Benefits of Solar Screens

Solar screens are special screens that can be used to use the solar energy as an alternate source of energy generation. These screens can be placed on the exterior of windows, doors or can be used as a shading device. Solar screens are new and inventive way of not only making the room more ambient but also in increasing the energy generation through the reliable solar energy. Solar screens are also a constituent of solar homes.

Working of Solar Screens

Solar screens are similar looking to regular screens. They can be used on windows with or without the regular window screens. They cover the entire window thereby reducing the glare coming in through the window.

Solar screens are dense meshes of fixed frames that soak the light falling on it. Solar screens are made of materials which help in reducing heat by blocking UVA and UVB rays. Both of these rays are harmful. Thus Solar screens’ material helps in reducing heat as well as harmful radiations. They do however let the air come in without reducing any of the earlier ventilation that the window provided.

Benefits of Solar Screens

Solar screens are a very useful accessory due to the numerous benefits that they provide. They provide benefits ranging from health to economic. They help in making the area more comfortable as well as more economical and energy efficient.
Some of the major benefits that Solar screens have are-

  • Energy Saver – Solar screens save energy by providing an alternate source of energy generation. By advocating the passive means solar energy they help in saving other forms of energy.
  • Affordable – Solar screens are one the more affordable means of solar technology. As compared to technologies like the solar windows, solar screens are much cheaper.
  • UV protection and Health Benefits – Solar screens blocks the harmful UV rays and heat and is therefore beneficial to health.
  • Room friendly – Solar screens can be made according to the requirements of the user and the size of the windows or solar screensthe place of usage. Also the density of meah can be varied according to the users’ desire.
  • Fading resistant – Solar screens also prevents the room from fading. Furnishings such as furniture, walls, etc. can be protected though the blockage of harmful UV rays.
  • Privacy – Solar screens provide privacy in the daytime as the screens partially blocks the view from outside. Therefore they are an easy and efficient of having privacy in the room.
  • Cooling Effects – Solar screens help in absorbing the harmful rays and therefore keeping the room cool. They thus reduce the use of Air conditioners. In winters they help through absorbing the heat present inside the room and therefore keeping the room hot.

Limitations of Solar Screens

The solar screens do have certain limitations along with the advantages that they provide. Solar screens use Solar energy which have its own sets of limitations. Also there are other available solar technology which can be as efficient as the solar screens.
The major limitations of solar screens are listed below-

  • Limitation of Usage- Solar screens have the limitation of usage as they can only help in absorbing the UV rays and heat of the side they are placed on. Therefore it is quintessential to use screens at the right place where there is a large amount of solar energy incident for the major parts of the day. Also energy generation reduces considerable in cloudy days and nights.
  • Partial Obstruction of the outside view- There is majorly no obstruction after a solar screen is implemented. But there is partial obstruction and the clarity of the view is hampered after the addition of the solar screens.
  • Careful Maintenance of Screens- The solar screens need to be maintained and carefully taken care of so that they are damaged or broken. Although there is a given warranty period, manufacturers specify the exact procedure of maintenance of solar screens.
  • Alternate in Solar windows- Solar screens provide a good alternate to the solar screens. Solar windows are efficient and also need lesser maintenance and no obstruction.


Solar screens are an exciting technological advancement which needs to be used up on a larger scale. Solar screens are affordable and can be easily installed. They have major health advantages over the normal window screens. Moreover they are economically beneficial and help in efficient cooling of the room.

Though they do have certain limitations, the ease of implementing solar screens added with the benefits they provide makes them a useful technology.