Key Players in Nanotechnology Industry in USA

As in almost all technology field, US is in forefront in nanotech also. There are numerous small and large firms based out of US catering to various business needs through nanotechnology. We have captured here a few large ones providing diverse products and services. This list is not exhaustive in nature but an attempt to provide  names of leading players of nanotechnology industry in USA

1. Molecular Imprints Inc., TX: provides enabling lithography systems for manufacturing applications in: nano devices, microstructures, advanced packaging, bio devices

2. Precision Fabricators Ltd. – Stoughton, MA: manufatures cylinders for production processes

3. Labconco Corp. – Kansas City, MO: provides laboratory equipment for nanoengineering.

4. Shrink Nanotechnologies, Inc. – Carlsbad, CA: makes and invests in ultra-functional nano-sized technologies, components and product systems for a myriad of industries, including energy production, air and water diagnostics, optoelectronics and biotechnology markets

5. Silicon Valley Technology Center – San Jose, CA: provides semiconductor process tools, analytical services and commercialization services

6. GVD Corporation – Cambridge, MA: supplies equipment and materials for the coating based industry.

7. Performance Micro Tool – Janesville, WI: design and manufacture of micro end mills and other micro tools.

8. BEE International, Inc. – South Easton, MA: supplier of high pressure homogenizing systems to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Chemical, Cosmetic and Food industries.

9. Rave, LLC – Delray Beach, FL: Nanomachining and nanotechnology, photomasking repair technology

10. Anderson & Associates – Short Hills, NJ: equipment suppliers for antifoamers and defoamers.

11. Hyphenated-Systems, LLC – Burlingame, CA: provider of hybrid microscopy solutions for three-dimensional (3D) imaging and metrology in micro- and nanotechnology.

12. The Delp Mixer Co. – Columbus, OH: design, manufacture and market mixers used in the material nanotech industry.

13. Nano Materials Store – Fremont, CA: provides with the materials required for the nanotech industry such as carbon nanotubes, etc.

14. Molecular Imprints, Inc. – Austin, TX: systems for nanoimprinting and nanopatterning manufacturing.

15. U.S. Photonics, Inc. – Springfield, MO: testing and measurement instruments used in the manufacture of micro and nano products.

16. Evident Technologies – Troy, NY: nanotechnology company specializing in the commercialization of quantum dot semiconductor nanocrystals.

17. Fala Technologies – Kingston, NY: designs and builds advanced tools and systems to solve critical manufacturing problems and to enable production of products and consumables for the Semiconductor, Nanotechnology, & Biotechnology industries.

18. Class One Equipment: specializes in providing high quality, refurbished wafer fabrication and metrology equipment to the Semiconductor, Nanotechnology, and MEMS industries.

19. 10 Angstroms: provides electron beam lithography, nano beam indenters etc., for the nanoelectronics industry.

20. Allwin21: provide high-tech equipment, services and technical support in Semiconductor industry,MEMS, Biomedical, Nanotechnology

21. Amphibian Systems: provides advanced exposure tools, instruments, metrology systems, and prototype equipment for research in areas of photoresist materials

22. Applied Materials: providing equipment, services and software to enable the manufacture of advanced semiconductor, flat panel display and solar photovoltaic products

23. Arthur G. Russell Co.: designer & manufacturer of turn-key factory automation equipment. Fully integrated assembly, test & packaging systems.

24. Brewer Science: delivers material, process and equipment solutions for lithography, MEMS, nanotechnology, and other applications.

25. CETR: producer of mechanical and tribological test equipment.

26. CHA Indsutries: Manufacturing evaporation and sputtering high vacuum deposition systems and manufactures LED optical systems and electron beam guns.

27. Concurrent Design

28. CVD Equipment: develops and manufactures global semiconductor, solar, CNTs, nanowires, large area glass coating markets, delivery and abatement, surface mounting

29. Digital Matrix Corporation: highly specialized software and components such as Plating Rectifiers and Plating Filtration Systems.

30. Dow Corning: products used in the plastics manufacturing industry

31. Entrepix: provides chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) and equipment services.

32. Evolution Solar: manufactures turnkey solar module tool-set manufacturers for IPP and BIPV productsnanotechnology

33. FibeRio: caters to the needs of the nanofibre based industries with solutions in equipments and instruments

34. Firstnano: manufactures turnkey thermal CVD & PECVD systems to meet the research & production needs in nanotechnology, solar, semiconductor and MEMS industries.

35. Flow Sciences: provides containment systems for laboratory, pilot plant and manufacturing areas. The products are designed to protect operators from exposure to hazardous particulates and vapors while performing delicate operations

36. Intelligent Enclosures: provides safe enclosures technology for semiconductor and nanotechnology manufacturing processes, and metrology applications

37. Laurell Technologies: manufactures spin coaters and spin processors.

38. Matrix Metrologies: supplier of film measurement equipment and services used to determine the thickness and composition of metal depositions commonly employed in the metal finishing and microelectronics industries.

39. Micro Star Technologies: developes and designs unique equipment for manufacturing and assembling nano scale diamond tools. MST extensive microscopy laboratory includes state of the art optical, TEM, SEM and AFM  instruments.

40. Micromeritics: provides a complete line of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment targeted exclusively for areas of application and research involving particle science and particle technology, including the expanding area of nanoscience.

41. Mulith: is an imaging technology company that develops and commercializes RIF (Reference Distribution Real Image Formation) technology and its applications.

42. Nano Green Technology: provides materials for its revolutionary patented cleaning process for: Semiconductor, Flat panel display (FPD), Liquid crystal display (LCD) , Photovoltaic (PV), Data storage disk drive (DSDD), Optical and electro-optical lenses, Printed circuit boards (PCB), Light emitting diodes (LED).

43. Nanolume: designs, processes and equipment relate to Semiconductor Quantum Dot based materials and devices.

44. Nanospective: provides advanced materials characterization services and equipment to perform nanoscale evaluation of products made from semiconductor, metal, ceramic, composite, and polymer materials.

45. Norcimbus: offers ultra-high purity (UHP) gas and chemical distribution equipment and controls to the semiconductor, photovoltaic/solar, photonics, fiber optics, aerospace, defense, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries.

46. Optomec: supplies advanced manufacturing equipment for the Electronics, Photovoltaics, Display and Defense industries.

47. Pentagon Technologies: offers products and services that improve the productivity and utilization of semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

48. Process Tube Systems: is a manufacturer of assembles gas delivery and fixed analytical systems and carts, pipe swivel or rotating joints used in various nanotech  industries.

49. Silicon Genesis: manufactures equipment for semiconductor industry

50. SVT Associates: manufacturer of Molecular Beam Epitaxy systems (MBE), Atomic Layer Deposition equipment (ALD), and Thin Film Deposition tools for both R&D and production environments.

51. Thermo Scientific: offers analytical technologies, instruments, lab equipment, reagents and consumables.

52. Ultratech: provides a selection of 1X systems with the resolution, depth of focus, alignment and substrate handling capabilities to meet a large range of lithography needs for the nanotechnology industry.

53. Veeco: makes equipment to develop and manufacture LEDs, solar panels, hard disk drives, and other devices.

54. Xitronix Corporation: supplier of Photo-Modulated Reflectance metrology equipment to the worldwide semiconductor manufacturing market.

55. Zyvex Corporation: develops instruments and equipment for atomically precise manufacturing.