What is Organic Honey and its Benefits?

Non-organic farm cultivation generally involves use of pesticides to control the pests. Even fertilizers are used in large quantities to improve the yield. These pesticides and fertilizers used on crops do exert their influence on honey bees and also on the honey. Even the conventional honey bee keepers use antibiotics to prevent diseases. These antibiotics get accumulated in the honey. Many honey farms are close to commercial areas and city which also lead to potential contamination in honey. To overcome the effects of these harmful chemicals many of them prefer organic honey.

What is organic honey?

Honey that is produced under strict guidelines to protect it from contamination with antibiotics and pesticides that are generally used in conventional honey bee keeping is termed as Organic honey. Though the benefits of organic honey are same as that of non-organic honey, organic form is being preferred as it is safe for health.

Properties of organic honey

The properties are same as that of the raw variety.

  • Taste and color depends on the floral source. Dark colored honey varieties such as the clover honey have a strong flavor while the light colored varieties such as the white honey have mild taste.
  • Contains less amount of moisture which prevents honey from fermenting in the bottle.

Benefits of organic honey

Like other organic foods, organic form of honey also offers many advantages. Here is a short list of benefits of organic form of honey.

Free of antibiotics and pesticides : Pesticides that are sprayed on crops and the antibiotics used in bee keeping are harmful to humans. They cause hazardous diseases such as aplastic anemia and cancer. The veterinary antibiotics that are used to protect the bees from diseases are highly dangerous to humans. Organic honey that is extracted under strict guidelines of apiculture is free of these chemicals and totally safe to use.

Tastier than conventional honey : Like other organic foods organic honey also tastes better than the conventional honey. It could be due to higher concentration of nutrients and lack of contaminants such as pesticides and antibiotics.

Best source of energy : The pure form of honey that is rich in calories is best source of energy. Organic honey gets absorbed completely into the body and gives you the required energy. Hence, consumption of spoon of honey just before workouts will prevent fatigue. Combining honey with protein food will reduce the intensity of delayed muscle pain that develops after strenuous workouts. It will even replenish the lost glycogen stores.

Good for skin : Organic honey, as with any good honey, has the ability to absorb moisture helps to enjoy a healthy glowing skin. It absorbs moisture and prevents the skin from becoming dry. Honey and cinnamon combo serves as a best remedy for acne. Raw form of honey is also used as a topical application to treat burns and wounds. The high sugar content absorbs moisture from the wounded portion and makes it incompatible for bacterial growth. Hence, it not only prevents bacterial infections but also fastens the healing process.

Contains antimicrobial properties : Raw organic honey has anti-microbial properties and helps to treat bacterial infections such as sore throat. It even boosts the immune system’s ability to fight against infections and offers quick relief. Raw honey also treats organic honeybladder infections.

Alternative sweetener for diabetics : the ability of the organic honey to get absorbed in to the body immediately and to utilize the absorbed calories for longer duration helps to maintain blood sugar levels. Hence, honey is a safe and best sweetener for diabetics.

Treats other hard to treat medical conditions : Diseases such as arthritis and high cholesterol levels are hard to fight. The honey cinnamon combo treats these medical conditions efficiently. Massage of paste of cinnamon and honey offers immediate relief from arthritic pain. This duo also helps in strengthening arteries and veins in old age. Regular intake of honey and cinnamon prevents heart attacks.

Idle sweetener for baking and cooking : The perfect taste of organic honey that is free of preservatives, pesticides and antibiotics gives delicious flavor to the foods in which it is used. It even makes baked products soft with excellent taste. It is a best addition to tea and salads.

Benefits in infertility : Intake of this honey helps to solve the problem of impotence in men by  increasing the sperm count. It even treats infertility problems in women.

Rich source of nutrients and antioxidants :  Unprocessed honey is rich in nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. It also contains good amounts of antioxidants than the conventional variety. It is because in organic farming plants concentrate on producing more of antioxidants than on growth. Hence, the nectar of the flowers also contains more of these antioxidants that are good for our health. Antioxidants help in elimination of free radicals that are hazardous to health.

Safe to the environment : Organic variety of honey is not only beneficial to us it is also safe to the environment. The strict standards of organic farming prevent use of harmful pesticides and other chemicals to control pests and to promote growth. Hence, the environment remains fresh and it even protects the bee strains from harmful antibiotics. A vast change in environment due to various human activities is causing disappearance of few honey bee varieties. This in turn is causing scarcity of certain rare forms of honey such as White honey. Hence, choosing organic variety is also safe to the environment and bee population.

Identifying the organic honey

Organic honey Standards

Organic honey Standards What is organic honey and what is not is based on standards applied to identify them. Standards of Organic honey are very clear and strict in Europe. These guidelines include what should be location of the farm, types of crops, etc. These are agencies which provide certifications of organic honey based on these guidelines.

On the contrary, these standards are not strictly defined in USA and thus what should qualify as organic honey is debatable. .

Many people say that it is impossible to have organic honey as it is hard to control honey bees. To ensure that the raw honey you are purchasing is free of pesticides and antibiotics it is recommended to check if it registered and approved by purity ensuring certification boards. These certification boards make random checks of apiculturing farms to ensure if they are strictly adhering to the specified standards. License of bee keepers not adhering to the specific standards is cancelled. Check for the symbol and code of the certifying board. Most of the countries have such boards. Hence, know about food licensing board specific to your nation to enjoy original organic variety of honey.

Precautions while using organic honey

Though organic honey offers many benefits it should be taken in limited amounts only. Increased consumption does not give increased benefits. It is also recommended to not give honey for babies and toddlers below the age of 18 months as the bacteria observed in raw honey may be harmful to them. Raw honey should also be avoided by people who are allergic to bee pollen. Always go for organic honey whenever possible for perfect health and to harness full benefits nature has incorporated in it.


Organic honey is great for health as its pure and has all amazing benefits of honey. Make sure that you buy genuine organic honey which is properly certified by an relevant authority and enjoy its taste and benefits!