Key Players in Nanotechnology Industry in Asia

There are many prominent players based out of Asia region which are working in Nanotechnology space. Some of the largest and most prominent names in the industry are mentioned in the article:

SII NanoTechnology Inc., Japan : is a company involved in the development of leading edge measurement and analysis instruments for nano-scale-applications.

Nano Technology Inc., Korea: produces pulsed wire evaporation system and Magnetic Pulsed Compaction System for the production of nanopowders.

Hakuto (NS), Japan: Manufactures nano-imprint and e-beam lithography systems.

Itrix, Japan: A maker of ultra-precision fabrication equipment, develops nanoencapsulation and nanoimprint technologies.

Samco, Japan: develops and manufactures a wide variety of unique deposition, etching, and surface treatment systems

Tokyo Seimitsu, Japan: develops businesses in two key areas: semiconductor manufacturing equipment and precision measuring systems

Topcon, Japan: supplies semiconductor inspection equipment, FPD equipment, and electron beam instruments used in industries such as semiconductor and FPD

ULVAC, Japan: manufactures equipment for nanotechnologies such as CNT and CNF growth systems, ion beam etching and deposition systems, ultra-high vacuum sputtering systems, and other equipment.

Raith, China: Manufactures e-beam lithography and nanoengineering instruments.

Futuresoft Technologies, PR China: is specialized in technologies in plastic materials, their processing equipment and processed products.

Advantest Corporation, Japan: manufactures automatic test equipment supplier to the semiconductor industry, and also produces electronic and optoelectronic instruments and systems.

Crestec, Japan: EB lithography systems for nanofabrication.

Mp3s Nanotechnologies, India: manufacture of equipment and chemicals based on nanotechnology. Its products include equipment for textile waste water recycling in dyeing and other process.Nova Measuring Instruments, Israel: semiconductor equipment manufacturer with solutions and services

Teco Nanotech, Taiwan: Producer of carbon nanotubes and equipment systems for synthesis and testing.