if taken just before meals.

Boosts the immune system: Amazing benefit of honey and cinnamon is they boost the immune system and save you from many viral and bacterial infections. Regular intake of honey strengthens the white blood cells and improves their ability to fight viral and bacterial infections.

Prevents hair loss : Mix one tablespoon of cinnamon powder, one tablespoon of honey and lukewarm olive oil. Apply the resultant paste to scalp and wash off the hair after fifteen minutes. Best results can be obtained even if you wash off after five minutes. People with bald head can also find amazing results.

Reduces tooth pain: Mix five teaspoons of honey with one teaspoon of cinnamon thoroughly. Apply the paste on aching tooth thrice a day to obtain relief from pain. You can observe a change in just fifteen minutes.

Treats infertility: Regular intake of two tablespoons of honey before going to bed helps to strengthen the semen in men. Similarly cinnamon powder strengthens the uterus in women. Women who could not conceive can obtain favorable results in just few days by having a pinch of cinnamon powder along with half a teaspoon of honey. To allow complete assimilation of this mixture it is recommended to apply the paste over gums multiple times in a day.

Delay aging signs: Consumption of tea made by boiling three cups of water with four spoons of honey and one spoon of cinnamon prevents onset of aging. It helps to enjoy a soft glowing skin. For better results drink ¼ cup of this tea thrice a day.

Helps to lose weight: Boil honey and cinnamon in one cup of water and drink it early in the morning with empty stomach to lose weight. This solution not only helps to lose weight but also prevents accumulation of excess fat. It is also a safe and easy way to lose weight. Losing weight by following strict dietary measures such as skipping meals or practice of strenuous exercises at once can cause harmful results. But, by availing the benefits of honey and cinnamon one can lose weight safely and easily.

Fights bad breath : Cultivate the habit of gargling with one teaspoon honey and cinnamon powder in hot water to enjoy fresh breath throughout the day. The antibacterial action of honey and cinnamon eliminates the bacteria responsible for bad breath.

Relieves fatigue: The high sugar content of honey serves as a best source of energy. Aged people can obtain relief from fatigue by having honey water sprinkled with cinnamon powder twice a day to remain active throughout the day. Have it early in the morning and in the evening around four for best results. Regular intake of the liquid gives better results within a week.

Treats skin infections and acne: The anti-bacterial property of cinnamon and honey helps to treat skin infections as well as worst acne. Not only bacterial infections, fungal skin infections can also be treated with this mixture.

Precaution while using Honey and Cinnamon

Side effects of honey and cinnamon are rare but here are a few precautions you should keep in mind while using it

  • If you are mixing honey and cinnamon using hot water then first mix cinnamon and hot water and let the mixture cool before mixing honey. This would prevent the breakdown of the enzymes and other useful components present in honey.
  • Do not discontinue your medications without consulting physician even if you are having honey and cinnamon.
  • To harness these benefits of honey and cinnamon consider using unprocessed organic honey. If you are using the combination to treat major ailments such as heart attack or cholesterol etc consult your physician.
  • If you are diabetic be cautious regarding the amount of honey consumption.


Honey and cinnamon combo has great health benefits which can be enjoyed very easily by anyone. Include this amazing health recipe in your diet to get rid of many health problems. To harvest the benefits of this combination of natural foods it is also very essential to lead a healthy lifestyle.