Business of Android Apps

In our previous articles, we have described the rise in popularity of Android Smartphones. How their importance has risen in our everyday life and they have achieved an important place in the market. There are more than 350 million Android devices worldwide, with over 850,000 devices being activated every day. As market for customized Android apps grows rapidly, business firms are rushing to create apps for promotional and marketing purposes. The objective of this article is to throw some light on the ways we can generate huge revenue from the growing Android Industry, which has an extreme potential in the future. With a strong will and a little hard work, success is sure to follow if we enter the business of making Android Apps.

Great Employment and Business Opportunity

If you had been browsing the internet in search of legitimate ways about online money making, you must have come across many web pages offering simplest ways to earn huge amounts. Well, a majority of them are fraud! But Android apps give a golden opportunity to become self employed and that too in a scam free way. Android Application Development. It might not be the quickest way, but nevertheless it is the easiest way to make money online. Many developers have already seized this opportunity and are pocketing millions.

Why Develop Apps for Android?<

Android, being the fastest growing smartphone platform, is future proof, i.e. its tremendous growth is not expected to drop in the future. Despite its great success, the number of available Android apps is still not enough for the huge market. A custom app is now a must for clients like local business, bands, restaurants, schools and more. This scarcity in the market presents a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and developers.

Android apps are easy to create and sell on the market. It uses Java for its programming which is the simplest and the most popular language. Moreover, the Android app market is open, i.e. there is no review process. Hence you can create your app, test it and publish it for millions of android user worldwide.

How To Make Apps?

To develop and publish Android apps all you require is knowledge about computers, mobiles, a little programming skills and marketing techniques. Java is easy enough to grasp within a few days. After that, you can download the Software Development Kit (SDK) from Android Developers site, install Eclipse and set up IDE (Integrated Development Environment). No Android Device is physically needed to test the app as the above softwares provide a virtual environment for testing.

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Once you are successful in making apps comes the creative part. Think of something that other no other app does or add extra features to the existing apps to introduce a better app. The right Android app can generate huge revenue. To set up a successful business, you don’t have to be a coding genius; all you require is the ability to think differently. Once your app gains popularity amongst the consumers, there will be no looking back. Instead of waiting for your app sales to grow, advertise about it using your twitter account or create a facebook page for it.

How to make money with Android Aps?

There are many ways to monetize your app, i.e. generate profit from it.

  • The first method is to make your app a paid one and publish it in the Android market. Google will pay you a fixed percentage of the money whenever your app is purchased. Statistics reveal that majority of the Android apps are free, therefore most consumers would not like the idea o paying for an app, even if it is a good one, probably waiting for its free look-alike to release soon.
  • The second method is to publish your app in the Android market free of cost. Although, it might not seem very good from a business point of view since a onetime fee is to be paid to obtain the licence to publish your app. But if your app is worthy, it will eventually pay off. If the users respond in a positive way, you can earn a lot of money by giving advertisements with your free app.
  • The third method is to publish free apps, but sell the customizations. This method is very successful in addicting games. By offering paid plug-ins, analytics, additional features and premium accounts, a large amount can be raised. Even better method is to introduce a paid premium version of the free app after the free version has achieved adequate success. People might pay for an app, once they have realised its worth.

To build a successful business, you need to pay attention to the demands of the users. If someone reports a bug in your app, fix it as soon as you can. To keep your app alive, keep on adding features and releasing updates to the app.

There are several other parallel ways of earning money, once you have successfully established your app development firm.

  • Sell app development tools like GUI (Graphical User Interface) toolkits, portability tools, etc.
  • Start training in Android App development.
  • Build an app generator.

Firms involved in Android App making

Many entrepreneurs saw the potential in the Android Mobile OS quite early and invested at the right time. Major Android App making firms are listed below:

Company Name

Year of Establishment

Applico, New York


ImpigerMobile Inc., Texas


Intellectsoft LTD, London


Mobisoft Infotech, Texas


WillowTree Apps, Virginia


Eclaxy Software Co., Ltd., Hubei, China


Metova, Inc., Tennessee


Krish Inc. , Ahmedabad, India


Softway Solutions, Inc., Texas


Grapple Mobile Limited, London



The success of these firms is inspiring many to come up with their own plans to enter the app making business. If you wisely set up your own app making company, it may be listed in the next top 10.