Should you buy a 3D TV

3D TVs are gaining popularity, primarily because they promise to give a sense of 3D real life to the viewer. Market is beaming with ever advancing 3D TVs. Previously; 3D TVs were launched with colored filters and cardboard glasses. This newly defined version of these TVs is represented by full-color appearance and high definition display. These TVs reflect the same technology which people generally get in contemporary 3D theatres. People can enjoy any of their favorite movies and TV programs (3D content) with this astounding 3D representation. However, there are similar needs to buy like a new a TV as well as the wear glasses but apart from that, people also need to have 3D content and 3D source device for perfect picture quality of the TV.

First of all, people need to assess the reasons to buy a 3D TV. Some of the factors which need to considered before you go ahead with a 3D TV.

  • Mode of watching – how comfortably you can watch it
  • What to watch – what content is available in a 3D TV
  • Picture / sound quality – are picture clarity and effects are better as compared to conventional 2D high definition TV.
  • Budget – these are expensive than normal LCD TVs

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Top 10 free Android Games

Mobile phones are gaming consoles of today. With enormous number of games available, it is no surprise that mobile gaming is so popular. With Android platform is gaining popularity, so are android based games. The best part of android games is the availability of numerous free games. Some android free games such as Angry birds have created records in terms of download and user liking. Android games are available in various categories (action, puzzle, racing, etc.) and one can easily choose based on type of games they like.

In the list below, we have shortlisted top free android games in various categories based on the number of user downloads.

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Nowadays, world is obsessed with massively multiplayer online role-playing games. The choices vary from playesr to player as to which games is the best. We believe, when it comes to compare the level of quality as well as entertainment; people should definitely go through the developer, genre and ultimately, the cost of the game. Moreover, people can also check if a particular game has PvP flag in the display zone.A game with PvP flag up can get engaged in a combat with another player of contrasting faction. There is broad segmentation of massively multiplayer online role-playing games but out of all, people are more inclined towards genres like:-

  • Fantasy
  • Sci-fi
  • Super-hero

We present a list based on popularity parameters from our side. Here goes the list!

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What is Samsung Bada 2.0

Samsung Bada is a smart phone platform. Released in 2010 by Samsung, it aims to provide new possibilities for mobile application developers.

It competes with other mobile platforms such as Symbian, Andriod, iOS, etc. Since its launch, there have been continuous augmentations in the software technology, Samsung Bada 2.0 is the latest version of Bada platform.

It has been acclaimed for customizable user experience, dynamic platform and several unique services. The article concentrates on what changes / benefits developers will have from Bada 2.0. For that it is important to note that Bada aims to have a full ecosystem which include both users and developers. So, using Bada a developers develop Apps, and a user with Bada smartphone will use it. 

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Microsoft Surface 2.0

Microsoft Surface is a vision based multi-touch platform which uses a combination of hardware and software to create a Natural User Interface (NUI). Microsoft Surface is basically part of – surface computing where gestures, objects, movements are used to enable interaction. Today's advance touch phones are also part of surface computing. Microsoft Surface 2.0 aims to provide a communication platform for people to interact, communicate, learn and decision making. The platform boasts of a 360 degree multiuser design.

Microsoft Surface supports 50-points of simultaneous interactions, most advanced touch phones support less than 10. Thus 5 people can interact simultaneously using all their fingers engaged. The new 40’’ Samsung SUR40 has taken the opportunity to bring this software into life and it can be used on the wall, as a table or entrenched in other furniture or fixtures.

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Top Windows Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have changed the way users see mobiles. The app market is flooded with apps compatible with various mobile OS. While Apple and Andriod lead the terms of numbers there are some very handy Windows mobile apps which are both innovative and useful for Windows mobile users. We have covered some of the most popular and useful Windows mobile apps with trendy and simple approach to the users.

North Ace Snow Report provides executive guide for helping mountaineers to plan a specific trip towards the mountains. First of all, people need to decide a trip day followed by posting a photo on Facebook. People can get important information related to all the resorts located in the vicinity of the desired place. This information includes snow conditions, complete trail maps, weather forecasts and other required information. Its minimum compatibility requirement is Windows Phone 7.5. It was launched on 16-Jan-2012 by The North Face with 1MB download size and it can be downloaded from windows phone website for free.

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Popular XBox Games Today

Number of people hooked up to gaming console is larger than even today. There are so many popular game consoles available today, Playstation, Nintendo, xbox, etc. Popularity of games available on these consoles play an important part in popularity of these consoles too. Various genre of games are launched every year – some are expensive too.

There are hundreds and hundreds of Xbox 360 games available in the market, some of them are more popular than the others, here is a list of some of the most popular XBox 360 games today along with brief of what they offer to the players

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Popular Android Phones Today

Android phones are one of the fastest growing phone categories. Android has already overtaken everyone else in terms of phone OS. There is no dearth of Android mobile phones available in the market. These phones are available with various functionalities, look and feel, sizes and prices.

It is tough to pin point which phone is most popular because popularity can be based on many factors further, the list of popular phones change very frequently as new phones are launched. But still, here is an attempt to collect some of the most popular android phones.

Samsung has worked upon the concept of smart phones and they have developed various phones in the recent times. Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been hollering on the streets with its much-acclaimed adoption to Android Ice Cream Sandwich. With reasonable price of $300, people can really take hold of a sleek design, speedy performance, strong data speed and OS goodness. However, there are certain limitations in the form of ordinary camera quality and no memory card slot.

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Should you Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

IPad has revolutionized the tablet market. Post the launch of iPad there have been so many players in the market which have launched tabs, Samsung is one of them. Tables users typically look for a combination of functionality, aesthetics and performance. Samsung Galaxy 10.1 is a good option for tablet buyers. Users can definitely bet upon its better performance for killing their leisure time as well as spending quality professional time. Apart from basic functions of a tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is one of the best in terms of flash-oriented web browsing, HD quality screen, enhanced speed features with HSPA+ and feasible multitasking. There are some cool features which makes Samsung Tab great are discussed below.

First of all, users can have an outstanding experience on the basis of mobility with one of the lightest and thinnest screen tab. It can be assessed as a device with easy portability due to its slim thickness of 8.6mm and light weight of 565 grams. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 provides excellent display features due to bigger screen, high definition display and brilliant screen sharpness. It supports pixel density of 149PPI with 1280*800 WXGA display. Everything would seem real with rich graphical representation of programs, movies and photos.

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Should you buy a Wireless Printer?

A Printer is a computer peripheral which reproduces text and images of documents stored in electronic form, usually on physical print media such as transparencies or paper. Wireless printer allow the user to print documents, graphical representations, photographs and marketing material from any computer on the wireless network. Most of the printers use fixed wireless transmission which is used for communicating in a particular building or just a portion of building.

The wireless printer can be connected through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Ethernet. Wi-Fi is the most popular wireless transmission method and can provide the range over few hundred feet. Wireless modem has a built-in antenna which broadcast the Wi-Fi signal to the wireless printers. Bluetooth is the short range wireless technology which can connect printer upto the effective range of 30 feet. The main component in the wireless printer includes WLAN connectivity, wireless printer software and wireless printing portal service that keep tracks of the available printers in the building. They must be assigned static IP address by router DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) to ensure that the printer always gets the same IP address.

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