Health Benefits of Propolis

Propolis is a sticky substance made by honeybees obtained from the sticky buds of a variety of balsamic plants. Collected by the oldest bees, propolis is also known as “bee glue”. It is facilitated by the bees to coat the hive interior, consolidate things and also pack cracks. Propolis is instrumental in protecting and consolidating the hive. After the honey harvest in the summer season, the hive is covered with a specific screen. The bees are not fond of draughts and they immediately fill the holes with propolis. Then these screens are taken out and propolis is harvested.  Scientific name of propolis is propolis balsam, propolis wax or propolis resin.

Health Benefits of Propolis

The most prominent health benefits that are widely used across the globe include:

Protects Against Winter Blues  : It is often called as natural remedy. It strengthens the immune system. Modern scientific propolis benefitsresearches indicated that it is a great remedy to all types of winter season ailments like colds and sore throats as it works as natural therapy against common viral, flu and other winter season disorders.

Boosts Immune System : Propolis is rich in anti-viral and anti-bacterial characteristics, which can stimulate the immune power of your body. As per a study went online in the “Phytotherapy Research," it was discovered by the scientists that propolis can change or modulate immune functioning of our system. In this study, propolis manifested greater levels of compounds and proteins that are critical in the proper functioning of immune system.

Combats Cancer : Propolis is also coupled with anti-tumor potential that can work as a substitute remedy or can also protect against developing cancer. As per a study that was published in the year 2004, it was discovered that propolis can eliminate the breast cell, which is termed as MCF-7 as it has therapeutic contents that is potent enough to treat angiogenesis-based diseased found in human being like cancer.

Antiseptic Properties : Bee propolis, due to its active components like phenolic acids, flavonoids, terpenes vitamins, and amino acids, can be administered as antiseptic medicine as well. It is in use since Egyptians days. It accelerates the process of healing along with repairing the tissues like bruises, cuts, sores and scrapes.

Treats Genital Herpes : Genital herpes is a persistent, chronic and a genital infection, which is sexually transmitted. This medical condition can also be toned down using bee propolis, which is also filled with properties that combats viral and inflammatory conditions. According to a study which was published in "Phytomedicine,” in the year 2000, it was declared that propolis ointment can heal genital herpes much faster and simmer down the symptoms compared to those patients who were administered a placebo. If the extract of propolis is administered in combination with oral preventative medication, the combating power to fight against herpes accelerates.

Treats Neurofibromatosis : Elements found in propolis are beneficial for treating neurofibromatosis. This disease is hereditary and can lead to coffee-colored skin patches and it can unearth in the form of tumors on nerve tissues, which can find place in the ears, spinal cord, brain, and some different other parts of the body.

Treats Bone Diseases : Yet another health benefit of propolis is its potential to build and retain the great health of bone tissues. It was found by the scientists that this propolis can cease the inflammatory ingredients that lead to bone disorders and also can treat bone wasting ailments.

Helps in Treating Allergies : Propolis is capable enough to soothe the signs of seasonal allergies. As per a research conducted on propolis by the scientists, it was found that when propolis was administered on rats it was discovered that it prominently ceased histamine release, which is instrumental in sneezing and leading to runny nose and watery eyes. Scientists suggested that their results manifested that propolis can be effective in getting relief from the symptoms of allergic rhinitis by controlling histamine release.

Protects Against Food Poisoning : It can also combat food poisoning and several other medical conditions. The scientists discovered that it can cease the development of C. jejuni, faecalis, Enterobacter and Staphylococcus aureus, bugs that are more often than not instrumental in food poisoning events.

Great Antioxidant : Propolis is also considered to be a great antioxidant as per researchers. The compounds found in this resin can protect athletes from getting over exhausted. Heat exposure is treated as the major factor behind the early dehydration and fatigue which is often witnessed during prolonged exercise exposed to the heat.

Therapeutic Effects : One of the most prominent benefits of propolis is its therapeutic effects on sores and burns. It is often used to manufacture anti-burn creams and designed to treat and offer relief from inflammations. Some studies done on this effect have concluded that administration of skin propolis cream is quite effective than widely used burn element like silver sulfadiazene.

How to Select and Store

If you want to store propolis, it can be dissolved in an oil-solution or ethyl-alcohol to retain it for long time. It can also be stored in its original form. It should be stored in a dry, cool and dark area in a hermetically sealed container, if possible.

Warnings Using Propolis

Nontheless, propolis is packed with lot of benefits, you should still follow some precautions while storing and using it. Bee propolis must not come in contact with your eyes. It may lead to eye problems related to eye sight. It can also lead to skin allergies. If you experience redness, swelling or stinging upon administration of propolis you should immediately remove it with the help of gentle soap and water and don’t use this again. It the redness did not subside in three days, visit your physician for treatment.

Safe Propolis Dosage Per Day

For general health, 2 blocks of raw propolis can be consumed per day. If you are going to consume capsules, for general health two or three 1000 mg of capsules every day is ideal. If you are suffering from cold and want to get rid of it, you may go for 6 – 8 capsules each day in the frequency of 2 capsules at a time.


Propolis is equipped with a great all in one pack of proteins, vitamins and other necessary nutrients. You can enjoy its health benefits by incorporating it in your regular diet. Take this miraculous dose of propolis but in limited quantity and enjoy a great and healthy life.