On Demand Research

In many cases clients have specific requirements which are not satisfied by our free research articles. We cater to such requirements through our on demand / custom research services. Key target audience includes professionals in industry, consulting, financial services and research who are looking for insights, understanding market dynamics and future trends. A few examples of custom research include:

  • Sector and industry specific analysis
  • Trends and ecosystem analysis
  • New concept and its impact analysis
  • Company / competitor analysis
  • Understanding business aspect of technology

We use mix of secondary (internet and database research) and primary (interviews of industry players, experts and web surveys) to conduct customized research. To maintain transparency, we present a formal proposal to the prospective client with details of scope, methodology and milestones for review, once accepted we execute the project accordingly.

In case you have any requirements for custom research where we can assist, please feel free to get in touch with us.