Honey Tea

Caffeinated beverages such as coffee and tea are loved by many across the globe. How about turning this tea in to delicious as well as healthy? Well, you might be thinking of green tea which is made of herbs. Green tea is healthy but there is something yummier and healthier. It is the honey tea which most of them are unaware of.

Properties of honey tea contributing to good health

  • Antioxidants: honey contains antioxidants such as polyphenols that are responsible for detoxification process and removal of free radicals.
  • Rich source of nutrients: It is packed with good amounts of nutrients. Green tea serves as a source of vitamin E and few B group vitamins while honey contains Vitamin C and few members of B group vitamin. Both of them contain minerals such as zinc, magnesium etc. The high concentration of zinc present in tea leaves is good for pregnant women.
  • Antibacterial action: Enzymes present in honey result in production of hydrogen peroxide upon mixing of honey with water. Hydrogen peroxide serves as a strong anti bacterial agent.

Health Benefits of Honey tea


Good for dental health : mouth cavities and other gum diseases can be prevented to a great extent by rinsing of mouth with green tea or black tea. Antioxidants present in honey tea prevent the growth of bacteria responsible for cavities.


Promotes bone health: By increasing bone density helps to enjoy strong bones for a very long time. It even reduces the risk of rheumatoid arthritis observed in older woman.honey tea

Reduce the risk of cancers: Antioxidants present in tea and honey reduce the risk of cancer by eliminating free radicals responsible for cell damage and even damage to genetic material.

Improves skin health : moisture retaining capacity of honey promotes skin health by preventing it from getting dry. Having honey along with green tea reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Improves memory: An interesting benefit of green tea is it increases the memory. Hence, regular intake of green tea reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and parkinsons diseases observed in old age.

Stimulates weight loss: Minerals and vitamins present in green tea mixed with honey increase the rate of metabolism. Hence, one can lose weight very easily by taking a cup of this tea.  For increased fat burning take Wu Long tea along with honey as the polyphenols in it increase the energy expenditure. It even suppresses appetite contributing to weight loss.

Cures colds and cough: The antibacterial action of tea and honey treats even chronic cold and cough better than over the counter drugs. The syrupy texture of honey soothes the mucous membranes of throat. Antioxidants boost the immune system and make body strong to fight against infections. For faster relief, consider adding lemon and ginger to your tea. The soothing action, antioxidants and antibacterial action of these spices give faster relief.

Reduces menstrual cramps : It helps to increase blood circulation and relieves the tightness of the abdomen. As a result one can obtain faster relief from menstrual cramps. However, include honey in tea that is free of caffeine as caffeinated beverages worsen menstrual cramps.

Treats Laryngitis: The moisture content of honey as well as the water used in tea help to moisten the vocal cords and reduce the irritation of the throat associated with laryngitis.

Treats stomach ulcers:  The antibacterial action of honey especially Manuka honey helps in treatment of stomach ulcers by preventing the growth of ulcer causing bacteria. It even energizes the body by providing nearly 64 calories per teaspoon of honey.

Making of Lemon, ginger and honey tea

Making of ginger, honey and lemon tea is simple and takes about 20 minutes. Take about three cups of water, 2 inch piece of ginger, fresh lime juice and raw unpasteurized honey. Cut ginger in to small pieces and place in a bowl. Pour water in to the bowl and start boiling. Once the water reaches boiling reduce the flame and allow it to simmer for about ten to fifteen minutes. Now, turn off the flame leave the bowl closed with lid for another five to ten minutes. This will cause all the contents of ginger to seep in to water. Strain the contents through a fine mesh and add honey and lime juice to the solution. Stir the contents and your ginger honey and lemon tea is ready to have. If desired you can even add honey to green tea as a substitute to sugar.


Regular intake of honey tea offers numerous benefits such as weight loss, treats stomach ulcers, cold and cough. It is the best beverage to be had by women to reduce menstrual cramps. So, if you are addicted to caffeinated tea stop it and start taking caffeine less honey tea to stay healthy and fit even during old age.