Properties, Types and Benefits of Tupelo honey

Many honey varieties are available in the market. Each one of them possesses a unique characteristic. One can make better use of a specific honey variety by knowing its properties. Generally, honey is renowned for offering numerous health benefits. However, all varieties may not offer similar benefits. Here is an overview of properties and benefits of Tupelo honey.

What is Tupelo honey?

Tupelo honey is extracted from the white flowers of the Tupelo tree that blooms for a very short period of just fortnight or more. These precious Tupelo trees are found in Apalachicola river valley located in Florida and swamps along the gulf coast. These special flowers fail to bloom if the weather is very bad.

Extracting Tupelo honey is a very tedious process. The bee hives should be arranged close to the trees on a raft just before the start of the flowering season. Once, the flowers start to open honey collected in the hives should be emptied to prevent mixing of Tupelo honey with honey collected from other flowers. Again the honey should also be collected immediately after the white flowers start to fall off.


Properties of pure Tupelo honey

  • Yellow in color with greenish glow.
  • Mild taste with an herbal tinge.
  • Smells like pear.
  • High fructose content.
  • Does not crystallize very easily due to high fructose content.

Composition of Tupelo honey

Apart from sugars it also includes certain essential minerals. Benefits of Tupelo honey are mainly derived from these nutrients. Nutrients present in this honey include:


Types and Purity Test of Tupelo honey

It is categorized in to three varieties depending on the purity.

  • Black Tupelo honey: This is a low quality honey and is termed as bakery grade honey.
  • White tupelo honey: This is pure form of honey and does not granulate. It is very expensive than other varieties.
  • Blended tupelo honey: This is blend of other tupelo honey varieties.

Test for Pure Tupelo honey

Observing the color and taste of the honey can give a hint whether it is Tupelo honey or it. The best test is to let the honey remain undisturbed for few days after purchasing. If it crystallizes then it is not Tupelo honey. The high fructose content prevents tupelo honey from crystallizing.

Benefits of Tupelo honey

Like other honey varieties Tupelo honey is great for health. The high fructose content makes it a preferred honey variety those in need of immediate energy. List of benefits of Tupelo honey include:

  • One of the best source of immediate energy: The high fructose content of the honey stimulates the body to absorb the sugar immediately. However, it also lets that absorption to sustain for longer duration. Hence, athletes and those who wish to obtain energy immediately and also to sustain it for prolonged period can have tupelo honey.
  • Good for diabetics: People with diabetes use artificial sweeteners to satisfy their craving for sweets. But, tupelo honey that digests easily and also gets absorbed at a faster rate is safe to consume by people with diabetes. However, take physicians advice before having it.
  • Antibacterial properties: This property of honey makes it a best remedy for sore throat. The antibacterial property of honey kills bacterial responsible for throat infections and soothes the throat. People who develop sore throat due to persistent cough can also obtain relief by having honey. Generally, singers use a spoon of honey to soothe their throat just before performance to obtain their best voice.
  • Antioxidant property: The ascorbic acid present in tupelo honey serves as an antioxidant. It helps in cleansing the body. Add a spoon of honey and tint of lemon juice to glass of water and have it early in the morning for best results. It helps to promote digestion and also boost the immune system to stay healthy.
  • Induces sleep: The mild taste of tupelo honey makes it a best addition to milk. Just add a spoon of honey to milk and have it before bed time. It will soothe the body and will let you fall asleep within a short time period.
  • Tupelo honey in cooking: The mild taste makes it a best sugar supplement for those who do not love to have too much of sugar. You can add it tea, use as a sugar substitute while baking, enjoy a special taste by adding to salad dressing and you can even enjoy a yummy dessert by adding tupelo honey to fine cheese.


Tupelo honey is relatively rare. With its amazing health benefits it is highly recommended for everyone. To avail these benefits of Tupelo honey it is essential to choose raw and unprocessed honey as heating destroys the compounds offering the health benefits. Choose the supplier carefully. Few suppliers sell contaminated Tupelo honey for a very high price. Hence, do thorough research about the supplier before placing your order.