Maca for Men

Maca is a plant found in the plateaus of Andes Mountains, which is located in the central Peru. It is grown as staple vegetable crop for nearly 3000 years in Peru. It is similar to radish and is equipped with a butterscotch type of an odor. Root of maca is also used in medicinal products.

It is beneficial in anemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, for enhancing stamina, memory, athletic performance and also fertility. It is also helpful to strengthen weak bones, stomach ulcer, depression, leukemia, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, erectile dysfunction, enhance libido, and catapult the immunity.

Benefits of Maca for Men

Benefits of maca for man are many, which has been widely used for centuries and recently only it has been scientifically proved also. The most popular and widely acclaimed benefits of maca for men include:

Promotes Healthy Prostate : Maca has been considered to be quite effective in reducing the size of prostate prominently. It is all due to presence of beta sitosterol – a plant sterol, which is an effective remedy for benign prostatic hyperplasia. This root is also known as smart prostate shrinker, as it contains compounds called glucosinolates, which is instrumental in protecting against prostate cancer.

As per animal studies, it has been discovered that maca can assist in reducing enlargement of the prostate, which is a condition also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia. It has been believed that maca works on androgen receptors and prevents the aggregating of hormones that triggers prostate growth.

Stimulates Libido : Natives of Peru suggest that this root is helpful in combating erectile dysfunction (ED), which has been supported by research on animals. As per a study, it was claimed that 40 percent of men, who were administered maca supplements continuously for twelve weeks, manifested enhancement in sexual desire within eighth to twelve week. The study was conducted on two groups of men – one took 1,500 mg of maca doses regularly and another one was fed with 3,000 mg on regular basis.  The quantity of the dosage did not appear to have any effect on the level of desire. Yet another study discovered that those men who consumed maca continuously for four months displayed a prominent enhancement in sperm count, semen volume and motility as well.

Improves Fertility : It is quite evident that due to our deteriorating life style and environmental degeneration, fertility of human being has reduced. Maca can improve this condition. Regular dose of maca supplement can dramatically increase the semen volume up to 200%. It can also enhance the sperm counts significantly and thus in conception rates. Maca increases the functioning of anabolic gene tract, which determines fetal and fertility development, that decline with age.

Triggers Stamina : Maca is a great natural alternative to anabolic steroids. This steroid promotes protein synthesis amongst the cells, which leads to muscle building. These are widely popular amongst male athletes and weight lifters/body builders. Maca is coupled with several steroidal glycosides, which makes it a safe and natural substitute of anabolic steroids. It is also pregnant with great source of vitamin B-12, which is an important vitamin required to generate energy in body.maca improves libido

Some other Benefits of Maca for Men

In addition maca can also help in balancing hormones in men, promoting glandular system, and increasing metal clarity along with emotional well being.

How to Select and Store Maca

You should opt for a well known and reputable health food or dietary supplement supplier. There are several companies now importing these maca root supplements from Peru and reselling it in other parts of the globe. Make sure that the company has complied with food safety standards and disclosed all the information regarding the sources of the produce.

You should keep this maca supplement in a cool, dark and moist free place so that it can retain its nutrients and freshness.

Warnings Using Maca for Men

Very little information is available on how maca is useful in metabolizing the body. It is advisable that maca for men should not be used if anyone is suffering from thyroid conditions as one of its ingredients can stimulate thyroid hormone production and may deteriorate the condition.

Safe Dosage of Maca for Men

Animal studies suggest that maca root is not toxin and can be considered as healthy and quite a safe natural food/herb. Recommended therapeutic dosages are yet to be established. As per many studies it can be safe to consider 1,500 mg and 3,000 mg daily. Most manufacturers recommend 450 mg of doses for daily use. Adverse reactions have not been reported.


Maca for men is a great source of several nutrients and minerals which are instrumental in enhancing the overall health and libido related disorders in men. Just a few tips of precautions and you can trigger your overall health and lead a happy life. Consider including maca in your regular diet and watch the difference!