IaaS Characteristics, IaaS Classifications and IaaS Vendors

IaaS has helped improving the infrastructure allocation and utilization. The key characteristics of IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) are:
IaaS is generally accepted to comply with the following main characteristics:

  1. Resources are provided as a service
  2. Allows for dynamic scaling and elasticity
  3. Has a variable cost, usage based pricing model (pay per go and pay per use)
  4. Has multi-tenet architecture, includes multiple users on a single piece of hardware
  5. IaaS typically has enterprise grade infrastructure

IaaS Classifications: Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud (Cloud classification is based on the basis of the resting infrastructure)

  1. Private Cloud – IaaS on a private network dedicated for a company or a group of companies deployed inside the firewall of them. Analogy of a private cloud is a ‘Company cab’. Private Cloud is considered as a most secured IaaS offering.
  2. Public Cloud – IaaS service deployed over the internet; for firms to pay and use the service. Analogy of a public cloud is the utility services such as electricity, gas and water.
  3. Hybrid Cloud – a combination of both – private cloud and public cloud in an organization.

Exhibit 1: Cloud Classifications

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IaaS Vendors (Cloud Vendors) – Leading IaaS vendors include:

• Verizon

• Amazon AWSSavvis

• VMware vCloud
• Flexiscale
Joyent IaaS
• Rightscale
• Eucalyptus
• BlueLock's IaaS
• SoftLayer
• IBM Cloudburst
• Oracle Cloud Services