Cloud Computing Services – Market Size and Adoption

Cloud computing market has been expanding rapidly. The article forecasts market size of computing services along with its adoption and other trends. 

Cloud Computing Services Market Size and Adoption


  1. Cloud Computing Services revenue was USD 45bn in 2008.
  2. Cloud Computing Services revenue would be around USD 80 billion by 2011
  3. Cloud Computing Services revenue would reach USD 120 billion by 2013.
  4. Cloud service revenue will be USD 220bn by 2015, and USD 480bn by 2019


                                      Exhibit: Cloud computing service revenue forecast (2008-2019)


  1. Business processes (cloud-based advertising, e-commerce, human resources, payment processing and other business processes) cloud services market will be USD 80bn by 2013, US$150bn by 2015, and USD 370bn by 2019.
  2. Cloud based advertising forms the biggest segment within business processes, and revenues will be USD 65bn by 2013, USD 115bn by 2015, and USD 220bn by 2019
  3. More than 15% of all IT spend will be on cloud services by 2015, up from 6% in 2009.
  4. More than 60% of the Global Enterprises would be using Cloud Computing Services by 2015
  5. US which represents more than 50% of Cloud Computing services is expected to maintain the leadership position in Cloud Computing services adoption till 2015
  6. By 2012, cloud services will become integral part of the organizations who are leveraging Cloud Computing since 2010.
  7. Cloud based mobile applications are expected to reach USD 8 bn by 2015