What are Ultrabooks

One of the acclaimed innovations in laptop technology is ultrabooks. Ultrabooks are newly built thin as well as ultra light laptops and they represent an extensive category of renowned portable laptops. It started with Apple’s new age release in the form of MacBook Air and most of the PC making companies are working upon creating these featherweight portable laptops. Developers consider these ultrabooks in different category of light, thin and ultraportable laptops. An ultrabook is not supposed to weigh over 3 pounds and its thickness is supposed to be maintained at specific dimension of 20mm.

There are various check points of consideration which are required for maintaining the portability of ultrabook. These check points include:-

  • Absence of optical disc drives
  • Maximum power duration on a complete single charge
  • Flash-oriented SSD drives over simple hard drives 

Advantages of an ultrabook

Ultrabook is one of the most recommended options for maintaining the equilibrium between performance and portability. There are variations in price depending upon the brand and this can range from $800 to $1500. However, people should not consider these ultrabooks as expensive because users can consider the aspects of portability as well as premium design as value-for-money features. It is worth to be considered as an asset due to its running battery capacity of 6 hours and sleek size. These technological products are always expensive during their introductory phase and next generation models are always inclined towards enhancing the previous version of the product.

Users can consider ultrabooks for features like memory space, storage, processor, screen size, height, weight and price. Moreover, these laptops are equipped with advanced external DVD burner, external Blu-Ray drive, portable hard drives, wireless mouse and ultrabook carry cases. In terms of processor, there should be Intel Rapid Start which represents an

Intel technology which utilizes the embedded Intel chipset flash memory for improving boot times.  Ultrabooks represent the performance of a personal computer and attributes of a tablet in a very precise manner.

There is seven times better graphic experience than the conventional PC or laptop. All the ultrabooks manufacturers ensure that this product maintain the standard Wi-Fi connectivity. There is improved text input interface, extended display and quicker hardware. 

One should also know that ultrabooks are completely different from netbooks and tablets. Netbooks are cheaper than ultrabooks but users cannot expect to do a lot of multitasking on the netbooks. Tablets perform similar functions as portable computers but still, it would take longer to get them recognized as laptops. Ultrabooks have an upper hand over both of them in terms of performance and features. 

Ultrabook companies and models

Intel declared their profoundly envisioned venture of this label in the middle of the last year only, and then ultrabooks were available in the market during the ending of the year 2011. Today, there are six main ultrabook manufacturers which are involved in the development of these laptops. These manufacturers are Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, HP, Asus and LG. However, Apple has dominated the market in previous times but there are various new brands running through the marketplace today. Based upon all such aspects, some of the top ultrabooks are as follows:-

  • Toshiba Portege Z835
  • Acer Aspire S3-951
  • HP Folio 13
  • Samsung Series 5 Ultra
  • Asus Zenbook UX31E
  • Asus Zenbook UX21E
  • LG XNote Z330
  • Lenovo IdeaPad U300s

Way forward for ultrabooks

There are further commandments forecasted in the anticipated versions of ultrabooks. These features include HD displays, retina-quality displays and PayPass NFC technology for attaining press-and-pay convenience. There are other thriving aspects which lead to the touchscreen swiveling devices which can be made possible with convertible designs.

Touchscreen-oriented Windows 8 is based upon one of those features and it can be really innovative in terms of future-based aspects. Intel has also declared to launch their upcoming advanced processor with code name of Ivy Bridge. However, it was set to release in April 2012 but it can take June 2012 for proper release in the marketplace. Present ultrabook version has a battery life of 6 hours but Ivy Bridge is set to take a leap with extended battery backup along with the improved graphical performance. 

Ultrabooks began with a newly defined adoption which is limited to few users only, but it is increasing in popularity as more and more users are coming to know about it. We can soon expect big software giants like MSI, Dell and Fujitsu to develop these ultrathin laptops. There are a lot of competitors for the ultrabooks and Apple has already revived their MacBook Air with new features. Moreover, AMD processors are also working upon launching a rival product for ultrabooks.