Most Sought After Android Apps of 2011

Android is the Operating System made by a large group of companies lead by Google. It is perhaps one of the most happening platforms of the recent times and offers nothing but an experience to remember. Even though the number of Android Apps are lesser in number than the Apple’s iPhone apps but yet the number is large enough to bring anyone under awe and the diversity of these apps is enough to amaze anyone.

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Android 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich

Andoid 4.0, code named Ice Cream Sandwich is latest version of Google's mobile Operating System (OS), as tasty as it sounds, is all the more exciting and enchanting for the developers as well as the users. This article analyzes not only this latest OS but also understand how it has evolved from its predecessors. It then moves on to the salient features that it offers, key improvement areas, what is in store for the developers and in turn for the users, how will the competition with Apple's iOS 5 shape. 

To better understand the latter parts of the discussion, let us, in brief, see what Android is and how the entire evolution from the very conception of the idea has occurred.

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Siri Virtual Assistant

Latest offering from Apple, Siri virtual assistant is all set to change all these previous notions and make a place for itself among people from all age sectors, all professions and all diversities thereby making it indispensable, irreplaceable and irresistible.

What is Siri virtual assistant?

Siri is an application which has been built on iOS (previously, iPhoneOS) which is Apple’s mobile operating system . It is an application which is more like a friend – cum – personal assistant and less of an app. It is a perfect example of how machines will always remain men’s slaves, quite contradictory of many peoples’ views. In short, the user can talk to Siri, ask it to search something or ask it to complete a task like messaging. Siri, will in turn understand this and respond accordingly by doing the required action.

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Should you buy HTC Rezound

These days it is not long before a new technology is seen which makes the earlier one look highly dubious. Focusing on the mobile phone segment, there is a distinct timeline which can be traced back and the major changes that different OEMs have brought to the market be studied. These groundbreaking innovations have made those features mandatory for all the competitors. HTC Rezound is the next one in the line, promising this, if not more. This review article shows how this model elevates from others i.e. specification review, the new innovations, the key changes and then finally compares this with its competitors.

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Should You Buy Motorola Xoom 2

Motorola Xoom 2 is the latest tablet and is the evolved version of the Motorola Xoom. This article will discuss about the specifications of this new tablet, its key changes over the previous version and reasons for buying it. Motorola has introduced two new versions of the original Xoom namely the Xoom 2 and the Xoom 2 Media Edition. Both of them have similar specifications apart from the size, in which the media edition is smaller than the normal edition. Also the versions are for sale only in the UK and in Ireland. Motorola seems to be focusing on the Droid RAZR for the USA market.

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SkyDrive : Microsoft Cloud Storage

SkyDrive or Windows Live SkyDrive is a service provided by Microsoft which allows users to upload, store and share their documents in cloud storage, free-of-cost. It was initially known as Windows Live Folders. As the storage of the documents takes place on the accessed through a Web browser. It is a part of Microsoft's Windows Live range of online services. 

Users need to have a Windows Live Id or a Hotmail Id to sign in to the SkyDrive and then on to control access to the files. Publicly-shared files, on the other hand do not require a Windows Live ID to access. SkyDrive offers 25 GB of free personal storage with individual files limited to 100 MB. The service is built using HTML5 technologies and for users’ ease, files can be uploaded via drag and drop. 

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Top Android Apps Today

Android Market is one of the biggest app market presently in the world and is growing at an astonishing rate. Large number of apps or new versions of the older apps are released every day, some are free while others charge premium. Here is a short list of a few popular and interesting Android apps in the market today. The apps have been categorized into 5 broad divisions based on how we use them – Productivity Improvement/Organization aid apps, Utilities, Browsers, Games and Music/Audio. 

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Top iPhone Apps Today

Today, iPhone has become a way to represent status. More than that, it has become a way for entertainment when it comes to pass the leisure time. Therefore, there are a lot of iPhone Mobile apps today which can be categorized as per the requirement of the users.  Mentioned below are the top iPhone Mobile apps which we believe are both interesting and popular as per the category with reference to the user requirement.

Apple Special apps category
Cards represents a beautiful Apple app for iPhone users which is one of the best ways to represent elegant letterpress cards. Users just need to create it with their personalized photos and texts in their iPhone. They can send it within U.S. for $2.99 while it takes $4.99 to send it outside. It is quite simple in understanding also where user needs to pick a design, add a particular message and/or photograph and select the respective recipient.

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What is LED TV?

LED Television is the latest developments in the entertainment section of televisions. It has been successfully preceded by CRT, Plasma and LCD TVs. Nowadays, there is a lot of news and confusion related to the beginning of new television era in terms of LED. As an answer to the confusion, LED TV is another type of LCD TV which utilizes LEDs as the basic source of light. They are backlit due to the unavailability of in-built source of light and supports transmission display technology. For generating image on the panel display, there is a need for the backlit pixels by using a different light source.

There are two ways to apply LED backlighting on LCD televisions namely Edge lighting and Full-Array. In Edge lighting, outside edges across the screen are equipped with a series of LED backlights. These backlights initiate the process of dispersing the light across the television screen. As an advantage of Edge lighting, these televisions can be made lean and thin. On the other hand, there are disadvantages in the form of shallow black levels and increased tendency of the comparatively brighter edge screen area than the center screen area.

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What are Ultrabooks

One of the acclaimed innovations in laptop technology is ultrabooks. Ultrabooks are newly built thin as well as ultra light laptops and they represent an extensive category of renowned portable laptops. It started with Apple’s new age release in the form of MacBook Air and most of the PC making companies are working upon creating these featherweight portable laptops. Developers consider these ultrabooks in different category of light, thin and ultraportable laptops. An ultrabook is not supposed to weigh over 3 pounds and its thickness is supposed to be maintained at specific dimension of 20mm.

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