Maca for Sexual Health of Men and Women

Maca is known for its medicinal benefits and it is administered to treat stomach cancer, osteoporosis, erectile dysfunction, AIDS, stomach ulcers, leukemia, HIV, tuberculosis and depression. Maca is considered safe even for children, if offered in limited quantity. It is not advisable to provide maca supplements to the children.

Maca for Sexual Health of Men and Women

There are several benefits of maca and some of the widely acclaimed and popular benefits of maca are discussed below.

Erectile Dysfunction : This is a very common problem amongst men, mostly witnessed in older people. As per latest study this condition is the resultant of physical and psychological conditions rather than age related. Maca is considered to be a great libido booster hence it can be an ideal treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Beneficial in Menopause : Premenstrual syndrome is a condition that is witnessed in women who are middle aged and reaching menopause. The signs of PMS include breast tenderness, lethargy, food cravings, mood swings, irritability and severe depression. These signs precede menstrual cycle of women and can be mild or intense also. Maca monitors the menstrual cycle of women also whose menstrual cycle is not regular. Yet another challenge that women face is menopause. It is the sign of the end of fertility and its symptoms could be insomnia, fatigue, depression, thinning hair, pilling up of abdominal fat including hot flashes. These symptoms have been treated using maca powder and it has been considered to be a substitute treatment for these conditions.

Catapults Sex Drive in Men : The health site of Discovery Channel has indicated that maca is a libido booster among both the genders. There are several men who discovered that there was no need to rely on medication or drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and any sex-related disorder after they took maca supplements. Maca can enhance the testosterone production in men which results in increased libido.

Simulates Sexual Drive in Women : In women also maca root helps in boosting fertility and enhancing sexual drive. The major reason behind this plant’s well established function of acting as an aphrodisiac is availability of high content of prostaglandins and sterols in it.

Hormone Regulator : Maca is an ideal natural process to trigger the metabolic strength of human body by improving the process of endocrine system, which monitors production of hormone, leading to generating energy, as per the researcher conducted at Stanford University. Increase in production of hormone is a great remedy for several hormone-driven ailments like infertility, low production of adrenaline and low count of sperms.

Maca for Sexual Health of Men and Women Triggers Functions of Parathyroid and Thyroid Glands : This thyroid gland is instrumental in regulating the process of producing energy from the food we eat. The alkaloid component of maca can trigger hormones of calcitonine, which monitors the metabolism of phosphorus and calcium found in the blood stream. Hormones are released from the thyroid and the parathyroid. It influences the bones, intestines, and kidneys to catapult the calcium found in the plasma. Maca is also instrumental in expediting the healing process by blood clotting.

Prostate Issues : Maca may also assist in the condition of prostate, which is better known as enlargement of prostate. Maca is rich in estrogenic properties, which plays a prominent role in ceasing the enlargement of prostate and enhancement in its weight by maintaining testosterone level, which is done by reversing the functions of androgen in prostate.

How to Store and Precautions with Maca

How to Select and Store

It is found in powder, tablet, capsule or liquid forms. The powered form should be packed in a sealed, airtight and opaque zip-top plastic bag. Any other forms of maca should be purchased from a reputed company and kept in dry and cool place. It can last for a year.

Warning Using Maca

This herb is quite safe and generally tolerated without any significant side effects. Consumption of large quantity may lead of gas often. During breastfeeding and pregnancy it is not recommended.

Safe Maca Dosage Per Day

Scientists have used maca doses spanning from 1.5 – 3 grams each day in their studies. Although, no upper limit is suggested, it is advised to consult your physician prior to start consuming maca root extract, particularly when you want to exceed 3 gram doses per day.


Benefits of maca are many and this root is quite safe as there is no reported side effect except gas formation that too when used in excess quantity. It can religiously be included in your regular diet and do consult your physician for better outputs.