Top Android Apps Today

Android Market is one of the biggest app market presently in the world and is growing at an astonishing rate. Large number of apps or new versions of the older apps are released every day, some are free while others charge premium. Here is a short list of a few popular and interesting Android apps in the market today. The apps have been categorized into 5 broad divisions based on how we use them – Productivity Improvement/Organization aid apps, Utilities, Browsers, Games and Music/Audio. 

Productivity Improvement/Organization aids:

  1. Check your head: This is a "mind-mapping" app which enables the users to create maps to connect thoughts and ideas. It can be extensively used for organizing, for forming new concepts and for brainstorming purposes. Cost – Ad-supported free version, $4 premium version
  2. Handle tasks wisely: Its task manager syncs with the desktop Google Tasks, which one can then access in the Web version of Gmail and Google Calendar. The app ensures that a user does not miss out on a single task, whether he is online or offline. Cost – Free
  3. Astrid Task/Todo List: Out of the many organization and ToDo list apps, Astrid is one of the most popular and is among the best ones. It has all the features including due dates and alarms apart from the basic features and also has the capability to syncs with Google Tasks. Cost – Free
  4. Dropbox: Dropbox eliminates the need to carry a laptop or a storage device everywhere. Instead the user can simply upload the files to the cloud and then can access them from anywhere. The app has proved to be of as much use as the desktop application. It has a simple interface, provides easy uploading and swift syncing across all accounts. It has featured in the top 10 apps of almost all platform lists. Cost – Free for basic version and charged if more storage space is required. 


  1. Take a measurement: This is a Smart Measure app, which uses the user’s phone's camera, measures the height of objects and estimates the distance between your phone and the object. It eliminates the need to guess and play around with the difference perceptions of distances. Cost – Free
  2. ESPN Score Center: This app lets the user check and follow any game quickly and be updated with the scores and other happenings. It is integrated with most of the games of the world, if not all including baseball, basketball, American football, football (soccer), ice hockey, cricket, rugby, and more. Cost – Free.
  3. Another option for a similar purpose is ScoreMobile and is excellent for providing the stats but it misses a few sports like rugby and boxing that ESPN covers.
  4. Kindle: The Kindle app is by far the most popular reading app in the Android Marketplace because it gives the user access to buy or download hundreds of thousands of books and more than 100 different newspapers and magazines for free. Thus, the app enables reading books, magazines, and newspapers right on the Android phone without ever buying an e-reader. Cost – Free.


  1. The Dolphin Browser HD Web browser: The new improved web browser form Dolphin has all the features one can ask for – tabs, gesture-based navigation and plug-ins. It is definitely more functional than the browser which comes preloaded on one’s phone. Cost – Free
  2. Share Web pages: This allows a user to not only use the age-old technique of bookmarking important links but also enables sharing them. Cost – Free


  1. Angry Birds: One of the most hit games throughout all categories, Angry Birds is casual puzzle game which challenges the player to destroy structures by flinging crotchety little birds at it using a giant slingshot. Cost – Free
  2. X Construction: X Construction is a game that appeals to people of all ages and requires a little bit of problem-solving brain power. Players build bridges for trains to cross using the available tools and materials. Cost – $1.49


  1. Beyond¬Pod: This is an app which enables a user to track podcasts by integrating with the Android music player. It helps the user discover and manage audio and video podcasts. The premium version adds better controls for updating and managing subscriptions. Cost – Free basic version, $7 premium version
  2. Netflix: Netflix subscribers can watch any movie or television show from the instant streaming catalogue anywhere over a WiFi signal, as well as a 3G and 4G connections. The app requires Android 2.2 or later. Cost – Free to download but requires subscription $7.99 onwards per month
  3. Pandora internet radio: Pandora boasts of having one of the best quality for music streaming even over a 3G signal. Other options in the same segment include Slacker Radio and Spotify. Even then, Pandora tends to be the most reliable. Cost – Free