Health Benefits of Honey and Ginger

It is well known that honey has very good medicinal value. Its medicinal properties are valuable in treatment of various ailments that respond slowly to antibiotics and other drugs. Combination of honey with other herbs is found to give even more interesting benefits. Here is an overview of health benefits of honey and ginger.

Why Honey and Ginger together?

Anti bacterial and anti fungal action : Both ginger and honey possess anti bacterial action due to their inherent components. Thus, they serve as best remedy for bacterial infections such as sore throat. Certain compounds present in ginger are found to exert anti viral action  too that is helpful in treatment of flu.

Analgesic action: Ginger serves as a natural pain killer and thus reduces the pain associated with sore throat.

Antioxidant action: Polyphenols present in honey remove toxins and free radicals present in the body and promote general health.  Ginger is also found to contain about 12 antioxidants. Hence, combination serves as a strong detox drink.

Health benefits of honey and ginger

Treats respiratory problems: Concoction made of honey and ginger serves as an expectorant and gives quick relief from cold, cough, sore throat and running nose.  Boil ginger honey paste with pinch of clove and pinch of cinnamon powder. The resultant mixture serves as a best remedy for persistent cough.

Honey, ginger and lemon tea for colds : Each of these ingredients has unique medicinal value. Upon combining they serve as a best remedy for cold. Lemon juice containing vitamin C serves as an antioxidant eliminating free radicals. It also serves to boost the immune system. Ginger has anti inflammatory properties in addition to the anti oxidant properties. By increasing sweating it helps in detoxification process which is helpful in treating colds. Ginger helps to treat abdominal distress, nausea and vomiting sensation which we normally experience during severe cough and cold. On the other hand honey soothes the throat and serves as a cough suppressant.benefits of honey and ginger

Serves as a detoxifier : Ginger and honey along with garlic serves as detoxifier. Garlic serves to remove toxins from vital organs such as liver and kidneys. It even reduces the risk of cancer and heart failure.

Reduces the intensity of asthma: Mixture of ginger, honey and black pepper serves as an excellent remedy for wheezing associated with asthma. It gives wonderful results for both kids and adults.

Improves digestion: Honey and ginger tonic helps to promote digestion process. The digestive properties of ginger and the antioxidants serve as an excellent remedy for those with weak digestive system.

Boosts immunity : A vital health benefit of honey and ginger is increase in production of white blood cells that serves to boost the functioning of immune system.

Relieves body pain and tiredness : To the juice of holy basil (tulsi) leaves and ginger add equal amount of honey and mix the contents thoroughly. Take the syrup after having lunch to obtain relief from body pains. Calories offered by honey even make you feel energetic and rejuvenated.

How to have honey and ginger mix?

Because of the spicy taste, many people cannot have honey and ginger mixture as such. Best way to have it is green tea. For those who do not have time to make ginger paste and mix with honey to make the solution, ginger honey crystals are available in the market. These crystals offer all the health benefits of honey and ginger and are very useful to make instant honey ginger drink.
Ginger honey candies offering similar benefits are also available in the market. This is the best remedy for sore throat and to deal with motion sickness suffered by many people while travelling. Other ways of consuming ginger honey paste is by using the mixture in the making of ginger bread, cookies, beer, soup and cakes.

Making ginger infused honey

Few people suffering with frequent colds get tired of having ginger honey tea all the time. For them ginger infused honey is the best alternative to enjoy health benefits of honey and ginger. It can be made easily using a small ginger piece of 2 inches and honey. Cut the ginger in to small pieces and place them in 8 oz jar. Fill the jar with honey up to the top of jar. Leave it undisturbed for four days to enjoy your ginger infused honey. Do not make large quantities as it remains fresh for only two weeks.


The listed health benefits of honey and ginger is increasing the number of people taking ginger tea by quitting caffeinated drinks. By eliminating free radicals ginger honey mix even serves to reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancer. Use fresh ginger and organic unpasteurized honey to make best use of their medicinal properties.