Honey for Weight Loss

Change in lifestyle and dietary habits is increasing the risk for obesity. Increased weight not only makes life uncomfortable it is also gives birth to other hazardous medical conditions such as heart attack and diabetes. Hence, it is very essential to lose weight. One can lose weight in multiple ways such as regular practice of workouts, consuming healthy balanced diet that is low in fat, by using diet pills or by undergoing surgical procedures to get rid of excess fat. Medical procedures to lose weight are not only expensive but may not also aid in permanent weight loss. Hence, it is highly recommended to lose weight naturally. Here is an overview of how honey is good for losing weight.

How honey helps to lose weight

Promotes body metabolism : Increased use of sweeteners such as sugar results in depletion of nutrients which are essential for metabolism of cholesterol and other fatty acids. As a result cholesterol gets deposited in the body promoting obesity. Honey, the natural sweetener works in an exactly opposite manner. It offers nutrients that not only promote its digestion but also boost the overall body metabolism. Increased body metabolism definitely helps to burn fat and thereby loses weight.

Improves digestion : If you feel that the stomach is very heavy after meals then have a teaspoon full of honey. The nutrients and the enzymes present in honey boost the digestion process. The simple sugars present in honey get digested very easily to provide energy. Hence, honey is the best food to be taken during fasting.

Fuels fat metabolism in liver : Intake of one tea spoon of honey just before sleeping soothes the body and helps to have good sleep. It even helps in losing weight by activating the fat metabolism process in liver. Thus, have a spoon of honey every night before going to bed to lose weight fast.

Using honey for weight loss : Few honey home remedies

Honey and lemon : Make it a habit to take honey and lemon early in the morning to lose weight. This duo promotes body metabolism and helps to lose weight.

Honey and cinnamon  : This is another wonderful honey combination to lose weight. Just mix half teaspoon of cinnamon in a cup of warm water and let it stand for half-n-hour. Now, add teaspoon of honey, mix well and have it. For better results have it early in the morning just before having breakfast. However, the remedy works for only short period. You will soon reach a stage where there will very little or no weight loss. Cinnamon and honey help to lose weight by creating a cleansing effect i.e. the duo helps in elimination of parasites and fungus responsible for poor digestion and formation of toxins within the body. Once the parasites are totally eliminated weight loss slows down. Cinnamon and honey promote weight loss by reducing the levels of LDL cholesterol and honey in people with type 2 diabetes. The combination is also found to give effective results in women with polycystic ovary syndrome.

Honey and ginger : The combination of honey and pieces of ginger also helps to lose weight by promoting the metabolism. Ginger also helps to clear excess mucus blocking the airways. Hence, this duo is also a best remedy for common cold. Have it early in the morning for better results.

Honey and tea: Use of honey along with tea not only reduces the use of sugar and artificial sweeteners such as aspartame but also helps to lose weight. It is observed that intake of honey along with tea helps to reduce appetite. Hence, you will start consuming less indirectly helping to lose weight. It is also said that use of chickweed tea and honey helps to bring cravings under control. You can even have honey with green tea.

Some more tips to use honey for weight loss

Given the benefits of honey for weight loss it is highly recommended for the sports personnel to avoid energy drinks mixed with sugar. Have drinks mixed with honey. It not only gives the required instantaneous energy but also promotes cholesterol catabolism that is highly essential for the sports personnel to remain fit.

To enjoy these benefits of honey in weight loss it is essential to take unprocessed honey that is not subject to heating or other processing such as purification.

Heating results in destruction of enzymes and antioxidants that are responsible for the benefits of honey. It is also essential not to add honey to warm water as it would also result enzyme degradation. To obtain best results make sure to obtain genuine honey from renowned sellers.

If you wish to use cinnamon and honey as a part of your weight loss regime, check if you are getting the right cinnamon. Cheaper products cannot give you effective results. It is also essential to make note of the cinnamon dosage being used as high dosages is harmful for health. Certain varieties of cinnamon contain traces of coumarin that is not safe for kidneys and liver. Restrict the cinnamon dosage to 1-6 grams in a day. You can even reduce the dosage depending on side effects.


Honey is excellent for weight loss. Honey when taken with various other food products such as milk, lemon, etc. adds more health benefits too. Start taking honey to lose weight and stay healthy!