Top Windows Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have changed the way users see mobiles. The app market is flooded with apps compatible with various mobile OS. While Apple and Andriod lead the terms of numbers there are some very handy Windows mobile apps which are both innovative and useful for Windows mobile users. We have covered some of the most popular and useful Windows mobile apps with trendy and simple approach to the users.

North Ace Snow Report provides executive guide for helping mountaineers to plan a specific trip towards the mountains. First of all, people need to decide a trip day followed by posting a photo on Facebook. People can get important information related to all the resorts located in the vicinity of the desired place. This information includes snow conditions, complete trail maps, weather forecasts and other required information. Its minimum compatibility requirement is Windows Phone 7.5. It was launched on 16-Jan-2012 by The North Face with 1MB download size and it can be downloaded from windows phone website for free.


eBay Inc is still running high in the records of software technology and there top launched Windows mobile app is RedLaser. It widows mobile appsprovides a smarter way for online shopping where people can locate low locals as well as online prices with the help of barcode scanning and QR code reading. It scans with faster speed in this latest 2.0 version of the application and it can recognize any product barcode available in the marketplace. This free app desires minimum system requirement in the form of Windows Phone 7.5 with minimum space requirement of 1MB.

Xbox Companion can be a great app to search for the favorite music, movies, games and TV shows for playing them on Xbox with a connection through the phone. Users need to have Xbox LIVE membership and Xbox 360 console for proper installation of this app in the mobile phone. This free game was published on 29-Nov-2011 by Microsoft Studios and it has minimum system requirement of Windows Phone 7.5.

Glympse is another Windows mobile app which lets users share their particular location in a personal manner. There is no requirement to register, set password or manage social network for accessing this app. This free-of-cost game was published by Glympse on 03-Jun-2011 with a minimum system requirement of Windows phone 7.5.

Sickhead Games LLC definitely took a leap forward in the section of game apps with subsequent launch of ARMED!. It is a sci-fi based game which is a blend of tabletop strategy and RTS. It gives users an opportunity to gain access to enemy areas and obliterate their headquarters by using turrets, robots and tanks. People can purchase it for $3.99 and it has minimum system requirement of Windows phone 7.  

IMDb represents world’s biggest portal of TV, movies and celebrities information. This Windows mobile app remarks a way to watch trailers and glance through the photo galleries, latest Blu-ray as well as DVD releases. This free app requires Windows Phone 7.5 or higher system and it was published by

Mobilendo SL has provided a way to the photography aficionados in the form of their new application called Camera Effects. It gives an opportunity to add live frames and effects to the pictures. Users can also save the subsequent results and share them with their friends on social networking websites. People can purchase it for £1.29 from the market.

There is another Windows app for foodies in the form of Eating Italian. Italian food represents a unique cooking style and this app can lead the users through various Italian food recipes along with the methods to cook them. dot.talent managed to add over 40 recipes in the app console and people can buy it from the marketplace for £1.99.

Health and wealth and exercise and workouts are important ways of maintaining health. Push it! Interval Timer can prove to be a great exercise timer for the workout enthusiasts. It is really difficult for people to track and time their workouts. GMaughan created this app for providing faultless solution for the people suffering from over workouts. People can buy it for £0.99 with minimum system requirement of Windows Phone 7.5.

With so many bills to be paid on a monthly basis, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of those. Therefore, Nima Montazeri put forth this app called Direct Debit Manager for keeping track over the direct debits from users’ accounts. It also tells users in advance about the scheduled debits from the account in the near future. People can install this application for £0.99 with minimum system requirement of Windows Phone 7.

You should really go and try some of the above-mentioned Windows mobile apps while keeping in mind the budget as well as the minimum system requirement in their Windows phones.