Benefits of Solar Windows

Solar windows have technology which absorbs and then use the sunlight that hits them to drive other processes. Solar windows are pragmatic and efficient way of generating solar power. Not only are they cheaper than other solar technologies but they are also easy to implement. Moreover these windows look just like the normal glass windows.

Solar windows are made up of solar cells integrated in glass substrates. These solar cells help in generating solar energy which is then used for other applications. Solar window also provides clear views as it has translucent windows. Also the solar window does the job of a normal window efficiently by keeping out the heat and glare from the room as well.

This technology can be used at home or in workplace. Also the technology can be implemented on windows or doors. The energy provided helps in leveraging the already implemented traditional energy sources.

Working of Solar Windows

Solar windows contain dyes solar cells which are fused with translucent fiber glass.  This combination results in the normal tinted glass which has the ability to generate solar power.

The normal glass windows are generally dyed with the solar technologies. The solar windows are made such that the air is allowed to come into the room rather than being blocked. Most solar windows absorb around 80-90% of sun’s heat helping in the generation of solar energy.Solar windows

The technology in the solar windows works effectively in a similar way as that of normal solar cells and panels. They are easy to implement and use once installed with care.

Benefits of Solar Windows

Solar window is a promising technology which is still in its prime stages. There has been an increasing usage of the technology. The windows provide some effective benefits. They are efficient ecologically, economically and are also available in a variety of options. This makes the technology very enticing to be implemented and used. Some of its key benefits are:

  • Lower energy bills – Solar windows effectively reduce the utility bills as the dependency on electricity is reduced by a decent margin. The Solar windows may not be sufficient enough to support the whole structure on its own but they do help in relieving the stress that electric sources have.
  • Less glare and UV protection – Solar windows also have the additional benefits of being able to stop the glare and harmful radiations of the sun. The windows act as a protective shield. Being made up of the extra layer of solar cells, the windows have the attribute of being glare-free.
  • Ventilation – Solar windows can operate whether the windows are closed or open. They connections ascertain that the solar windows are operating. Therefore the solar windows help in increasing the ventilation as they can still operate when the window is folded up.
  • Multiple Options of sizes – Solar windows are also available in a variety of sizes and lately they can be made according to the size that users’ want. Therefore with increasing usage, the solar windows are being made available in a variety of sizes according to the size of the original window.
  • Perfect for any part of the house – Solar windows are perfectly adaptable to not only the windows but also the doors. Moreover the technology only needs a supply of solar energy for being fully functional. Therefore the solar windows are able to blend into any feasible part of the house and are fully functional there.
  • Environment friendly – Like other solar technologies, solar windows are renewable and pollution free sources of energy. With efficient working, they produce no harmful wastes or toxic gases. Therefore they do not cause air pollution or green house effect.

Limitations of Solar Windows

Solar windows have their share of limitations as well .The technology, though path breaking, is still in its developmental stages. Therefore there are cost limitations as well as apprehensions due to lesser usage of the windows which provide numerous benefits. Some of the major limitations that the technology has are:

  • Setup Costs – The initial costing of solar windows is one area which invokes inertia towards implementations. The solar cells are to be mounted on the window. Therefore the cost of such technology is a lot more than that of normal window or solar cells. Though the windows are elegant and the cost is paid back in time, there is hesitation in implementation due to initial costs.

  • Replacement costs in case of damage – The solar windows have to be replaced if the glass breaks or is damaged partially. Therefore a lot of care needs to be given to the window so that these cases are minimized.
  • Maintenance – Unlike other sources of solar energy, the solar windows require regular servicing and maintenance as they are exposed to the outside. The solar cells need to be checked upon from time to time and the system might be delicate depending upon the place it takes in the building.
  • Low technology adoption yet – Solar windows are still in its developing stages. Therefore there are not many places where it has seen its usage. With increasing knowledge about the technology and its benefits, solar windows are starting to get technologically developed and economically efficient. However, there is still a long way to go for the technology.

Summing it all up..

Solar windows are a state of the art technology which has a long way to go before being implemented on a large scale. Solar windows provide numerous benefits and can have wide reaching target customers. They are beneficial for residential as well as for working areas. Implementation ease is another prime benefit that the windows have. They can be used at various places as the windows are ubiquitously designed in the building architecture.

Though solar windows are promising and have substantial benefits, they do have attached limitations. The windows are not as durable as other solar technologies like the solar roofs or solar panels and arrays. They need proper caring and maintenance. Also the technical efficiencies and support of the technology also needs to be taken care of.

Major companies providing Solar windows are  spicecorp, poyatech and Pythagoras solar firm. Solar windows promises to be a supreme technological force of the future.