Most Sought After Android Apps of 2011

Android is the Operating System made by a large group of companies lead by Google. It is perhaps one of the most happening platforms of the recent times and offers nothing but an experience to remember. Even though the number of Android Apps are lesser in number than the Apple’s iPhone apps but yet the number is large enough to bring anyone under awe and the diversity of these apps is enough to amaze anyone.

Summary of top 10 of Android apps of 2011 based on their performance, innovativeness, user reviews and their number of downloads is provided below. The following is the cream of the cream (not necessarily in the same order) and have been organized according to various important categories:

  1. Category: Personal Assistant

    1. Google Voice – Google Voice apart from enabling to call multiple places or devices and allowing accessing all the voicemail and text messages from the Web, The Android app integrates even deeper. It can make outgoing calls look like they’re coming from your Google Voice number so that you can keep your real mobile number private.
  2. Category: Games

    1. Cut the Rope – Cut the Rope is an award-winning mobile game from ZeptoLab, which was an instant phenomenon in the iOS App Store reaching the #1 spot globally and continues to gain popularity as it makes its way onto Android. It is like the “Bounce” of the latest era. 
    2. Fruit Ninja – Another worldwide found addictive game is the Fruit Ninja which is best described as afruit ninja juicy action game. With 3 modes and worldwide leadership boards in-synced, the game is definitely worth the money
  3. Category: Office 

    1. Documents To Go – The latest version provides options such as editing of Google Docs & Adobe PDF apart from the editing, viewing and creating of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The major disadvantage of this app is the inability to insert pictures and other such features.
    2. Office Suite – Similar to the previous app, Office Suite lets the user create, view, edit and share Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and attachments and view PDF files on their Android based phone. Integration with a file browser and Google Docs is an added functionality in the newer versions.
  4. Category: Music 

    1. SoundHound – This is a song identification app which searches and gives the details of almost all the songs. With its sync with various other apps it also gives live lyrics and other information regarding the songs.
    2. Shazam – This is an app very similar to SoundHound.
  5. Category: Utilities

    1. Google Goggles – It does visual searches. The app gives details about piuctures taken by a user. It can also translate the text in an image taken of a foreign language and this is what has made the app very famous.
  6. Category: Editing

    1. Photoshop Express – This is the mobile version of the world’s most popular photo editing software, Photoshop. This app is very simple to use and gives all the basic features like cropping, brightness adjustments among others.
  7. Category: Finance

    1. Google Finance – This connects to the users Google Finance account, where one can set up a list of stocks and companies to follow and sort them into groups (portfolios). The app provides three simple tabs — a look at the market, a look at the portfolios, and the latest market news. Real-time updates when the app open makes the app all the more useful.
  8. Category: Audio Books

    1. Audible – The Audible app connects to the user’s Audible library and downloads through it. The app comes with a self-contained player optimized for audio-books, with a skip-back-30-seconds button and the opportunity to make notes and bookmarks. This app makes reading and learning with the eyes closed possible.
  9. Category: Typing-Aid

    1. TouchPal – It is one of the most advanced app used for typing messages, mails and other notes. With sliding input technology, next word prediction, voice recognition and mistype correction supported by the developers patented technologies, the app has an edge over the others in this segment.

What is even more overwhelming is the rate at which the number of Android devices in the market and the number of applications built for Android is increasing. As of July 14, 2011 550,000 Android devices are activated by Google every day. With more than 48% market share in the Smartphone category, more than 200 million Android devices, above 330,000 total apps and more than 7 billion downloads till date – this number and the type of apps are increasing every day, thereby making it difficult to come out with a list like this one to comprehend the best out of the all of these, unless there was an app to pause the time.

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