Buckwheat Honey

Depending on the floral source there are many varieties of blossom honey.  Pink flowers that bloom on Buckwheat plant are very attractive with strong fragrance and attract honey bees.  Honey bees extract nectar from these flowers so as to produce a dark colored honey with slightly bitter taste and spicy aroma. This honey gives perfect taste to meats.

Buckwheat honey that is greatly produced in countries South Africa, Poland, China, Japan, Brazil, United States, Canada and Australia offers excellent health benefits. It is so widely produced in United States that a Buckwheat Festival is celebrated in the end of September in West Virginia, United States during which high quality honey and the popular buckwheat cakes can be enjoyed. Here is an overview of properties and benefits of this popular honey.

Properties of Buckwheat honey

  • Dark yellow to brown color with a reddish veins. The reddish copper colored tinge is due to the presence of polyphenols.
  • Spicy aroma.
  • Slightly bitter taste with strong malty or molasses flavor.
  • Leaves a tickling sensation in the throat.
  • Rich in antioxidants.
  • Contains minerals such as iron.
  • Contains high concentration of fructose compared to glucose and very less amount of water.

Health benefits of buckwheat honey

buckwheat honey

Cough suppressant : It treats cough in children and is found to be effective than over the counter drugs such as dextromethorphan. The best part is it works at least 25% faster than over the counter drugs . The thick texture of the honey soothes the throat and reduces the coughing reflex.

Relives heart burn : Intake of one teaspoon of this honey before going to bed relieves heart burn and also soothes the stomach.

Antimicrobial action : The strong anti microbial and anti inflammatory properties of buckwheat honey fastens the wound healing process. The best part is it even prevents the scarring of the skin at the wounded portion. It supports healing of wounds and burns by absorbing water from the wounded portion and thereby preventing bacterial growth.

Serves as strong antioxidant : Strong antioxidant properties due to presence of high concentration of phenolic compounds help in reducing the damage caused to cells due to free radicals. The phenolic compounds also help to exert antibacterial action. Regular intake of this honey variety is found to increase the antioxidant levels in blood.

Improves cardiovascular health : By helping in reducing the extent of low density lipoproteins i.e. bad cholesterol it helps fight obesity and other cholesterol related problems. Thus, it improves the overall cardiovascular health.

Provides essential fatty acids : It provides essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid commonly known as the Omega-6 fatty acid. Fatty acids support proper functioning of brain, thyroid and adrenal glands. This fatty acid also improves the functioning of nervous system liver and immune system responses.

Provides about eight essential amino acids: It provides about eight essential amino acids tryptophan, methionine, lysine, cysteine, histidine, glutamine and tyrosine. Tryptophan helps to treat insomnia, methionine helps to improve the health of skin, hair and nails, cysteine helps in wound healing, hair growth and absorption of iron, histidine fights inflammation, glutamine serves as energy source for cells lining the intestine and lastly tyrosine elevates the mood and improves concentration.

Boosts the immune system : An important benefit of buckwheat honey is it boosts the human immune system making them resistant to a wide variety of diseases.

Improves overall health : The compound betaine present in this honey also promotes the health of liver and heart. It supports liver buckwheat honey benefitsfunctions by aiding in hormone processing and by preventing formation of gall stones. Essential minerals such as iron, zinc, copper and magnesium contained in it promote health of muscles and nerves.  It also contains about 18 essential amino acids which support you to enjoy a healthy body.

Reduces blood pressure : Various nutrients present in the honey strengthen the capillary walls and thereby reduces the risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure.

Reduces the risk of cancers: It is also found to offer protection against certain types of cancers.

Using Buckwheat honey

1. It enriches the taste of poultry, pork, and beef. Roasted chicken recipe using buckwheat honey will definitely be mouthwatering.
2. Can also be served with ice cream and with strong cheeses.
3. Can be used in desserts as a substitute for sugar. It is especially used in baking of Ginger bread in France.


Buckwheat honey with strong antioxidant and antibacterial properties is a very valuable honey. To enjoy its benefits make sure to purchase raw honey that is not subject to heat processing. Pure buckwheat honey will be dark in color with slight purplish tinge. If you are purchasing light colored then it should have been definitely contaminated with other honey varieties. Hence, purchase it only from reputed suppliers.