Popular XBox Games Today

Number of people hooked up to gaming console is larger than even today. There are so many popular game consoles available today, Playstation, Nintendo, xbox, etc. Popularity of games available on these consoles play an important part in popularity of these consoles too. Various genre of games are launched every year – some are expensive too.

There are hundreds and hundreds of Xbox 360 games available in the market, some of them are more popular than the others, here is a list of some of the most popular XBox 360 games today along with brief of what they offer to the players


Grand Theft Auto 4 gives a real adrenaline rush like a rock band. However, there is more intermittent content along with new extra stories and acclaimed characters in Rockstar games but still, people can find extreme entertainment in GTA4. GTA was a milestone in the history of games and people can really give a shot to the Streets of Liberty City and the Ballad of GayTony. However, there are not much reasons to add this game in the list of top 10 Xbox 360 games but still, people can consider it for some reasons like:-

If gamer is one of the mad shooter fans, it is highly recommended to go for The Orange Box. At this platform of Valve Software, there are five games chosen from the section of FPS gurus. This game is an unlimited combination of Half-Life 2, its take notes namely Episode 1 as well as 2 and Team Fortress 2.  The real essence of playing this game lies in solving a mind-churning puzzle which is supposed to be experienced by each and every person at least once in their lifetime.popular xbox games

On the release of Batman : Arkham Asylum, no one was looking at it as it was going to be one of the top Xbox 360 games in the game portals. Warner Bros / DC Comics and Rocksteady Studios harnessed some of their greatest talents and developed a thrilling as well as impressive game in the form of Arkham Asylum. The most rewarding fact lies in the comeback of The Caped Crusader to confront of Batman with his intuitive as well as inventive paraphernalia.

Space games lead gamers through an endless journey of galactic proportions. People can do several tasks in Mass Effect by:-

  • Rescuing wretched innocents
  • Winning over explored planets
  • Getting into the lives of rich plus wide cast of characters.

People need to get complete discretion for rediscovering the forgotten civilization and saving their existence from a utilitarian peril.

BioShock defined one of the new game eras completely different from other relishes of gamers in the form of killing and maiming and obliterating their enemies. It defines a new wave of ingenious game play, solid strategy and moral compass. This game is a real hit from 2K games and role-playing gamers can really have their fun to the utmost level of their satisfaction.

Borderlands represent one of the unique and original first-person shooting games which gives an opportunity to collect guns and slay high-standing Rakks. This game explores the greediest of a person’s inside by giving him an opportunity to wander through the regimes of power, riches and glory.

Assassin’s Creed 2 is garnished subtly by Ubisoft and gave it a genuine touch of long-term planning and wide thinking. People can never get a genuine opportunity to build a town as they get in this game. Altair, the near-superhuman protagonist of the game has to win through the challenges put forth by Ezio, the antagonist.

Halo 3 really proved to be a profit generating addendum in the huge section of Xbox 360 games as there were millions of copies sold worldwide soon after the release of the game. This game is indeed, one of the best first-person shooting games ever. There is another addition in the form of multiplayer option where people can compete with each-other.

Modern Warfare 2 is an ultimate combination in the form of quick-paced FPS feat and gut-wrenching flashes. Infinity Wards did a great work with Normandy Invasion and now, it is coming forwards with amazing outcomes. Basic gist behind the story lies in certain factors like multiplayer section and crazily fascinating storyline.

Best action game in the section of Xbox games is Gears of War 2. This game is brutal and bloody and totally action-oriented with main protagonist in the form of Marcus Fenix. Player would have the opportunity to utilize all the alien-killing weapons for getting his way through the bad infestation of Earth by Locust Horde.

With so many new game releases due every year, the list of the top games keep changing frequently but every game which made to the top anytime is worth a shot!