Benefits of Honey for Skin

Majority of women are concerned about external appearance and take good care of skin. But women who use expensive and harmful moisturizing creams and anti-ageing cosmetics are at risk of damaging the skin after long term use. To avoid such risks it is highly recommended to use natural products to take care of skin. One such natural product that takes good care of skin apart from offering other benefits such as anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties is honey. Here is an overview of benefits of honey for skin.

How does honey makes skin beautiful?

Honey acts in three ways to give radiant looking clean skin.

  • The high sugar content absorbs moisture very well. When honey is applied to the skin it absorbs more moisture and keeps the skin fresh and hydrated. As the skin does not get dried it looks smooth and radiant.
  • Skin is frequently subject to damage due to powerful UV rays of sun. The anti-oxidant property of honey protects skin from harmful sun rays and even helps in rejuvenation of damaged skin cells.
  • The ability of honey to absorb impurities helps to keep the skin clean by eliminating waste from skin pores.

Benefits of honey for skin

Honey has amazing benefits on skin and has been used since ages for skin care. Some key benefits of honey for skin are discussed below:

benefits of honey for skin

Honey offers essential nutrients to skin : Honey is rich in nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Daily intake of honey provides vitamins such as Vitamin E and C that are responsible for keeping the skin healthy. Vitamin E which acts as strong antioxidant prevents aging of skin. Honey also contains amino acids which are used in protein synthesis.

Honey keeps the skin hydrated : Honey absorbs more amount of water and helps skin to remain hydrated. Hence, regular application of honey helps to combat the problem of dry skin very easily.

Helps in treating acne effectively : Acne that generally develops due to clogging of pores can be relieved effectively with honey. Honey absorbs dirt from skin pores and cleanses the skin thoroughly. There are many skin care recipes that can be made with honey and applied as face masks. For effective results choose face masks that best suit your skin type.

Helps to eliminate free radicals : Increased accumulation of free radicals is not good for health. They also make the skin look dull. The polyphenols and other antioxidants present in honey oxidize these free radicals to give a new younger looking skin.

Supports the healing process : One of the interesting benefits of honey for skin is its anti-bacterial action that fastens the healing of wounds and burns. Topical application of raw honey at the site of injury absorbs moisture from the site of the wound thereby preventing bacterial infection and faster healing of wounds and burns. However, do not use Lavender honey that is rich in camphor to treat burns.

Serves as a natural lip balm : Manuka honey, a specific variety of honey serves as a natural moisturizer. It softens and soothes dry and chapped lips in dry and cold weather.


Benefits of honey for skin are many. It can be used in various ways such as face masks, lip balm, gels to get glowing and vibrant skin. Ensure that you use good quality honey while making these skin home remedies.