What is White Honey and Benefits

Depending on the floral source of the nectar and the color honey is categorized in to different varieties. Each of these varieties of honey has their own unique taste depending on the source, extent of processing done and the purity. Raw honey that is not processed and purified will generally have a strong flavor than the processed honey. Color of the honey is used as one of the indicators for purity. Every one of us might have heard about the light yellow or amber colored variety of honey. But, there is also White honey that is produced in countries such as Canada, United States, New Zealand, and Sweden. Benefits of White honey are best utilized in baking industry for its ability to retain moisture.

What is White Honey?

Honey that is derived from the nectar of flowers of Kiawe trees is termed as white honey. These trees grow in Pacific Islands especially the Hawaiian Islands. Kiawe trees are very tall and produce large blossoms. It is very hard to extract this honey from the tall trees. The tedious extraction process and the scarcity make it a very expensive honey. It is so expensive that a small 8oz jar costs around $20 to $40 depending on the availability. Few people consider white honey as the best form of honey in the world.

Properties of white honey

  • Milky white in color. Few varieties are very clear and are graded as water white honey.
  • Mild flavor than darker varieties such as clover honey. Leaves a mild waxy after taste.
  • Has a creamier and less syrupy texture that makes it perfect on a toast.
  • Should be stored at low temperature to retain the creamier nature.

Extraction of White honey

Extraction of white honey from the tall trees is very tedious. The workers should have to reach the large blossoms of the tall tree to collect the honey. To obtain right variety of white honey with perfect taste and texture it is essential to extract it at right time. If the white honey is extracted too early then it will have very high water content and it will cause fermentation of the honey. Such fermented honey cannot offer the benefits of white honey. If the extraction process is delayed then honey gets crystallized within the comb. The crystallized honey can be extracted only by heating which will again does not offer the benefits of white honey. Thus, for rich creamy texture and mild taste white honey should be extracted at right time that is generally of very less duration.

Benefits of White honey

  • Ideal for baking : The ability of white honey to retain moisture makes it a best baking ingredient to enjoy soft cakes white honeythat remain moist for long time. The mild taste makes it a best alternative to sugar for those who do not prefer excessive sweet.
  • Good source of nutrients : Like other varieties of honey white honey is also rich in nutrients such as vitamin and minerals. The sugars present in the honey serve as good energy source. A spoon of white honey early in the morning will not only boost the body with nutrients and energy but also the creamier mild taste will refresh your mouth.

Creamy texture and mild taste is increasing the demand for white honey. But, the changing environmental conditions and forest fires are causing sudden disappearance of the bee colonies and also destruction of the Kiawe trees resulting in scarcity of white honey.


White honey is excellent for health. This rare honey is in much demand and rightly so. Include white honey in your diet and experience its amazing taste and health benefits.