Should you buy a 3D TV

3D TVs are gaining popularity, primarily because they promise to give a sense of 3D real life to the viewer. Market is beaming with ever advancing 3D TVs. Previously; 3D TVs were launched with colored filters and cardboard glasses. This newly defined version of these TVs is represented by full-color appearance and high definition display. These TVs reflect the same technology which people generally get in contemporary 3D theatres. People can enjoy any of their favorite movies and TV programs (3D content) with this astounding 3D representation. However, there are similar needs to buy like a new a TV as well as the wear glasses but apart from that, people also need to have 3D content and 3D source device for perfect picture quality of the TV.

First of all, people need to assess the reasons to buy a 3D TV. Some of the factors which need to considered before you go ahead with a 3D TV.

  • Mode of watching – how comfortably you can watch it
  • What to watch – what content is available in a 3D TV
  • Picture / sound quality – are picture clarity and effects are better as compared to conventional 2D high definition TV.
  • Budget – these are expensive than normal LCD TVs

    ‚ÄčThese are discussed in detail below

Mode of watching a 3D TV

3D TVs entered the market in 2010 as a highly renowned compatibility feature with LCDs, LEDs and Plasmas. This feature permits the aforementioned TVs to present 3D content on the TV screen with basic devices of requirement namely 3D source and 3D glasses. This new advantage of picture clarity as 2D in 3D TVs even when users do not have their 3D glasses can be considered as a positive aspect. Previously, pictures were not clear in 3D TVs if users were not wearing their 3D glasses and now it is a completely different scenario with user-oriented design specifications. It gave people an option to choose between 3D and 2D depending upon their requirement on a single TV.

However, there are upcoming developments in the glass-free venture of 3D TVs and various products have been launched supporting that technology. These products include Toshiba Qosmio F755-3D290, HTC Evo 3D and Nintendo 3DS but still, a reasonable and matter-of-fact glass-free 3D TV may take as much as 5 more years for the successful launch in the marketplace.

Another factor is stereo blindness. Around 5% population of the world is suffering from stereo blindness which makes them incapable to identify the 3D video presentations’ depth dimension. Moreover, these 3D pictures can also cause headaches, eye fatigue and other discomforts for the viewers. However, from the technological viewpoint, the reason for eye fatigue is not the 3D technology but the poorly created 3D content.

What you can watch on a 3D?

The sources of 3D programs / movies etc. are limited at best. Most of the sources of content – satellite/internet/cable video box do not transmit 3D content in general. Of course 3D movies is one big boost to buy a 3D TV, esp. after success of movies such as Avatar, more and more movies are made in 3D. Thus the 3D TV you buy will sbe seldom used as there is not much 3D content! 

Thus there is a requirement of specific Blu-ray disc, 3D program on the prescribed 3D channel or streaming apparatus for proper processing of 3D technology. However, there are some 3D TVs offering conversion from 2D to 3D technology but it would not be as good as authentic 3D technology. 

Picture and sound quality

Today’s 3D TV is high in resolution and correct in color saturation which rectifies the limitations associated with the red and blue filtered glass. There are differences in terms of screen size and seat distance when it comes to differentiate between 3D TV and theatrical TV. If user likes to watch the 3D in theatre, then it can good to have a 3D TV at home.

When it comes to buy 3D TV, people should know that it just represents a stepped up version of TVs with internet capability, fanciful improvements and LED backlight apart from basic picture quality. These TVs represent a high quality product which cannot be compromised over any single aspect.

So, overall they score high on both quality of sound and picture.

Important aspects of a 3D TV

Major specifications to be noticed in 3D TVs are the screen size, flat panel display technology, color reproduction, contrast ratio and refresh rate. 3D TVs should have minimum refresh rate of 240Hz for reducing the motion blurs in the action-packed scenes. Moreover, there should be included 3D glasses, remote control, user’s manual, built-in Wi-Fi, tabletop stand and USB Wi-Fi adapter. 3D TVs are acclaimed on the basis of their brilliant audio as well as video features and availability of conversion from 2D to 3D TV as per the demand of the user.

Popular 3D TV brands

Today’s top 3D TV branded products are as follows:-

  • Panasonic TC-P55VT30
  • Samsung UN55D8000YF
  • Toshiba 55TI515U
  • Sony XBR-HX929
  • LG 55LW6500
  • Panasonic TC-P55ST30
  • LG 60PZ950
  • Sharp LC60LE835U
  • Toshiba 55WX800U

You can choose any of the above brands after doing research and matching budget. 3D TVs represent the trendy TV generation of tomorrow but we recommend that you weigh all the factors mentioned above you go ahead and buy one! 

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