Popular Honey Remedies

Honey, the best natural sweetener and energizing food is renowned for its excellent taste, flavor and above all the medicinal values. Because of its ease of taking, availability, cost and lack of side effects it is used in a wide variety of home remedies. Here is an overview of few popular honey remedies that are worth trying and definitely give positive results.

Remedies using Honey

Honey remedies for cold

Antibacterial action of honey due to presence of enzymes such as glucose oxidase makes it a best remedy for cold and cough. It even soothes sore throat. By stimulating the secretion of saliva it loosens the tough mucus stuck in the airways and throat.

  • Honey and lemon grass juice mixed in equal proportions serves as effective remedy for cough.
  • Pepper, ginger, honey and apple cider vinegar mix is a best remedy to relieve congestion due to obstruction of airways by phlegm.
  • Honey added to water boiled with oregano and garlic treats chronic cough easily.
  • Blocked nose can be relieved by inhaling vapors of honey.
  • Honey and cinnamon mix is an excellent remedy for colds. Use of this mix upon observing initial symptoms of cold such sneezing prevents congestion and blocked nose.

Honey remedies for arthritis

Anti-inflammatory and healing properties of honey serves to treat joint inflammation observed in bone diseases such as arthritis.

  • Massage of affected part with honey cinnamon paste offers relief within fifty minutes.
  • Regular intake of honey cinnamon water offers relief from arthritis.
  • Honey and cider vinegar drink is a healthy tonic to relieve arthritis.

Honey remedies for weight loss

Ability of honey to promote metabolic rate especially those of cholesterol and fatty acid helps in weight loss. It even eases the process of digestion.

  • Cinnamon powder and honey promote weight loss by eliminating toxins as well as parasites responsible for poor digestion. The mixture also helps to reduce levels of LDL cholesterol that is crucial for weight loss.
  • Honey and ginger paste promotes metabolic rate and let you lose weight.
  • Honey added to tea helps to reduce appetite and hence, reduces the amount of food intake.

Remedies using honey for skin conditions

Properties of honey such as ability to absorb moisture, cleansing action and antibacterial action helps to enjoy healthy skin.

  • Regular application of raw honey especially manuka honey reduces acne scars.
  • Antibacterial action of honey and cinnamon combo treats acne effectively.
  • Honey, oats, almond and yoghurt mix eliminates dead skin cells and acts as a powerful exfoliating agent.
  • Apple honey face mask lets you enjoy young glowing radiant skin.
  • Honey, Aloe Vera and kelp mix serves as detoxifier and also moisturizes skin.
  • Anti fungal, anti bacterial and anti viral properties of tea tree oil and honey mix fights bacterial skin infections effectively.
  • Beeswax granules, honey, wheatgerm oil or aloe vera heals sun burn.

Honey remedies for faster wound healinghoney remedies

Antiseptic action, ability to absorb moisture and boost immune system of honey promotes faster healing of wounds such as those caused due to accidents, burns and skin ulcers.

  • Sterilized manuka honey with high UMF eases healing of wounds even in diabetic patients. For effective results use honey impregnated dressing pads rather than applying honey directly on wounds.

Excellent remedy for insomnia using honey

  • Combined soothing action of honey and milk treats sleeplessness easily. Add a teaspoon of honey to warm glass of milk and have it before going to bed.

Honey remedies for hair loss

The humectant property of honey helps to preserve the moisture content of hair and prevents hair loss. The antibacterial action promotes healthy scalp.

  • Manuka honey, olive oil and cinnamon powder paste acts as a good hair conditioner.
  • Onion juice and honey mix helps to prevent hair loss.
  • Massage with honey and egg yolk paste serves as a best remedy for dry, dull looking hair.

Add very little amount of honey in the above mixtures to prevent tangling of hair due to dryness caused by excessive usage of honey.

Remedies for diabetes using honey

Propolis present in honey stimulates beta cells of pancreas to secrete more of insulin and ultimately reduce the insulin dosage essential for diabetes.

  • Topical application of honey helps in the treatment of diabetic skin ulcers.
  • Antibacterial action of honey and cinnamon powder fastens wound healing, reduces pain and inflammation in diabetics.
  • Honey and jamun powder mix helps to reduce blood sugar levels.

For best results use Acacia honey and Manuka honey containing high amount of fructose.

Use of honey for allergies

Local honey varieties containing the allergens such as hay dust and other plant pollen that you are frequently exposed serves as a best treatment for allergies. It is equivalent to allergy shots. Nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and proteins present in honey also serve to boost the immune system functioning so as to fight against foreign agents effectively. Before using honey make sure that the dosage of allergens present in it is very less and also take only very little amount of honey daily to prevent adverse allergic reactions.

Other popular honey remedies for general well-being

  • Honey and milk duo supplies body with enough calcium and prevent diseases such as osteoporosis and also enjoy strong bones. Compounds present in honey trigger the absorption of calcium provided by milk.
  • Fructo-oligosaccharide chains present in honey along with milk promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system reduces the risk of harmful bacteria and also promotes the detoxification process.
  • Thyme honey with antibacterial action serves as perfect home remedy for food poisoning.
  • Honey varieties such as buckwheat honey promote the health of capillary walls and avoid the risk of high blood pressure and heart diseases.
  • Honey and ginger promotes the process of digestion and highly useful for those with weak digestive system.

Precautions while using honey in remedies

  • Do not consider these home remedies of honey as substitute for physician’s advice.
  • If you are allergic to bee pollen consider using honey free of bee pollen.
  • If you are mixing honey with other herbs such as cinnamon ensure that you are not allergic to them.
  • Stop using these honey remedies in case of side effects such as allergic reactions.


To make best use of these of powerful honey remedies it is essential to purchase pure form of honey free of additives and unprocessed honey that is not subject to heat. Make sure to read and understand the labels of honey before purchasing to know more about the floral source, nutritive value, extent of processing done and its flavor.