Popular Android Phones Today

Android phones are one of the fastest growing phone categories. Android has already overtaken everyone else in terms of phone OS. There is no dearth of Android mobile phones available in the market. These phones are available with various functionalities, look and feel, sizes and prices.

It is tough to pin point which phone is most popular because popularity can be based on many factors further, the list of popular phones change very frequently as new phones are launched. But still, here is an attempt to collect some of the most popular android phones.

Samsung has worked upon the concept of smart phones and they have developed various phones in the recent times. Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been hollering on the streets with its much-acclaimed adoption to Android Ice Cream Sandwich. With reasonable price of $300, people can really take hold of a sleek design, speedy performance, strong data speed and OS goodness. However, there are certain limitations in the form of ordinary camera quality and no memory card slot.


Like Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Epic Touch 4G has also been renowned due to its sleek display and speedy performance. Itpopular android phones was launched on 16-Sep-2011 with a reasonable price tag of $200. However, it has an advantage in the form of a brilliant camera along with a clear and bright AMOLED. However, there are other disadvantages in the form of synthetic build up and pre-loaded application widget.

HTC Evo 3D is highly acclaimed smart phone due to its extensive features like 3D display, 4G technology and Dual-core. Moreover, it is an ultimate source of entertainment with various apps along with its beautifully-crafted design. This phone is economically quite viable with a price tag of $50 but there are disadvantages in the form of odd call quality and gimmicky features.

HTC Rezound represents a top-quality smart phone released in the beginning of 2012. It supports Verizon LTE 4G connectivity and 1.5GHz dual-core processor which can be a feature of comparison from other Android phones. People can buy this phone for $300 and they can bet on its features like excellent audio built-in, quick-paced dual-core processor and 720p display. However, this phone cannot be considered for travelers due to its appalling battery life and bloatware pre-loaded applications.

When it comes to clicking beautiful pictures with excellent clarity, people should really go for T-Mobile My Touch 4G slide Android phone for $200. There are other features of considerations in the form of wide 3.7’’ LCD screen, 4G connectivity, dual-core processor and Android 2.3. It has renowned chipset technology and latest software along with wide ranging editing tools as well as shooting modes. As its cons, there is no HDMI port and difficult keyboard to write on.  

First aspect of recommendation in T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II is its colorful and huge display screen. People can purchase this phone in $220 and people can literally fall in love with exceptionally prevailing mobile processor. There is NFC chip for better performance but at the same time, people have to compromise with the absence of MicroSD card slot. There is a small bezel all around the screen which may be an aspect of turn off for some users.

Motorola was silent for a while but it made a strong comeback in the smart phone technology by launching Droid Razr Maxx. It is one of the latest releases on 27-Jan-2012 and it has an improved battery life than Droid Razr. Moreover, it can be considered as a traveler phone due to little influence of LTE gaming and video streaming. It has smoothly running dual-core processor for easy handling of the phone. Apart from these features, people would miss the presence of latest version of Android OS. It can be considered as an option for people looking for a good camera.

Along with Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, its prequel Droid Razr is acclaimed for its speedy Verizon LTE along with its sturdy and sleek design. People can get hold of this phone for $300 and it is also well-equipped with smoothly operating dual-core processor. However, there is a mismatch between its features and price which can make it quite expensive for users. Moreover, it has limited battery backup too.

Last year, Motorola launched an ultimate combination of Verizon 4G and dual-core processor. At $300, Motorola Bionoic can be considered as blazingly fast due to its extremely intelligent business as well as entertainment features. All the features are kept in perfect equilibrium for easy understanding of the users. There are various other well-matched accessories and HD 1080p video shooting. As its cones, high price, poor display and odd call quality can be really disheartening.

Samsung Galaxy S II for AT & T has extremely thin display, NFC support and elegant AMOLED Display. At the same time, there are lock screen security flaws and artificially designed features. People can purchase it for $200 for its advanced gorgeous display and HSPA+ speeds.