What is LED TV?

LED Television is the latest developments in the entertainment section of televisions. It has been successfully preceded by CRT, Plasma and LCD TVs. Nowadays, there is a lot of news and confusion related to the beginning of new television era in terms of LED. As an answer to the confusion, LED TV is another type of LCD TV which utilizes LEDs as the basic source of light. They are backlit due to the unavailability of in-built source of light and supports transmission display technology. For generating image on the panel display, there is a need for the backlit pixels by using a different light source.

There are two ways to apply LED backlighting on LCD televisions namely Edge lighting and Full-Array. In Edge lighting, outside edges across the screen are equipped with a series of LED backlights. These backlights initiate the process of dispersing the light across the television screen. As an advantage of Edge lighting, these televisions can be made lean and thin. On the other hand, there are disadvantages in the form of shallow black levels and increased tendency of the comparatively brighter edge screen area than the center screen area.

In case of Full-Array LED backlighting, many LED rows are positioned behind the entire screen area. As an advantage, local dimming can be employed on these sets which depend upon the implementation aspects of the manufacturer. Local dimming refers to the turning on/off of the TV screen at certain fixed areas on the screen by which users can have specific control over the brightness as well as darkness aspects of the television screen. This would also be dependent upon the source material of display.

Technology is advancing on daily basis and tech-savvies have managed to induce the concept of local dimming in Edge lighting concept too. It is made possible by differentiating the output of light with the help of light guides and diffusers. Considering this aspect, people can opt for Full-Array concept due to comparatively more precision of the local dimming method. They should definitely differentiate between various brands on the basis of these two concepts of LED television.

How LED TVs are different and their advantages

There are certain differences between LCD and LED televisions. LED televisions have upper hand over LCD televisions in terms of reduced power consumption, more evenhanded color infiltration and absence of mercury in the backlight system. Moreover, LED televisions supported by full array backlit system can be assessed with almost no dark scene leakage through the screen. Therefore, people can have better level of darkness than Edge lighting technology. Edge lit TVs have advantage of Full Array backlight TVs in terms of thinness in the body.

LED televisions have advantage over LCDs in terms of brighter colors, advanced contrast ratios and better blacks. There should be one clarification in the users’ minds that LEDs are more of LCD TVs only but LCD TVs use fluorescent backlights and when these backlights are replaced by LED backlights, then these TVs become LED TVs. 

Major LED TV?

There are various companies selling newly launched LED TVs and Samsung was the pioneer in the sector of

commercial LED television marketplace. In addition, Samsung along with Sony were also the first two companies to design 3D LED TV. Due to 120Hz or 240Hz technology, viewers can make use of shutter glasses for creating a depth sense for the scene running on the television screen. These 3D LED televisions are quite popular when it comes to watch HD movies or play video games.

Samsung also managed to release the first 3D LED television in the market. The best launch of Samsung 3D LED television is Samsung UN55C7000 which is highly acclaimed for brilliant level of black, fantastic brightness and lean screen thickness less than one inch. Sharp is another acclaimed brand name for LED televisions due to their Quatron technology adding yellow, green, red and blue pixel colors to the screen. It allows television to generate 200 percent increased color infiltration than the normal color.

Sony is known in the sector of LED TVs for their comparatively low prices. Also, there is local dimming concept in theirfamous XBR series which can give brilliant image quality to the computer screen. Today’s top 10 LED televisions are as follows:-

  1. Vizio XVT
  2. LG INFINIA 55LX9500
  3. Sony Bravia
  4. LG 55LH90
  5. Toshiba 55SV670U
  6. Samsung UN55C8000
  7. Samsung UN55B8000
  8. Samsung UN55B7000
  9. Vizio VF
  10. LG INFINIA 555LE8500

Most LED TVs are proced highly as compared to their LCD counterparts, but it is expected that soon they will be much more affordable to everyone. LED televisions are great because of the sheer sheer joy of watching a high quality picture quality they provide.